Huw Nichols, Front end freelance programmerView Profile
Huw Nichols5.0
Freelance Front end developer in Camberwell, United Kingdom

CTO & Chief Hacker @ ConceptSauce ltd, consultant, poet and author

I have been writing front end code, both desktop and web based for 30+ years, airline reservation systems, complex games for the likes of Atari and Activision, real time stock trading, spread betting, online casinos, asset management and mapping systems, mobile apps of various sorts. Being an all rounder I also have an excellent knowledge of (and often consult on) setting up development environments and optimizing todays complex build pipelines.
Maurizio Carboni, Front end dev and freelancerView Profile
Maurizio Carboni5.0
Freelance Front end developer in Covent Garden, United Kingdom

Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

I am an experienced Full Stack Developer, during the decade of my career, I saw the technology change at incredible speed, making me learn a new stack every year. I started working during the time when iframe and tables were "cool", and PHP was "the language of the future". I adopted Node.js in the moment that I saw that was superior to PHP and I never regretted that, from that day every project I develop, was with Node.js. During that time, not only my choice of database transitioned from MySQL (major choice in PHP) to MongoDB and finally to Postgres, redis and Mongo (choosing the right one for the right project), but I also learned that a successful website doesn't use simple queries, but also need that the database needs to execute some code on its side (triggers, functions, ...). I als...
Kenny Joseph, Front end freelance coderView Profile
Kenny Joseph
Freelance Front end developer in Chatswood, Australia

Full Stack Javascript/Nodejs Designer/Developer with Enterprise-scale API/Data Architecture experience

Hi, thanks for looking me up. I'm a hands-on Software Designer, Architect and Developer with deep experience in front-end design/development and systems engineering, with a strong focus on coaching teams to learn, adapt and innovate. Most of my work for customers is around solving complex business problems through people and technology. I'm technology agnostic, with the exception that there are only a given number of technologies one can truly master in a lifetime (as listed above). My experience ranges from designing and building to managing, leading, coaching mostly in medium to very large enterprises. These days I spend more time working with scale-ups and a couple of start-ups. I'm also an agile coach, though I prefer to focus on building stuff and technology coaching. Feel free t...
Kyle L. McGregor, Front end dev and freelancerView Profile
Kyle L. McGregor
Freelance Front end developer in Scarborough, Canada

Lead Front End Developer

Specializing in responsive web development following the latest best-practices and using a mobile-first approach in the creation of custom websites and web applications in HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript; leveraging modern libraries such as SCSS, React, & Redux. Leading teams in the development process and establishing internal best practices. Very passionate about projects that are interactive, educational, socially innovative, or environmentally conscious. Building upon my web development experience, in the last 4 years I've been expanding my skillset into the 3D realm with interactive web using ThreesJS for HTML5 games, interactive experiences, and WebVR experiences; as well as games and interactive experiences for desktop and mobile, including VR on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, using Unre...
Andrej Gajdos, top Front end developerView Profile
Andrej Gajdos
Freelance Front end developer in Prague, Czechia

Full-stack software engineer ● Consultant

I have experience with various front-end frameworks and JavaScript libraries. I have more than two years experience building complex front-ends of enterprise, dashboard and single page applications. I use npm for managing packages and devependencies and Webpack for bundling modules.
Stephen Prater, senior Front end developerView Profile
Stephen Prater5.0
Freelance Front end developer in Portland, United States

Ruby & e-commerce pro

Experienced full-stack engineer with strong background in e-commerce, scalability and making large, murderous robots.
Bram Plessers, top Front end developerView Profile
Bram Plessers
Freelance Front end developer in Mechelen, Belgium

Music producing frontend and Swift developer

I am a Frontend / Swift Developer for Apple's iOS Platform with experience as Team Lead of mobile products. I have carried out work for startups and multinationals ( Lexus, Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Sony Ericsson, Philips,... ) alike. More than 15 years of experience. I love going to conferences and always look forward to be inspired by the amazing work of my peers.
Rehman Gull, Front end freelance programmerView Profile
Rehman Gull5.0
Freelance Front end developer in Multan, Pakistan

Expert MVC and AngularJS Developer

I am an expert Web developer with over 10 years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem solving and understanding complex and large code base. Have good skills in Front end and Back end development
Rustam Eynaliyev, Front end dev and freelancerView Profile
Rustam Eynaliyev
Freelance Front end developer in Krakow, Poland

Frontend Developer (Angular 2/4, Ionic 2/4)

I have development experience building and managing both web and mobile applications for governments and Fortune 100 companies. I specialize in building high-performant Angular 2/4 web apps and ionic hybrid apps.
Daniel, Front end programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Front end developer in Perth, Australia

Full Stack Web Developer / Application Architect

My journey as a web developer began by building websites and web applications while completing my Bachelor of Computer Science degree in 2005. I’ve now accumulated over a decade of industry experience with a broad skill-set spanning the entire web technology spectrum. Over the course of my career I’ve coordinated countless project releases and delivered applications, both large and small, on a broad range of platforms and devices. I am now well established as a freelance web developer and have the ability to take on a diverse variety of project types. I see projects through from the ideas conceived by my clients, to the release and subsequent support and enhancement phases.
Victor Kane, Front end freelance programmerView Profile
Victor Kane4.9
Freelance Front end developer in Villa Urquiza, Argentina

Seasoned Full Stack Web App Engineer & Architect. Lean Agile Project & Team Mentor.

A lot of practical experience including newer things more recently such as MV* (MVC-like) frameworks, sass, living style guides, tiles, etc. in conjunction with Lean UX
Rutenis Turcinas, Front end dev and freelancerView Profile
Rutenis Turcinas
Freelance Front end developer in Kaunas, Republic of Lithuania
Few years ago most of the enterprise systems were meant to render web pages in the back-end before JavaScript evolved exponentially. I have been working with various types of JSF and JSP components, various template engines. But today these technologies are only marks of the past. The future belongs for JavaScript.
Siddhant kapil, senior Front end developerView Profile
Siddhant kapil5.0
Freelance Front end developer in Delhi, India

Data Science, Machine learning and python expert

Bryan Mayor, Front end freelance programmerView Profile
Bryan Mayor5.0
Freelance Front end developer in Astoria, United States

Freelance developer with expertise in PHP / Laravel, JS / jQuery and Java.

NYC based developer with 8+ years of experience, mainly with Java, PHP, Javascript and Python. When I am not freelancing I like to help developers on CodeMentor make their projects a success or to help them through the learning process. Mentoring: I like to tailor my mentoring to the particular client. If you are a student learning programming for the first time, I will take you step by step so that you are the one solving problems as we go, with a little help from me. Or perhaps you are working on your own project and need results fast, in which case I can provide solutions and tradeoffs between them so you can learn and make an informed choice. My background: I come from 5 years experience in backend Java at a Fortune 100 company. After leaving that company, I have spent the past two y...
Tim Mannino, Front end freelance programmerView Profile
Tim Mannino
Freelance Front end developer in Naas, Ireland

Designer/developer with a penchant for beautiful code and great food - in that order 💯

Designer/front-end developer dabbling in CSS3/HTML5, jQuery/JS, Ruby, PHP, and whatever else I can wrap my head around this week. Big fan of well-structured code (ffs indent!!), crazy good startup concepts, brilliant design & nice people. I love solving problems and helping people so feel free to ping me and let's get the ball rolling.

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