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javascript enthusiast with a taste for all new web technologies.

Dhaka (+06:00)
Italian, English
I have been programming on various web and cross platform stacks for 5 years. I love making things and helping people build things. If you need help with your project, fixing bug, refactoring codebase, guidance on how to give your web/mobile app a better architectural foundation, I'm your guy. Can't keep my hands off of all the shiny new web technologies and all the open source javascript stuff!

In 2 hours, I will build a realtime messaging app that works on the web and android/ios on a screen sharing session. I will show you best practices and small tips and tricks regarding meteor.js and javascript in general. After the call, I will send you the complete code through github.

3 JavaScript
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
It's one of my favorite languages. I can't imagine how hard grasping the concept of programming would have been if easier languages like js didn't exist. I have been working with js since the beginning of my career in web development.
Php expert help PHP - 4 years experience
I started out my career in web development with php and I'm still learning! I like how much the php community has grown over the time and I'm proud to be a part of it. It's hard to keep track of all the new updates, new packages, frameworks coming out every week, every month but I try my best to keep up with the latest hypes throughout the community. Also LARAVEL!!!
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
I LOVE this shiny piece of web technology. Node.js has changed my view towards js and changed how I write js code. I love how easy it makes to build out quick prototypes and realtime web apps. Also, it's really amazing how much crazy frankenstein stuff people are building out with node.js in the huge community of the developers.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
I love everything js and angular.js is one of them. Front end has always been a bit of a puzzle to me but angular makes it easier. starting from architecture to testing angular aces in everything.
Meteor expert help Meteor - 2 years experience
Meteor is the next "thing". Yes, I'm one of the believers! I have been toying with it since it's birth and it amazes me everytime I do a project using it. I have built several personal tools and applications for various clients on meteor and it has always been a breeze.
No icon Laravel - 2 years experience
I have been building web apps on laravel since it's 3.0 release and used all the versions released ever since. In fact, I'm quite a fan of laravel and follow it around. Currently experimenting with laravel 5 which is still in production and expected to be released on jan, 2015.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 2 years experience
not a big fan of noSql but it has it's use cases and I like to think that I know my way around mongodb when I need to.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 4 years experience
MySql is the first dbms I learned and still love it. Almost all projects I worked on uses MySql heavily
No icon Ionic - 1 year experience
I have been building mobile apps on ionic for more than a year now. I have mostly built android apps on ionic 1 and 2. I prefer working with es6 when using ionic2.
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
I have been learning react for the last 6 months and even though it took me a bit to catch up, I think I'm finally ready to share my experience and hack on latest react stuff with my fellow developers.
meteor-elevent 1   0
and event management app built on meteor.js
CSS HTML JavaScript
meteor-seeder 1   0
Automatically seed dummy data on from simple schema definition.
godo 0   1
BEHOLD! a todo list app built on golang.
Go Shell
4dem-wordpress-plugin 0   0
plugin to setup sync between 4dem and wordpress admin panel
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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Foysal was fantastic. Solved the issue I was having within minutes, explaining a detail of React's inner workings that would have been really, really tough to have figured out on my own. I highly recommend him!
Doron Dec 24, 2016

Really nice way of explaining things i'd definitely recommend
sarah Dec 05, 2016

Foysal was very helpful I would highly recommend! been having this issue for a while now but now thanks to foysal i'm all good :)
sarah Dec 02, 2016

I cannot express how grateful I am to Foysal for helping me so quickly. I wish I had known someone like him was available years ago.
Herbert Massey Nov 15, 2016

Great advice. He acknowledged not being an expert in the exact item I was trying to solve but gave his opinion on where he thought the problem lied which led me to a solution on my own.
Steve Fox May 03, 2016

Very helpful and informative! As a beginner it was very easy to understand and I learned very much in short time!
Karin Andersen May 02, 2016

Raymond Carl May 01, 2016

Very knowledgable and able to help very quickly with my Meteor issue.
Raymond Carl May 01, 2016

Has helped me to understand clearly and also take a look other problems as well. He has the knowledge and patient. Thanks
Ramzan Rozali Apr 29, 2016

Foysal came through very quickly with the code which worked exactly as I specified.. Not much more to say.. I got what I asked for, and he was very fast!
Jeff Kuntz Apr 23, 2016

Great work. Looking forward to working again with Foysal soon!
John Reitano Mar 20, 2016

This is the second time I've gotten help from Foysal. Foysal is incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and helps me fix my code and configurations in record time. I highly recommend work with him.
Michael King Mar 20, 2016

Amazing! Super professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend
Lin Z Mar 10, 2016

Extremely helpful, patient, a joy to work with!
Maximilian Maksutovic Mar 09, 2016

