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PHP Developer Hourly Rate Distribution

Average Hourly Rate:$61-80
Median Hourly Rate:$61-80

PHP Development & Hiring

PHP, a server-side scripting language first released in 1995, powers over 82% of the web, including sites like Facebook, Yahoo!, and Wikipedia. With PHP 7 now available, sites using the new version have seen huge reductions in latency and CPU load. The average PHP developer salary in the U.S. is $102,954, whereas non-US PHP developers can be much more cost-efficient. As for the hourly rates of PHP developers, they typically range from $61-80/hr on average.

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Tibor Fulop
Lead PHP Engineer
Hourly Rate: $
David Boskovic
Lead PHP Engineer
Hourly Rate: $$$
Michael Lungo
Senior Architect, experienced with PHP
Hourly Rate: $$$
Chris Selmer
Senior PHP Programmer
Hourly Rate: $$$
Mahmoud Zalt
Freelance Developer experienced in PHP
Hourly Rate: $$
John Hamelink
Senior PHP Programmer
Hourly Rate: $$

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