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Senior Platform Engineer, expert with AWS, Go and AngularJs full stack to handle millions of concurrent users for e-commerce and world wide platforms.
Go expert help Go - 3 years experience
Main Programming language at the moment. Development of api and services.
C expert help C - 10 years experience
Was the first complete language I learned
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
I focus mainly in REST api and message and document design
No icon Cuda - 5 years experience
Worked at NVIDIA, published a paper on CUDA
Swift expert help Swift - 3 years experience
Successfully shipped a big e-commerce application using Swift
No icon Object oriented design - 10 years experience
I spent most of my years as an application architect
No icon Amazon redshift - 5 years experience
I am a data pipeline consultant
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python neural-network tensorflow
tensorflow backpropagation
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Great mentor, helpful and knowledgeable
ned May 18, 2016

Fabrizio really helped us out here! We have been fiddling with this server bug for days now and he pointed us in the right direction after a series of accurate tests. Have learnt so much from his analytical skill and reasoning. Thanks :)
joel May 12, 2016

Very helpful and uber efficient. Thanks! :)
sonia singh May 10, 2016

Amazing knowledge of golang and implementation skills. Great job specing things out and didn't need any further feedback to get it to the goalpost. Pleasant to work with - to the point that we're already engaging in another project!
Mike Schroll May 06, 2016

Quickly got down to what I'm trying to achieve; and suggested a superior approach that solves the end-goal.
Mike Schroll May 04, 2016

Great explanations, solid code, can't ask for something better.
Thomas Vincent Apr 28, 2016

Very impressed by his depth of knowledge. We were tacking a problem that isn't easy in Python 2.x and his knowledge really came through. He explained every step along the way and increased my own knowledge.
Thomas Vincent Apr 28, 2016

Awesome Help by Fabrizio explained the basics of neural networks to me
Enoch Leonard Apr 15, 2016

Understood very quickly the issue and provided some very good advice, even though he was not 100% specialised on my issue (SQL, hence my 4/5), but still highly recommended!
Jeremie BORDIER Apr 12, 2016

Another great session. Highly recommend.
Greg Hammond Apr 11, 2016

Understood the problem. Worked quickly. Good communicator.
Greg Hammond Apr 10, 2016