Absolutely brilliant. fixed my twitter and facebook sharing issues.
David Feb 27, 2016

Spot on, insightful, and very good at explaining
Yoed Anis Dec 28, 2015

Fast and knows his stuff (Angular, Css, Ionic, Meteor)
John Reitano Dec 26, 2015

Skilled and easy-to-follow mentor. I will defintely call him again!
stefano Dec 22, 2015

Great :) Patient with my beginner knowledge, knowledgeable, kind.
Jake Dec 13, 2015

I will definitely get his help again if I need any. Very professional.
Btron Dec 11, 2015

Still the best. Continues to impress beyond the last time. So fast at debugging and solving problems. Almost done with this project.
David Blau Dec 09, 2015

Foysal Is the best. 100% reccomended
YIBAS Support Dec 04, 2015

Foysal is very knowledgeable and helped solve some issues with my Meteor app in about 1 hour. I will definitely look for him next time! Highly recommended.
YIBAS Support Dec 03, 2015

The very best. Spent first hour or so on various questions/education, then perfect combination of freelance work in real-time, combined with more learning. Great ROI, best experience I've had on the site. Better communication skills and clarity than the native English speakers I've worked with on codementor.
David Blau Dec 02, 2015

The best - great progress. Continuing to work further on project.
David Blau Nov 21, 2015

Exceptional. Prob the best I've found on this site. Incredibly understanding, adapted well to my level. Had more than enough technical know-how. Will be a long project so not yet completed.
David Blau Nov 19, 2015

he actually fixed my code in a plnkr and sent it to me. I was so happy that I called him just so he got paid. Really great job!
mikiah Nov 12, 2015

Foysal was super quick and efficient in helping me get unstuck with my issue. He really knew his stuff and was able to explain things well! Recommend!
Evilolive Nov 04, 2015

I got exactly what I needed done and even more. My code is much more efficient. Thanks!!
logan Oct 12, 2015

Hands down the best Meteor mentor on Codementor. Explains & answers my questions very patiently and quickly. Even do so after sessions.
tigerbalm Sep 29, 2015

Foysal was very helpful and professional. Really fun to work with. Even spent time after-hours to solve my challenge. Already working with him again!
Jan Wennesland Sep 06, 2015

Great help and fair on cost of session!
mark Aug 30, 2015

Awesome. Fixed my issue in less than 5 minutes.
Sam Gabbay Aug 30, 2015

Foysal saved me...again!
Reuben Mansell Aug 10, 2015

Helpful and guided me to resolve the issue. The breakdown at the end of the session to recap on steps taken to resolve the issue was really helpful. Also checked back later to see whether all had resolved as intended - appreciated gesture.
Fin Jul 20, 2015

Quick to respond, explained what he did and solved my problem within minutes. Will be using again, thank you.
Huw Rowlands Jun 01, 2015

Foysal is the man and represents the best of microconsulting. 15 minutes with him saved me hours.
Parker May 18, 2015

Good at working through the problem
Dominic Lane May 12, 2015

2nd session with foysal! more questions and he was very patient and professional.
Lior May 12, 2015

Amazing! very patient and very pleasant to have conversation with. and very professional off course. will definitely consult with him again in the future.
Lior May 11, 2015

Foysal was able to teach me a huge amount in a short space of time, whilst simultaneously helping me finish a project beautifully! He kept the pricing very fair and paused the session when he need a little time to think, which I thought was extremely gracious. I think I found my Codementor!
Luke Bailey May 09, 2015

Very helpful, walked me through a problem
Jonathan May 07, 2015

Got it fixed in half an hr, great!
Dominic Lane May 06, 2015

Very knowledgeable and helpful
Dominic Lane May 06, 2015

great session explains everything perfectly
William Apr 29, 2015

Very patient and able!
Mike Apr 28, 2015

great session
William Apr 22, 2015

Lawrence Apr 22, 2015

Dont hesitate, start a session with this guy straight away!
Lawrence Apr 19, 2015

Great mentor and gets results very quick. Will use again.
William Apr 17, 2015

Explains everything clearly. Great mentor
William Apr 15, 2015

He was amazing, kind and patient and taught wonderfully. Helped me solved my problems.
Lawrence Apr 15, 2015

He did a great job. Very impressed!
Nick Apr 14, 2015

great session as always
William Apr 13, 2015

the best mentor
William Apr 09, 2015

great mentor
William Apr 08, 2015

Will keep using Foysal he is the best!!!!
William Apr 01, 2015

Phillip Walker Apr 01, 2015

thumbs up!
Laurence Bradford Mar 31, 2015

Great mentor
William Mar 30, 2015

Not only does he finish the job, he makes sure that it's done to 110% of his ability. He never wants to do short cuts. He wants to do it right!
Phillip Walker Mar 26, 2015

