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Gabriel graduated top of his class from the Electrical Engineering department at UMass Amherst in 2008, and has dedicated his postgraduate career to perfecting his Ruby on Rails skill set. His career started working at successful web design and development firm Fuzz Productions, and more recently worked as the lead engineer founding and launching e-commerce platform CitySprout.com.
11 Ruby on Rails
7 JavaScript
5 jQuery
captchator 7   0
A Rails plugin for the Captchator service (captchator.com)
Ruby JavaScript
timetracker 4   0
PHP Ruby JavaScript
generators 2   0
These are my own custom generators to be placed in ~/.rails/generators. cd ~/.rails/ && git clone {me}
Punchfork 1   0
A simple Ruby library for searching recipes with punchfork.com
Ruby JavaScript
templates 1   0
Ruby JavaScript
Average Rating
(77 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Very experienced, easy to work with.
William Gillett Dec 07, 2016

wonderful!! implemented a javascript plugin and improved the design quite a bit!!
Alison Dec 02, 2016

Another great development by Gabe
Felipe Fleiderman Nov 22, 2016

Awesome mentor!
Alison Nov 16, 2016

Gabe was so, so helpful! He is patient and understanding and knowledgeable. Awesome overall!!
Alison Nov 15, 2016

Very helpful— good communicator.
Steve Benjamins Nov 08, 2016

Isaac Nov 04, 2016

Helped tremendously with improving code quality and test coverage across webscrappers and api calls.
Max Oct 28, 2016

Maile Thiesen Oct 20, 2016

Great assistance testing complicated methods and debuggin
Max Oct 14, 2016

Once again Gabe to the rescue! on the initial conversation Gabe was upfront about not knowing too much about Devise Invitable, however after a quick review of the docs and my form fields Gabe was quick to find, debug and explain how and why my code was not passing and why my form was not submitting! Once again I highly recommend Gabe for his quick troubleshooting and debugging talents! very thorough in explaing why and how the error was caused and why and how the fix will work!
Shawn Wilson Oct 11, 2016

Gabe understood my question very quickly and was able to fix my bug right away. Thank you!
Maile Thiesen Oct 07, 2016

Great Mentor, tackles challenging issues head on. Helped figure out complex system for Business hours and days.
Max Oct 06, 2016

Another cracker session. Great cadence and moving quickly. Finding this targeted help is accelerating both me and my project (thus saving me days of my own n00b time, whilst still learning fast).
Donal Oct 06, 2016

Gabe was great, even with technical problems on my side he was able to help!
Francisco Echeverria Oct 05, 2016

Helped resolve strange issue with Active record / pagination. Great mentor.
Max Oct 05, 2016

Second session with Gabe, a longer one and we covered more front end ajax'y stuff with dynamic forms and answers in my Rails app. This has given me insight and movement enough to keep going on to the next challenge on this rather large learning project. Easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Building trust in Gabe's expertise... he knows his trade.
Donal Oct 05, 2016

Very quick to get up to speed. Great manner and vibe. Methodical and to the point. I will definitely call on Gabe again! I am very confident in his RoR skills and I foresee reaching out for help with Javascript and client side issues/design in the future too.
Donal Oct 04, 2016

Absolutely fantastic working with Gabe! very clear and precise in his instructions and explains the background behind the tasks! Will most certainly hire Gabe again!
Shawn Wilson Sep 28, 2016

I will continue to work with him.. He is amazing
Angelis Pseftis Sep 27, 2016

Very very helpful
Angelis Pseftis Sep 26, 2016

Gabe quickly showed me how to troubleshoot a method I was building and testing for a Rails app with the byebug gem and explained to me where I was going wrong with a database query and trying to return a boolean. At the end he did a quick wrap-up which was helpful.
Ernie Jamison Sep 15, 2016

Quickly solved difficult issue with nested strong params.
Max Sep 12, 2016

Excellent! Gabe quickly understood what was needed, then he walked me through what he was doing and why. Thank you.
Robin Clark Sep 12, 2016

As I said before, Gabe is a great developer, I'll definitely work with him again
Felipe Fleiderman Sep 07, 2016

He came up with a solution that I didn't even think about. Thank you for helping me out!
Spencer Ito Sep 06, 2016

Gabe, is excellent to detect problems and solve them, has very good disposition and is very proactive. I will definitely continue working with him.
Felipe Fleiderman Aug 29, 2016

Thank you Gabe!
Lauren Francescone Aug 02, 2016

Gabe rocks. Thank you - I know that was an exhausting project.
Chris Bradshaw Jun 14, 2016

Simple and straightforward!
Isaac Jun 10, 2016

ALWAYS a pleasure. Super knowledgeable and helpful!
Isaac Jun 10, 2016

Gabe was exceptional and very patient, he was quick to resolve my issue.
Wadson Dec 22, 2015

Straight to the point, polite and friendly. Oh and gets the job done. What else can you ask for? Definitely scheduling another session soon!
Isaac Oct 30, 2015

Great is too much little for him.
corradt Jun 08, 2015

Excellent work. He was able to define my SQL query and walk me through it. Will def use again.
Matthew Chan Apr 27, 2015

Patient and enthused when addressing my problem. I learned a lot from him.
Ben Gathard Apr 21, 2015

Analytical approach, great help
Niko Myllynen Apr 08, 2015

Gabe was awesome at grasping my issue and figuring out how to quickly and efficiently solve it!
Alexandre Voyer Apr 08, 2015

gabe is very competent and and quick to drive projects forward.
josh Feb 12, 2015

Gabe was phenomenal to work with! He helped me resolve my issues quickly and explained what I needed to do differently. I highly recommend Gabe as a mentor. I couldn't be more pleased.
Daniel Davidson Dec 24, 2014

Gabe helped me out in a pinch. He quickly understood my issue and helped get the solution right on track. Would def recommend him
patrick iwanicki Oct 22, 2014