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Passionate web developer for over 10 years, I started my career building WordPress website for multiple clients. I am currently web developer for an e-commerce company in the automotive industry for whom I built an full e-commerce website from scratch using Laravel and currently building our custom API. I am also active in the community and mentored multiple times for "learn-to-code" events in Canada like the HTML 500 or Ladies Learn Code and a musician in my spare time. I am open to any requests regarding Laravel 4/5 projects, frontend or backend and server administration (VPS, Envoyer.io, Laravel Forge).
No icon Codeigniter - 3 years experience
Web application development using CodeIgniter
Php expert help PHP - 10 years experience
Self-taught developer in PHP. PHP is my main language and I use it everyday to build amazing websites such as https://www.nwseatcovers.com
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
Personal and professional use on a day-to-day basis.
No icon Api - 1 year experience
- Use API such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, etc... in a PHP application - Develop an API using Laravel and some packages
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
Mostly using jQuery. I have never really used pure Javascript in any project, always using some kind of framework like jQuery, Backbone.js or NodeJS
Jquery expert help jQuery - 8 years experience
Favorite JS library.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 8 years experience
- Build database model - Install MySQL (Ubuntu & Mac OS X) - Use Sequel Pro (Mac) to manage databases - Use SQL language.
No icon Apache - 5 years experience
- Install Apache on a web server or local machine (Ubuntu, Debian or Mac OS X) - Configure virtual hosts
No icon Nginx - 2 years experience
- Install Nginx (Ubuntu & Mac OS X) - Configure Nginx
No icon Less - 5 years experience
Variables, mixins, files organization and automation using Gulp.
No icon Twitter bootstrap - 5 years experience
- Use of every component of Bootstrap - Integration of Bootstrap using Gulp
No icon Mailtrap - 1 year experience
Use Mailtrap to test your email locally and in your PHPUnit or Codeception test suite.
No icon Phpstorm - 2 years experience
I use it every day at work!
No icon Mac os x - 7 years experience
I used to be a genius for an Apple premium reseller and I was an instructor for general Mac OS X usage, Apple Mail productivity tips and Garage Band.
No icon Vuejs - 2 years experience
Hybrid or single page apps
No icon HTML5 - 14 years experience
14 years building websites in pure HTML/CSS, WordPress or even web apps with PHP.
No icon CSS3 - 10 years experience
14 years building websites in pure HTML/CSS, WordPress or even web apps with PHP.
Larabook 48   20
Following Jeffrey Way's Laracast Larabook series.
CSS PHP ApacheConf JavaScript
Meta 9   3
Small package to generate meta tags easily in your Laravel app
PHP-Storm-Bootstrap-Templates 9   2
PHP Storm Bootstrap Live Templates
Laravel-Spark-SCSS 5   0
Laravel Spark styles but written in SCSS
Breadcrumb 1   0
Small package to quickly generate Bootstrap 3 breadcrumbs in your Laravel app
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Val re-upped my knowledge in not only Laravel, but basic fundamentals of modern web development, from creating APIs to improving JavaScript security.
Alhan Keser Mar 27, 2016

Valentin brought my Laravel skills up ANOTHER notch by showing me more sophisticated ways of doing what I was trying to achieve. Great demonstrations, great answers, great results so far on my end. I'm progressing at light speed and feel confident about it.
Alhan Keser Mar 05, 2016

Valentin explained the fundamentals of Laravel in concise fashion then walked me through the process of getting started on development. I now feel like I am ready to create my web project and will continue to seek his advice as I tackle increasingly challenging problems.
Alhan Keser Feb 08, 2016

I thought these words from Val deserved to be shared :). Me, after writing some bizarre/stupid code while "following" his instructions: What was I just doing?? Val: You were being creative. LOL! Well done there, Val. :p :) It's still making me laugh just remembering your response. :)
Jenny Swift Nov 05, 2015

Another awesome session... thanks Val for being so patient! Already looking forward to our next session! :)
Priscilla Then Oct 27, 2015

