Hameed Hasan, Front end freelance coderView Profile
Hameed Hasan5.0

PhD Candidate and Graduate Research Assisstant in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology

I'm a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology with a minor in Machine Learning. The Georgia Tech CS program is ranked 7th nationally, among all the CS graduate schools, according to the USNews. Being such a competitive school, entails being knowledgable, too. In the lab that I do research, we implement our algorithmic prototypes and ideas using variety of programming languages, especially when the library that you are interested in is available only in one language! As such, I'm an expert in MATLAB, Python, C++/C, Java and Perl (but I also know some more, e.g. scala, PhP or even Lua ! :D) If you are interested to know about my research, I'm doing Deep Learning (https://www.technologyreview.com/s/513696/deep-learning), and I'm very happy about my research but ...
Colin Steele, Front end freelance coderView Profile
Colin Steele5.0

Code Panda

I'm Colin and I like to code. I'm a professional software engineer in Atlanta, Ga. I've been programming for around 8 years now and I've continued to develop a deep passion for writing clean code. I love sharing knowledge with others, and I'm not afraid to learn new things from my mentees. I'm very friendly and easy-going, and I'm willing to help with a plethora of languages and technologies.
Steven Harman, top Front end developerView Profile
Steven Harman5.0

Building the web since 1999; maker and breaker of things.

I've created and/or maintain a number of Ruby Gems (Grocer, GitTracker, DumbDelegator, pg_search, minimagick) and share a lot of side-project code on GitHub. I've been building the web since the early 2000's and first started using Ruby in 2007. I've helped a number of teams move from SVN/CVS/TFS to Git. I enjoy helping people along the road from "Testing to Test-First to Test-Driven" (http://stevenharman.net/from-testing-to-test-first-to-test-driven).
Phil Harvey, Front end freelance programmerView Profile
Phil Harvey4.9

Senior Web Developer, Application Architect, 15+ years experience

I am a senior web developer, specializing in backend/API development. I strive to strike an appropriate balance in my work between production and perfection, the pragmatic and the ideal. I love design discussions, weighing trade offs and coming to practical decisions that move us forward to implementation on firm ground. Known among my peers for quickly finding application to everyday problems from theoretical/philosophical foundations, I am a go to person for things like REST/Hypermedia API design, HTTP, caching, testing strategies, program correctness/software verification, code reviews, code quality, and software architecture.
He Shiming, Front end freelance developerView Profile
He Shiming

Javascript Guru, DevOps, Solutions Architect, Machine Learning Expert

I'm well-versed in a wide range of multi-platform technologies to help you build sophisticated web applications and APIs. I'm capable of conducting research, leading a team, as well as designing continuous integration procedures. As currently a trading system developer and investment advisor, I maintain an account at Interactive Brokers, where I trade U.S. equities for clients using machine intelligence systems I built.
Ganesh Iyer, Front end freelance programmerView Profile
Ganesh Iyer

Full stack intelligent applications developer

Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer @ Emory University.
Alex Bush, freelance Front end programmerView Profile
Alex Bush

Lead iOS Engineer at Journy | Co-Founder at Smart Cloud, Inc. (smartcloud.io)

I am a founder, team lead, consultant, and a developer. I've been wearing multiple hats throughout my career in software development and software products. I pride myself in client/server integrations and software architecture. Currently I work at Smart Cloud helping our clients to get from idea/MVP to fundraising.
John King, freelance Front end programmerView Profile
John King

Experienced Full stack Developer

Hi, I am a full stack developer who has worked in a number of different languages and frameworks on both front and back end development. I would love to be of assistance to you if I can.
Kyle Cline, Front end freelance developerView Profile
Kyle Cline

Ruby on Rails developer with a love for Ruby OOP

Benji, senior Front end developer for hireView Profile

I build awesome websites and help awesome people learn to do the same.

I'm Benji, a self taught web developer with 7 years experience developing e-commerce and small business websites. As a self taught developer I would've killed to have someone help me and make the learning curve a little smoother. I'm hoping to provide others the same, all while making coding a little more enjoyable.

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