Raphael Mun, Game design freelance programmerView Profile
Raphael Mun4.0
Freelance Game design developer in Seattle, United States

Tech entrepreneur with 20 years in software from mobile apps to fast 3D graphics and scalable server architecture

Game industry veteran from Microsoft Xbox. Built a number of games and apps including #1 iOS Hatch, and popular Xbox Indie Game, sin(Surfing). Started a game development club internally in Microsoft and was also previously a general manager of a college game development club (www.gamecreation.org). Teaching Assistant for Game Programming course at Carnegie Mellon University.
Shikhill Gupta, senior Game design developerView Profile
Shikhill Gupta4.8
Freelance Game design developer in Bengaluru, India

Software Development Engineer @ Amazon.com

i have developed 3 to 4 Games from scratch like point , pool, Deal, 21 card rummy. These games currently runs over web platform. These games have client server architectures. client is a web application coded in Asp.net and server is also written in .Net Framework. Apart from that i have a good command over socket connections. please check the below link to know about the games i developed from scratch. http://www.jungleegames.com/
Josef Held, Game design freelance developerView Profile
Josef Held
Freelance Game design developer in Kleinedling, Austria

Full Stack Developer (Java, Javascript, C++, Python)

I work goal and solution oriented because I believe focusing on the problem is creating more problems. I love what I do and vice versa. Also I am blessed with the people I can work with. Both my business partners as well as my customers.
Chris Dolphin, top Game design developerView Profile
Chris Dolphin5.0
Freelance Game design developer in San Francisco, United States

Creative coder. JS and game dev | Love Chillwave and Longboarding

Web developer with advanced experience working on large-scale Javascript apps and PHP backends. Specialized in rendering and DOM performance. Personal site - http://likethemammal.com
Pranshu Khanna, senior Game design developerView Profile
Pranshu Khanna4.7
Freelance Game design developer in New Delhi, India

Unity3D | C# | C++ | Java | HTML/CSS | JS | Android

I'm a Game developer with experience in Unity3D and you can approach me anytime you need any help related to Game Development(Gameplay, AI, Multiplayer, UI etc). I have experience in HTML/CSS and android app development
Vladimir Novick, Game design software engineerView Profile
Vladimir Novick
Freelance Game design developer in Petah Tikva, Israel

Software Architect & Senior Consultant

Software architect, consultant, mentor, worldwide speaker, published author, I like to be involved in innovative projects using the latest technologies available. I speak JavaScript whether it's on the server, on the client, on mobile or powering smart homes and robotic appliances. I'm always updated what's new in technology and where it will go in next couple of years. I write clean, tested, modular and maintainable code which is cross platform compatible and standards compliant. I love beautiful User Interface and I admire projects with great design. I believe in open source and JavaScript Community, so I am talking at various conferences worldwide as well as at local meetups. I'm co organizer of ReactJS Israel community and active ReactJS, React Native and ES6 expert in Israel. Apart ...
Fahim Farook, Game design freelance coderView Profile
Fahim Farook5.0
Freelance Game design developer in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Multi-disciplinarian with over 25 years of experience in iOS, Android, PHP, SQL, and Unity. Also have some experience with Xamarin, Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby etc.

I have been a developer for over 25 years and have been a mobile developer for close to 8 of those years. During that time, I've developed over 80 iOS apps, around 10 macOS apps, and a few Android apps too - some were personal apps while close to half of that were apps for various clients. I’ve also been a technical editor, final pass editor, and finally, for a brief period, the editor-in-chief at raywenderlich.com, the popular online site devoted to mobile and game development. I did a lot of work on their tutorials and so know a little bit about helping people to understand a topic :) I try to help people understand developing for a given language and try to show you why you should do something a certain way. Along the way, I also try to provide little tips and tricks which make your w...
Bernat Fortet, top Game design developerView Profile
Bernat Fortet5.0
Freelance Game design developer in San Francisco, United States

Expert and seasoned Designer in all fields. 12+ years of experience. Unicorn: Design + Code

Worked in the Entertainment, Videogame and Sillicon Valley Tech Industries. 12+ years of experience riding the wave of trends in design and Front End Dev
David Martín Bermúdez, Game design coder and developerView Profile
David Martín Bermúdez4.9
Freelance Game design developer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Independ developer with 5+ ages of experience making software

I am a curious person by nature, I like the challenges and I dedicate myself to the sector of the computer science. I like the development of software and any type of applications for any platform. I also have security knowledge in windows as well as in linux, Radius servers, Asterix, captive portals and the generation of certificates with OpenSSL in Linux and Windows server. I like to configure and mount servers, configure active directory and LDAP and work with virtual machines like vmware and virtualbox. My goals are the development of applications for multiple platforms, with multipurpose and object oriented languages such as java, C++ or interpreted languages like php and jsp and also the administration and configuration of servers as well as the relevant security implementation...
Siddhant Singh, senior Game design developerView Profile
Siddhant Singh5.0
Freelance Game design developer in Varanasi, India

Expert Programmer (Python, C , R, Haskell) -Data Scientist-(Pandas-Matplotlib-Highcharts-Pyspark-sklearn)-PyGame-Machine Learning-DjangoRestFramework-API-Web Scraper--Bots

I have expertise in Python and Django and have a great experience working as a web developer where i started with javascript and jquery along with bootstrap frwamework. I have used Python a lot for scraping,demographics,Data analysis and game development,Sending GET/POST API/JSON django(API,Rest Framework), recently I have been doing Data science using (Pandas, Matplotlib) and Pyspark.
Oleg Dragora, Game design freelance coderView Profile
Oleg Dragora3.0
Freelance Game design developer in Kamyshin, Russia


Jam inPie, freelance Game design programmerView Profile
Jam inPie5.0
Freelance Game design developer in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Designer come with Programming

The Goal of mine is made users to navigate the application more easy and free. When I designing and developing, I focus on the UX more than UI. I'm graduate from art and design background, and I found out with some programing to the design, it made more easier to communicate with users. I start building web and some back-end programming, with that I took up mobile app development classes. And now I do help startup company building their web and app development, currently I manage all engineering aspects within the CDN division as before and collaborate with cross-country teams on product development.
Seth Price, Game design freelance developerView Profile
Seth Price
Freelance Game design developer in Okinawa, Japan

Love problems

I have a particular fondness for backend engineering and API creation. I'm also exceedingly passionate about making new tools, especially those which require learning new skills. Always looking for new hobbies and skills. I love using CommonLisp and lisp like languages in my spare time.
Julio Seaman, Game design freelance coderView Profile
Julio Seaman
Freelance Game design developer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Programmer, researcher, video game collector, geek.

Computer Programmer: - Communication Applications - Mobile Devices (IOS, Android) - Embedded System Programming - 3D Programming (XNA, DirectX, WebGL, OpenGL) - Parallel Programming (CUDA-C, OpenCL, OpenAcc, IOS Metal) Specialties: Programming: C, C++, Java, C#, Objective C, Python, Matlab, R, Inform7
Amir Fox, freelance Game design developerView Profile
Amir Fox
Freelance Game design developer in Jeju City, Republic of Korea

Software Engineer | .NET | Xamarin | Unity3D | And More ...

I am a seasoned C# developer with a strong development background in Xamarin mobile development. My latest projects have been more focused on audio visual apps and games development but my roots in more traditional .NET development. I can provide help in Code refactoring.

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