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Ruby on Rails Developer Hourly Rate Distribution

Average Hourly Rate:$81-100
Median Hourly Rate:$61-80

Ruby on Rails Development & Hiring

Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby, originally released in 2005. It provides default structures for databases, web services, and web pages, emphasizes CoC, DRY, and active record pattern, and influenced Django in Python, Laravel in PHP, Phoenix in Elixir, and Sails.js in Node.js. In 2016, it was estimated that more than 1.2 million websites were running Ruby on Rails, including Airbnb, GitHub, Scribd, Shopify, Hulu, and Basecamp. Average Ruby on Rails developer rates are around $81-100/hr.

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Chris Selmer
Senior Ruby on Rails Programmer
Hourly Rate: $$$
Inanc Gumus
Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer
Hourly Rate: $$
Matt Tanguay-Carel
Senior Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer
Hourly Rate: $$$
Weston Platter
Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer
Hourly Rate: $$$
Jason Martin
Senior Architect, experienced with Ruby on Rails
Hourly Rate: $$$
Mehmet Beydogan
Ruby on Rails Expert
Hourly Rate: $$

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