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React Developer Hourly Rate Distribution

Average Hourly Rate:$81-100
Median Hourly Rate:$61-80

React Development & Hiring

React, developed by Facebook in 2011, is declarative JavaScript library based on the DOM (Document Object Model). React is a view layer that renders HTML, and uses one-way data flow to construct a UI. It was designed specifically for building single page applications that can update data and integrate new data without reloading the page and is a popular JavaScript library amongst the JavaScript community. React developers typically charge $81-100 per hour, which varies depending on where the developer is based.

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Matt Tanguay-Carel
Senior Freelance React Developer
Hourly Rate: $$$
Michael Gutierrez
Lead React Engineer
Hourly Rate: $
Ramon Recuero Moreno
React Expert
Hourly Rate: $$$
Tony Guerrero
Experienced React Engineer
Hourly Rate: $$
Inanc Gumus
Freelance React Developer
Hourly Rate: $$
Rich Seviora
Experienced React Engineer
Hourly Rate: $$

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