Excellent Meteor Developer
Andrew Mello Mar 24, 2015

Foysal was great! We got a lot done.
Laurence Bradford Mar 23, 2015

Foysal is awesome! He is incredibly smart, a fast code reader, and very very knowledgeable about possible fixes. He helped me to restructure my code in less time than I expected and even gave me some free time when we were working out little bugs. All in all a great person to work with!
Rebecca Cook Mar 21, 2015

Phillip Walker Mar 17, 2015

Second time using Foysal and each time is better than the first. Will keep using very understandable and explains perfect.
William Mar 17, 2015

Great mentor. Found the problem quickly and explained perfectly the issue. Will come back and definitely recommend.
William Mar 17, 2015

Excellent job. He always gets it done!
Phillip Walker Mar 17, 2015

Worked quickly, stayed on point, was helpful and knowledgable. Definitely worth the call.
Timothy Alvis Mar 17, 2015

Very helpful. Highly appreciated. Very quick, effective and knowledgable. Highly recommended.
Sachin Mar 06, 2015

Great help. Much appreciated. Very quick, effective and knowledgable for PHP problem. Highly recommended.
Mark Feb 25, 2015

He was very good and informative
Jamie Feb 22, 2015

Foysal did a great job explaining what he was doing. Even though the connection was a little bad (was on my side), I could understand him completely. Simple and good explanation and clear voice. I would recommend Foysal.
lowen Feb 06, 2015

I learned a lot from Foysal during our session. Very knowledgeable about AngularJS and explains both the code and concepts very well. He was very conscious of time and paused during in depth troubleshooting. Don't be afraid to use him. I highly recommend!
Bryan Knight Jan 23, 2015

Foysal did an incredible job of helping me solve my Angular.js/Express.js/Node.js/RESTful client issue. He was an excellent communicator and paused the session to debug so I wouldn't be overcharged. I highly recommend him!
John Asumang Jan 14, 2015

Varma Bhupatiraju Jan 11, 2015

What I liked about Foysal is he had a genuine interest in solving my problem. He even paused the session a few times during troubleshoots as to be conscientious of budget and spend. Plus he solved an issue that's been bothering me for months. Highly recommend!
Chris Hougton Jan 09, 2015

Helped recommend a more secure way to set up a feature and walked me through the process, very helpful!
Joshua Weaver Jan 03, 2015

As a first time user of CodeMentor I found my mentor to be friendly and knowledgeable. As a n00b to coding and web development, they got me further in an hour than I could have gotten in 12 hours. Definitely worth my time and money.
Joshua Weaver Jan 02, 2015

Always efficient and helpful!
Umair Khan Jan 01, 2015

Great at solving little problems, ran out of time in this session to completely solve the issue but looking forward to round to and hopefully get it solved :)
Tylor Eddy Jan 01, 2015

He's very knowledgeable, kind, and patient. I'd definitely recommend Foysal to anyone needing some help.
bonnie Dec 30, 2014

Foysal was very helpful and professional and I would certainly recommend to anyone!
Reuben Mansell Dec 29, 2014

Was very responsive and helped me solve the problem quickly, would definitely pair with him again.
Josh Bedo Dec 20, 2014

foysal is a great teacher and he helped solve my task at hand.
Eric Dec 18, 2014

Experienced in Laravel and php. Recomended
Joshua Head Dec 13, 2014

Asked plenty of questions and steered me in the right direction. Excellent troubleshooting skills.
Dave Onkels Dec 12, 2014

Done 7 sessions with Foysal, very good at JS. We worked mostly JS and jQuery and code has been organized and efficient. No loose ends. Will continue to work together in future and highly recommended.
Tom Sjogren Nov 28, 2014

Efficient, humble and skillful. I have found a reliable source for my complex development need.
Umair Khan Nov 24, 2014

Very quick, knowledgable and clear. Thanks a ton!
Dennis Hettema Nov 21, 2014

Done to sessons so far and Faysal has been very fast and professional. Will continue to work together.
Tom Sjogren Nov 18, 2014

Great support and clear understanding as well as explanation as to how the code is functioning behind the scenes! Recommended mentor!
Tylor Eddy Nov 18, 2014

Foysal was able to help me solve my issues with javascript. Definitely would recommend if you get stuck :) Thanks!
Tylor Eddy Nov 17, 2014

Excellent and super responsive
Andrew Mello Nov 12, 2014

Smart, accurate, fast and to the point. Also explains very well what he's doing and makes suggestions for improving the code and data structure.
Jean-Michel Nov 09, 2014

Excellent - Fast -
Andrew Mello Nov 06, 2014