LB (Ben Johnston), G suite freelancer and developerView Profile
LB (Ben Johnston)
Freelance G suite developer in Brisbane, Australia

Python developer, passionate to understand how things work, create and improve systems.

I have worked with Google Apps in some form since they first launched their online document and spreadsheet editor. I am passionate about G-Suite and their array of productivity tools, especially when it comes to complex integrations such as apps scripts.
Hosea Baker - Creative Problem Solver, G suite freelance programmerView Profile
Hosea Baker - Creative Problem Solver5.0
Freelance G suite developer in Dallas, United States

Assess, Design, Build & Repeat. Data rules everything around me. UX research and design, analytics, SEO, and frontend development are my strong suits. Based out of Dallas, TX

Two decades worth of experience designing, building, and marketing online. I've helped individual artists, professional models, small to medium-sized businesses, startups, and non-profits improve their visibility, raise their conversion rates, and grow their online business. Shifting from design to development, my creative thinking leads to efficient solutions. I can speak programmer and creative, but my years of experience allow me to effectively communicate and translate to the proper audience.
Saurabh Chaturvedi, G suite software engineer and devView Profile
Saurabh Chaturvedi5.0
Freelance G suite developer in Jaipur, India

Python programmer with experience in both web and non-web programming, helping peers to create a positive and lasting impact using their skills

Python | Neural Networks | Git | Regular Expressions | Bots | Web Scraping | Systems Programming | C++ | Rust I'm a Python programmer with over 4 years of experience, specializing in bot development and web scraping. I have also done some significant Internet client programming, building FTP, NNTP and email client apps. Apart from these, I've done some GUI programming also, building small games and simple apps in Kivy and Pygame. I've explored all programming arenas with Python, but I use C++ and Rust specifically for systems programming.

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