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Gabiriele Lalasava

Gabiriele Lalasava

Web Developer at Hewlett-Packard

Mexico City (-05:00 DST)
Working on http://igumail.com/ A modern enhancement for Email allowing real-time collaboration and video chat.
3 AngularJS
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 14 years experience
I work mainly with Node.js and transpile for the browser with webpack and browserify. I currently write ES6 and use Babel. I prefer functional programming approaches (RFP) and modern JS UI libraries.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 14 years experience
I work a lot with bootstrap and material design. I'm proficient with CSS3 and HTML5 including newer technologies and their browser support matrices. I love UI design and have lead design teams such as with HP as Lead UI on their Cloud Server Deployment UI - Torque.
Php expert help PHP - 14 years experience
I've been working with PHP for 14 years and worked for companies such as Disney and HP employing large scale PHP services in SOA and REST. I'm very familiar with the PHP OOP and design patterns.
Node js expert help Node.js - 4 years experience
For the last 2 years I've worked mainly with Node.js building microservices. I am currently developing a startup called IguMail, a realtime email service that uses Node.js and I've developed a Live Streaming service called StreamCatcher.org with Node.
Git expert help Git - 6 years experience
I've been working with Git for about 6 years. I used to work with subversion and mecurial before Git. I'm quite proficient with Git and github in general.
No icon Twitter bootstrap - 7 years experience
I've worked with twitter bootstrap to build highly responsive and reactive UIs together with tools such as jQuery, Angular and React.
No icon Electron - 2 years experience
I build desktop apps with Electron (Atom) and Node.js. This allows development of desktop apps with access to Node and full browser API.
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Carlos Aug 02, 2016

Great Mentor. Really helped me out!!
Rochel Richter Aug 01, 2016

He was great! Super helpful and knowledgeable, solved my issue very quickly and then gave some recommendations on follow up resources.
Hamzah Chaudhary Jul 24, 2016