Michelle Tilley, Fluxxor software engineerView Profile
Michelle Tilley5.0
Freelance Fluxxor developer in San Francisco, United States

JavaScript Aficionado, React/Flux Enthusiast, Author of Fluxxor

I wrote Fluxxor, the first well-known flux-inspired library (I haven't found any earlier ones) based on Facebook's description of the design pattern. I continue to develop and maintain Fluxxor.
Micah Condon, Fluxxor freelance coderView Profile
Micah Condon
Freelance Fluxxor developer in Littleton, United States

Senior JavaScript application developer, 15+ years experience

I have been building JavaScript applications, small and large, for over 15 years, using a variety of libraries, frameworks, and tools. I can help you to quickly learn new tools and frameworks, and to quickly solve simple or complex problems that are holding back your development. I can also help you learn to architect your software in a way that will be easier to grow and maintain in the long run
Darío Javier Cravero, Fluxxor programmer and consultantView Profile
Darío Javier Cravero5.0
Freelance Fluxxor developer in Dublin, Ireland

Maker. React, Redux. Frontend or backend. You name it. I make it.

I make things. I've been CTO of a couple of startups for the last few years leading every technological decisions we faced. I'm currently focused on actively pushing the web forward by creating a new way of building the web which we call Panels. It's all open sourced at https://github.com/UXtemple/panels. All in all, I see technology as a means to an end: to communicate; so going forward I want to keep on doing exactly that. I want to lead the way we make the web happen.
Cliff Sun, freelance Fluxxor programmerView Profile
Cliff Sun
Freelance Fluxxor developer in London, United Kingdom

Software Developer at FlexTrade

I am a software engineer working in Fintech. I'm a big proponent of using software engineering principles to maintain a quality codebase and product to deliver business value. I am enthusiastic and always keen to learn new technologies, especially if they're the right one for the job. I'm also a big fan of working in small cohesive teams and taking the pragmatic approach to solving problems. I previously worked as a software engineer at Resilient Networks plc, a SaaS provider of smart voice services (having worked there for 6 months as an industrial placement student). I graduated (2013) from Imperial College London having studied a Computing MEng degree. I also interned as a summer analyst for Goldman Sachs doing application development.

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