Paddy Sherry, Foundation 4 freelance coderView Profile
Paddy Sherry5.0
Freelance Foundation 4 developer in Madrid, Spain

Full Stack Developer at KAX Media

Enterprise Level Full Stack Web Developer with 5+ years big business experience. Technical Writer for I have worked on webapps, hybrid apps, API's, responsive sites and CMS's for high traffic eCommerce gaming products. My primary language skills are PHP on the Backend and Javascript(Sencha Touch), HTML5 & CSS(SASS) on the Front End.
Mohit Kumar Singh, Foundation 4 freelancer and developerView Profile
Mohit Kumar Singh5.0
Freelance Foundation 4 developer in Delhi, India

UI/UX Designer | Front End Developer | Design Consultant

Building a websites is easy, but designing one takes skills. Everything is designed but only few things are designed well so don't hesitate to ask questions :) I am experienced Front End Developer and UI Designer. I have been to lot of hackathons and designathons ,won a few including IIIT Delhi minimal UI design.
Paul Cezanne, Foundation 4 freelance coderView Profile
Paul Cezanne
Freelance Foundation 4 developer in Ontario, United States

Front End Developer / Experienced Wordpress developer. I like collaborating with people who loves critical thinking and solving problems in creative ways.

More than 5 years of experience in Designing , Developing and managing websites using PHP, HTML and CSS and now currently specializing in Wordpress. There's always room to grow! My goal is to share my knowledge to people and also to learn something in the process.
Manuel Frigerio, Foundation 4 software engineerView Profile
Manuel Frigerio5.0
Freelance Foundation 4 developer in London, United Kingdom

Full-Stack Web Developer + Designer with 6+ years of experience.

I'm a web freelancer, with years of experience with both front-end and back-end. I can also mentor and advise for design and product development, having worked as a project manager for years. Proficient knowledge of Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL and jQuery as well. --- "If a problem can be solved there is no use worrying about it. If it can't be solved, worrying will do no good." - Dalai Lama
Stephanie Gredell, Foundation 4 freelancer and developerView Profile
Stephanie Gredell
Freelance Foundation 4 developer in Pleasanton, United States

Web Developer

I am a web developer working at LinkedIn. My experience started when I was 11 years old building simple websites using HTML and CSS. From there, I expanded into jQuery to PHP. When my career got serious, I learned vanilla Javascript by writing applications in Backbone while building an internal learning platform. At the same time, I build a standalone online course using Python and Flask. Currently, my work entails a lot of Java maintaining the LinkedIn blogs.

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