Here's a recommendation I wrote for Val for LinkedIn that I thought would be applicable here, too: To whom it may concern, Val has been my mentor for around six months, and within that time I have spent over 100 hours on Codementor with him. My reviews for him can be seen at https://www.codementor.io/foxted#/review. We have focused mainly on PHP and Laravel, where he is an expert and his knowledge has impressed me. But the areas he has impressed me with have not been limited to PHP and Laravel. He has also helped me with the command line, Git, building a RESTful API, PhpStorm, database design, Object-Oriented PHP, PHPUnit, page load speed, Laravel Forge, Composer, Vagrant, aesthetics, Mac, Gulp, Google Chrome preferences, and occasionally JavaScript and CSS. And he has introduced me to several helpful tools such as Trello, Telegram, Postman, Pusher, iTerm, and Fractal. He’s a clever guy with great problem-solving skills. He has even been able to help me with technologies he wasn’t very familiar with. He values the quality of his work. When he has been stuck on something he has persisted until he has figured it out. And he has stayed up late in order to finish tasks. When I asked him to write me a recommendation, it seemed he would be out of his comfort zone because he told me he had never written one before and didn’t know what to write. But that didn’t stop him from putting a lot of care into it and doing a quality job. He even cared about fixing small graMmaticaL deTails. There was a time when I expressed dissatisfaction with his work, and he responded well. It seems over time he has learned how I like things to be done, as well as become a better teacher. He shows humility in the areas he can improve (in both coding and life), and is good at apologising when he could have done better. I have been impressed by his English since I know it isn’t his first language, and on some occasions I have had to Google a word he has used to find out its meaning. Communicating with him is very easy. His enthusiasm has been evident at times when I have requested to pause a session while I complete a task on my own, and he has either watched as I worked, or continued writing code for me, while not getting paid. He has been really generous, helping me for free outside of sessions, as well as wanting to let me decide how much to pay him because he was concerned about going over my budget. He is self-motivated and self-taught. He has been honest with me at his own expense, and seems to genuinely and enthusiastically want to help. There recently came a point where it seemed I was running out of reasons for a session with him. While I was excited to have come that far, I felt sad. Already I miss our sessions and his company. They have been so much fun and have given me some hilarious memories. And I have learned so much from him in heaps less time than I would have on my own. I have found myself thinking, ‘If only I could get a job that is like these sessions.' If you’re looking to hire an expert Laravel or PHP developer, I think you will love his work. Sincerely, Jenny Swift http://jennyswiftcreations.com cheezyspaghetti@gmail.com
Jenny Swift Oct 10, 2015

Programming languages have a lot of rules and constraints that are not obvious. I was going around in circles, wasting hours of time trying to find the info myself, but Val helped me to cut through the fog, zero in on problems, and make things crystal clear. If you find yourself spinning in circles, STOP and give this guy a try. You won't regret it -- guaranteed!
Priscilla Then Oct 07, 2015

Simply WONDERFUL: Val is extremely knowledgeable, patient and explains things well (breaks things down into easily digestible chunks), and gives excellent examples! Also, I learned by accident that Valentin was an Apple Technician in a "former life", and he gave me some awesome tips & tricks on maximizing coding software for my Macbook and improving my workflow, which is going to save me tons of time in future. Moreover, Val makes coding FUN. I can't wait till our next session... this guy is AMAZING and anyone would be lucky to have him as a Code Mentor!
Priscilla Then Oct 07, 2015

Over 6 hours for one session (code review, refactoring, and much laughter :)). Loved it :). Plenty more to do and looking forward to it :).
Jenny Swift Aug 26, 2015

I wanted Valentin to show me how to do something that could have taken several hours, but he was honest and encouraged me to do it another (better) way, saving me money (and time and effort). Very nice! :)
Jenny Swift Jun 26, 2015

That was a lot of fun. :)
Jenny Swift Jun 02, 2015

You continue to be a big help, and getting me unstuck. And I am grateful you helped me out during your vacation. Thank you Valentin :).
Jenny Swift May 18, 2015

It's pretty cool, even though you say you're not comfortable mentoring with AngularJS, you've actually been a big help with it! :)
Jenny Swift May 17, 2015

Thank you thank you thank you! THIS guy seriously knows his stuff! It was a pleasure. You rock!
Eva May 07, 2015

You rock!! Thank you so much!! :)
Eva May 01, 2015

Discovering Codementor and working with Valentin has changed my life :). No longer do I need to go through the frustration of spending hours stuck on my own, and just knowing I can get help if I do get stuck has been a huge relief. I’ve had around 16 hours of sessions with Valentin, and here’s what I appreciate about him: He is thorough, usually quick to respond and to be available, more affordable than other mentors here, super helpful, shows a genuine desire to help, fun, and puts smilies everywhere, even in his code comments. :) I really look forward to my sessions with him and think I may be sad if I ever run out of reasons to have them. :)
Jenny Swift Apr 29, 2015