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Gabriel Odess-Gillett, Front end coder and developerHire Now
Gabriel graduated top of his class from the Electrical Engineering department at UMass Amherst in 2008, and has dedicated his postgraduate career to perfecting his Ruby on Rails skill set. His career started working at successful web design and development firm Fuzz Productions, and more recently worked as the lead engineer founding and launching e-commerce platform
Han, senior Front end programmer for hireHire Now
I'm a full stack Rails developer living in San Francisco who is a frequent traveler.
Tim Robertson, top Front end developerHire Now

Front End Development Lead

I'm a Front End Development lead at Spredfast in Austin, TX. I've worked in software for 15 years and have in depth experience in a large number of technologies both front end and backend. I have been focused on the frontend end and mobile for the last 5 years.
Jon Woo, Front end developer for hireHire Now

Experienced Mentor

Over 10 years professional experience designing, developing, and implementing web based solutions Experience in all components of web development: Client - Browser, Css, Html, Javascript, Http Server - IIS,, C#, I have mentored many students through,, boot camp and others.
Ian Macalinao, top Front end developerHire Now

Software Engineer at Facebook

I'm an experienced software developer with over 10 years of experience in a wide range of platforms and technologies. Most of my experience has been with full stack web development. I am also interested in distributed systems and functional programming. GitHub:
Jeremy Schwartz, Front end software engineerHire Now

Developer with 20+ years of experience.

Developer, Tech-Lead, and Bootcamp instructor, with over 20+ experience programming.
Jeff Lindsay, Front end freelance coderHire Now

Systems wizard

Full stack web, API platforms, systems software, enterprise architecture, delivery pipelines, and general automation. I've built and influenced a lot of things you've used, or at least a lot used by tools and companies you've used.
Matt Buck, freelance Front end programmerHire Now

CTO, Full-stack Rails and JavaScript developer w/11 years of experience

I'm the co-founder and CTO of Austin-based conversational interface agency Voxable. I've worked as a professional web developer at a number of high-profile startups in Austin, and I spent several months teaching web development full time for MakerSquare's inaugural cohort. I'm patient and I love to help folks learn!
Chris Lambe, Front end freelance programmerHire Now

Front-end dev with a passion for compelling UX and intuitive interface

I've been a cross-platform developer for several years and am always excited about the Next Big Thing. I spend equal time polishing my existing skills and keeping up with what's just around the corner. I get embarrassingly pumped up when I get to use an effective new tool to solve an existing problem.
Stephen Mayeux, senior Front end developerHire Now

ESL Teacher Turned Software Developer

I'm a Software Developer in Austin, and I love developing in and teaching people Full Stack JavaScript!

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