Cedric Poilly, top Frontend developerHire Now
Cedric Poilly5.0
Freelance Frontend developer in Port Louis, Mauritius

Web Frontend Developer | Mentor | Speaker

Developing web apps. | Providing training for advanced frontend frameworks. | Initiating in house meetups. | Contributing to company's technology intelligence. | Conducting experiments aiming at enhancing the developer's experience. | Speaker for Astek Mauritius
Nicholas Hirsch, Frontend software engineerHire Now
Nicholas Hirsch
Freelance Frontend developer in Seattle, United States

Doer, Technologist, Aviator

I've worked in the frontend as an individual contributor at Zynga & Amazon. I've also worked in the frontend as a dev. lead/manager. Each experience was unique and exposed me to a different problem space. I've done the following professionally: - Develop an ads JS library for interfacing with Zynga's home grown ads server. - Develop a frontend internal tool for generating & slicing/dicing PnL statements for the retail org at Amazon. - Led the development of an internal CMS and an external content driven site with a focus on monetization through SEO at Blucora. At this point in my career, I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I prefer loose coupling, functional/stateless design, and highly readable code as much as possible. Code is write once, read many many many times. I've been aro...
Amine Mouafik, top Frontend developerHire Now
Amine Mouafik
Freelance Frontend developer in Bangkok, Thailand

Consultant - Senior Software Engineer - Javascript

I have many years of experience doing both templates pixel-perfect integrations, complex client-sides applications using Angular / React, and more recently mobile apps using React Native.
Sunny R Gupta, top Frontend developerHire Now
Sunny R Gupta5.0
Freelance Frontend developer in Bengaluru, India

Lead Frontend Engineer. UX/UI and Software Architecture.

Frontend Architecture, Design, Development and Analytics has been a core part of my work for the past decade. This involves having to reduce Jank on pages and also making sure that each pixel is rendered keeping the end user in mind.
Silvestar Bistrović, Frontend consultant and programmerHire Now
Silvestar Bistrović5.0
Freelance Frontend developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Fearless web developer eager to prove his worth.

I am an experienced web developer specialized in the frontend technologies. My passion is building beautiful and functional user interface with a focus on accessibility.
Abhishek Bansal, Frontend software engineerHire Now
Abhishek Bansal5.0
Freelance Frontend developer in Bengaluru, India

Android & Design Lead at MoldedBits Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I have worked on Ember for making single page application and loading data dynamically using Ember-data.
Eyo O. E., freelance Frontend programmerHire Now
Eyo O. E.5.0
Freelance Frontend developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full Stack Engineer

Frontend Engineer, with a passion for building performant web experiences that scales on all devices.
Michael R. Bernstein, Frontend programmer and consultantHire Now
Michael R. Bernstein
Freelance Frontend developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Full Stack Web Developer and Designer

I have been developing front-end user interactivity for many different types of web applications with Javascript since it was called DHTML. Recent technologies I have experience with include Angular JS, D3, C3, DC, jQuery, jqPlot, Flotcharts, and I am currently investigating React.
Neo Ighodaro, Frontend freelance coderHire Now
Neo Ighodaro
Freelance Frontend developer in Lagos, Nigeria

CTO at Hotels.ng, Full Stack Developer & DevOps Engineer. Organiser of Laravel Nigeria. I also tweet a lot, sigh.

I am currently the CTO of a company in Lagos, Nigeria. I am also the founder of CreativityKills, a web development agency in Nigeria. I do guest writing for websites like Pusher and Scotch.io. I have over 12 years development experience, primarily in PHP and Frontend. I have expertise in management, DevOps, User interface design, and technical writing.
Alexey Kiselev, senior Frontend developerHire Now
Alexey Kiselev
Freelance Frontend developer in Moscow, Russia

Python/Node.js Lead Developer & Data Scientist

I am 6-years experienced Full-stack developer with over 13-years of programming background and excellent analytical and math skills. At front-end side I can make from dynamic html websites (HTML5, CSS3, Less, jQuery, AJAX) to SPA projects (AngularJS, React+Redux, VueJS), JSON, XML, at back-end side I experienced in NodeJS (Express, MongoDB, Pug, Socket.IO, Gulp), PHP (CakePHP, Laravel), Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, Matlab and Java. I can show a deep knowledge of ES5 and ES6, Design Patterns, OOP principles. I worked with MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL. I use TDD whenever is possible, Git for version control. I experienced like Windows and Linux user. And I’d like to join an ambitious startup to create something worthwhile. I'm looking for interesting and challenging project to where I will inv...
Funsho S., freelance Frontend programmerHire Now
Funsho S.5.0
Freelance Frontend developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Happy Developer

Done a lot of front end development mostly with frameworks like jQuery, Angular and React JS
Michael Henning, Frontend software engineerHire Now
Michael Henning
Freelance Frontend developer in Freiburg, Germany

ui/ux designer /// coder /// web app mobile /// perfectionist

/// freelance web / ui + ux / mobile / screen designer & developer /// 16 years experience in design & code /// <3 artcrimes / basketball / hiphop / skateboarding /// nice.guy :)
Michal Kozák, Frontend freelance coderHire Now
Michal Kozák
Freelance Frontend developer in Prague, Czechia

Full-stack developer & issue solver

Almost each project has it and if yes then it is one of very important part. I always try to make it right and clean.
Vandesh, Frontend developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Frontend developer in Pune, India

Freelance Web developer | Full-stack Tech Consultant | Corporate Trainer

Have worked as a Frontend developer and tech lead across various roles.
Bruno Ripa, Frontend freelance developerHire Now
Bruno Ripa5.0
Freelance Frontend developer in Barcelona, Spain

Senior Software Engineer, Freelance

Python developer since 2005, Google Cloud Platform developer since 2012, working now on Big & Fast Data architectures with Kafka & Spark. Frontend development skills (ReactJS, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap 3, etc) and very experienced RESTful API developer. Experience with Continuous Integration (all my software has full test coverage to take advantage of CI technology -CircleCI)

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