Top Senior Gamedev Developers - Oct 2017

Senior Software Engineer

Software engineer with 13+ years of professional experience. If you have a problem feel free to contact me, I always go above and beyond to try to help you.

Software Developer

I am a software developer. Currently working for Postgres Professional, the largest company developing PostgreSQL database management system, and on my side projects. I hold PhD in software engineering and have 7+ years experience with C/C++, Java, Linux, Git, Python, and Django. Couple of years of Go. My primary interests include distributed systems, network services, and gamedev.

Senior Software Engineer at Telenav / Software Engineer at Toptal

More than 11 years as professional software engineer, worked on a variety of software ranging from games to Windows drivers to mobile navigation apps.

Senior Unity 3D Developer, Unity Consultant, Author of Unity books

Lead Unity 3D Developer at The App Developers, iOS Developer, Author of Unity books

Game programming consultant with 8+ years of experience

My name is David Pol and I am a game programmer from Spain. Since I was a child I have had a passion for programming and was already tinkering with making my own games in my free time. Just after finishing my B. Sc. in Computer Science I started working in the games industry, while finishing my M. Sc. in Computer Science in my free time. After more than eight years in the games industry working on a variety of projects for different platforms (desktop, consoles and mobile), I decided to pursue my dream of establishing myself as a consultant programmer. My aim is to provide programming, teaching and mentoring services, particularly as they apply to game development. I am also very experienced with the iOS ecosystem and can provide the aforementioned services in this field, in both game and non-game-related projects.

Professional software engineer and C++ enthusiast.

I'm Vittorio Romeo, a computer science and technology enthusiast, C++ developer. Programming is my passion. Since I was a young child, I've always been interested in computers. When I was 11-12 I had my first experience with programming, and I fell in love. Since then, I've always tried to learn more and more about programming and computers in general. I read many programming books during my lifetime (the last one I read is the latest edition of "The C++ Programming Language" by Bjarne Stroustrup") - I feel pretty confident in my skills, especially with the C++ language (and the C++11 standard). I'm an active member of the C++ community and game-development community. I've also participated to CppCon 2014 as a speaker, talking about game development from scratch with the newest C++ standards: Programming has always been a pleasure for me - I spend my free time working on free open-source cross-platform games and applications. Obviously I chose Computer Science as my college course, and my next goal in life is making programming a profession other than a passion, and keep advancing my studies.

Veteran developer specialising in Games, C++.

Sixteen years’ proven professional games development experience, from implementing short-term projects within intimate two-person team environments, through to holding key responsibilities within multimillion-dollar, hundred-person-plus, long-term projects. Self-motivated, adaptive, innovative thinker, with a lifelong approach to learning. A strong record of adept performance within tight budgetary and time constraints, in the rapidly evolving, highly competitive, technical and creative entertainment industry. Specialties: Artificial Intelligence

Software Engineer / Game Developer

Software Engineer & Unity Game Developer. Blogging @ Interested in game & software development, tools and tech in general. • Experienced in C# and Java. Basic knowledge in C++, Python. • Experience in developing 2D mobile games with Unity; custom editor scripting and tools. • Firm knowledge of development practices, methodologies and tools of the .NET world. • Early adopter - addicted to early access/beta testing of dev and game technology tools. • Working experience with leading VCS tools: Git, Mercurial, SVN, ClearCase • Experience in setup, configuration and admin of CI/build tools: CCNET, FinalBuilder, TeamCity. • Strong knowledge in many industry standard tools and frameworks for code quality, unit testing and build automation. Specialties: C#, Java. Visual Studio, Debugging, OOP, Software Engineering, Software Design, Design Patterns, UI Automation, Scripting, Continuous Integration, SCM

Unity developer

I'm a software developer specialized in games programming. My experience covers developing PC, iOS and Android products in Unity and building .NET apps for Kinect. I like to be challenged with multidisciplinary problems that are often found in game development and interactive apps area. Feel free to check out my recommendations at my LinkedIn profile.

Front End Developer. Technology Fellow. Professional Geek.

I do front end development, currently focusing on the web (javascript & react) and keeping an eye on Hololens and Oculus. I love creating games and MVPs. I can create both games and business applications, there's challenges in both. Although back-end is not my expertise, I know enough of the full stack to get any job done.

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