Chris McCarthy, senior Game engine developerView Profile
Chris McCarthy
I have made or contributed to dozens of games in Unity ranging from prototypes, student projects, to apps, to indie projects, to tech demos, to large-scale games. Though I was full-time generalist for many of these projects, coding was always my specialty.
Glen De Cauwsemaecker, Game engine coder and developerView Profile
Glen De Cauwsemaecker
Freelance Game engine developer in Resende, Brazil
Included in my daily package.
Ehsan Rezaie, Game engine freelance coderView Profile
Ehsan Rezaie
Freelance Game engine developer in Vancouver, Canada

Developer with over 15 years of professional experience in various technologies.

Developer with over 15 years experience building software in various industries, most recently focused on iOS apps and creative applications using Swift and C++. I have a strong computer science background with emphasis on software architecture and user interfaces. I have worked in aerospace (including a contract for NASA), telecommunications (Nokia), video games (Capcom, Ubisoft) and social-network startups. Most recently I am working on freelance projects and pursuing my interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
princerapa, Game engine freelance developerView Profile
Freelance Game engine developer in Varanasi, India

Core Developer of Open Source Project: P2PSP and participated in Google Summer of Code.

I Worked at Google Summer of Code 2015 with P2PSP as my mentoring organisation. i am also a participant of Microsoft Hackathon 2016 I have mentored students from different branches in my institute. I helped organizing programming workshops and mentored students to learn python ,java, Android Development,Unity game engine APi, how to build scalable softwares using different to administer backend servers, how to contribute to open source with git and github and most importantly how to write efficient, readable and extensible code.
Ilkan Çelik, Game engine freelance programmerView Profile
Ilkan Çelik
Freelance Game engine developer in Istanbul, Turkey

Senior Software Engineer & Game Developer

Clean and fast solutions for dirty and hard problems.
Farooq, Game engine programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Game engine developer in Glen Ellyn, United States

Application developer and computer graphics aficionado

Wrote games and graphics applications in C++. Did some desktop application development in C# and Java. Currently working on TypeScript for application development on the web.
Jon McElroy, Game engine freelance programmerView Profile
Jon McElroy5.0
Freelance Game engine developer in Los Angeles, United States

Graphics Programmer and Computer Vision Researcher

I am a game developer, graphics programmer and computer vision researcher with a decade of experience in AAA and indie games. I've spent a lot of time working as an optimization specialist and fire-fighting on teams where I had little information about the problem but a short deadline. I enjoy working on games and low-powered hardware in particular but I love to help out with anything people are working on.
Abhay Chaturvedi, Game engine dev and freelancerView Profile
Abhay Chaturvedi
Freelance Game engine developer in Bengaluru, India

Generalist programmer, Hackathon fan

I am a senior undergraduate at IIT(BHU). I love developing small projects on python,c++, android and unity3d. I have worked on wide range apps involving analytics, web servers, mobile apps, nlp , games, opengl etc. and would to help you out in your coding adventures.
Ryan Maciel, Game engine freelance programmerView Profile
Ryan Maciel4.9
Freelance Game engine developer in Wakefield, United States

iOS developer with 2 published apps

My name is Ryan Maciel and I am a iOS app developer. I have worked with Objective-C and Cocoa Touch for about seven years and have experience in many areas including: ∙Multithreading ∙MVC ∙Backend Integration ∙Profiling ∙Optimization ∙Version Control With Git ∙UX/UI design
Felix Palmer, Game engine freelance coderView Profile
Felix Palmer5.0
Freelance Game engine developer in Prague, Czechia

Loves creating immersive visualizations using JavaScript, WebGL and maths

My passion is combining visualizations with programming to create experiences which are not only technically accomplished, but also appeal to people on an emotional level. I hold a masters in Physics from Oxford, and have experience from working in Silicon Valley, London and Prague, both for established companies and freelance. I have spoken at numerous conferences worldwide, and am a founder of, that has developed an innovative WebGL terrain rendering engine.
Raphael Mun, Game engine freelance programmerView Profile
Raphael Mun4.0
Freelance Game engine developer in Seattle, United States

Tech entrepreneur with 20 years in software from mobile apps to fast 3D graphics and scalable server architecture

Hi, I'm Raphael. I studied at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and have worked at large companies like Microsoft and small startups, building everything from mobile apps to large scale server architectures. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Jean-François Grangier, Game engine coder and engineerView Profile
Jean-François Grangier4.0
Freelance Game engine developer in Vitrolles, France

web 3D freelancer

Jean-François Grangier is a 3D web evangelist applied to the world of video games. In 1999, he developed his first game engine with DirectX 6.0 and since then, he has architected many online systems such as the McDonald's Monopoly. In 2010, he founded multivers3D, 3D gaming systems & studio, before inventing Cicada, the middleware for the production of web 3D games. Today, he is in the latest phase of Ivi and The Light Workers, the native multiplayer game made with webGL technology.
Nikita Musatov, senior Game engine developerView Profile
Nikita Musatov
Freelance Game engine developer in Kirov, Russia

Hello, I am MusNik form KeeVee Games! I am highly experienced GML programmer. GameMaker Ambassador. Marketplace asset maker. Indie game developer.

I specialize on 2D games, graphics effects and Box2D physics. Love to make games for both mobile and desktop. I can work on GameMaker: Studio 1.4 and GameMaker: Studio 2. Can work with extensions.
Ashish Gogna, Game engine freelance coderView Profile
Ashish Gogna
Freelance Game engine developer in Chandigarh, India

Full Stack Developer

I am a Software Developer, Passionate about Games and Graphics. I love to make and play Games. I have experience building Mobile and Web Apps using Industry leading technology.
Luís 'zeluisping' Guimarães, freelance Game engine programmer for hireView Profile
Luís 'zeluisping' Guimarães
Freelance Game engine developer in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Full Stack Software Developer

I'm an experienced full-stack software developer, working in a range of areas, some of which being game development, web development and desktop development, among others. My specialties are debugging, finding and fixing issues together with refactoring legacy code.

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