Top Flex Developers of June 2017

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- Co-founder of Costimize ( - Co-creator of Skipstone ( -

A front-end enthusiast

Shaojiang Cai is a front-end enthusiast, whose interests cover React, Angular, ES6, Redux, Webpack, D3, Docker, and many more. He loves new techniques and enjoy sharing. Please visit his personal site:

Snippet Writer and Rabbit Hole Guide

Here's how I generally work - You explain the problem - I ask questions until I can identify/understand the problem - If Its quick enough, I can simply provide the answer for a tip ;) - If it needs more information or will take longer, We can start a session If I don't think I can help you, I want you to be able to find someone that can :) If your able to solve the problem on your own, excellent! :) I have solved a wide array of issues, and while I don't know multivariable calculus, if you know the math or can show/explain to me the equations, we can probably get it done.

Moodle developer

I worked 6 years at Moodle HQ and I have been contracting for more than 2 years. Some of my work: * the web services * the community hub (, community block finder, course publish, registration...) * the moodle mobile apps (first native iOS app and Moodle 1.2 hybrid) * Oauth2 authentication plugin I am also recently specializing in developing React Native apps.

Interactive Designer and Developer

I'm a UI/UX designer and developer passionate about creative and expressive interactive experiences. I'm always looking for innovative and creative projects on the web, desktop, mobile devices, and touchscreens. I enjoy working collaboratively with other designers and developers who are pushing creative boundaries. I have often been described as a very fast learner and consider myself technology agnostic -- technology is a means to an end product. I will readily use the best tools for the job to get the best results, but whatever technology I use I will push myself to a high precision of skill. Over the past decade this has included countless hours of work done in Flash, Flex, AIR, ActionScript, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, and CSS. Today my interests have brought me also to use TypeScript, HaXe, SCSS, Android/Java, Unity3D, and JS frameworks like AngularJS, Sencha ExtJS, CreateJS, and GSAP. I can hold my own on the backend using PHP, NodeJS, SQL, FMS/AMS, but primarily focus on UI side design and development.

CTO at Pinto. Collaborative project

Inspiring by implementing of quality and interesting projects, work for personal professional grow in different areas for generation unique idea and its realization.

Senior Software Architect / Developer

I began my career in 1982 writing assembly language for games on the Commodore and Apple 6502-based machines. Today, my focus is on responsive, single page, HTML5 applications, built with Angular 1.x, PureMVC, and Node. You can find my qualifications, code projects, and tech writing here: * * * * * * *

Frontend Dev, Co-Founder of Mettle

Rory began writing code in Assembly at the tender age of 15. Since then he has designed safety systems for oil processing facilities, consulted Fortune 500 companies on cyber security best practices, and built Arduino controlled kegerators for his friends. These days he spends his time building robust web applications using modern javascript frameworks, usually in Angular. When not working Rory enjoys perfecting his aeropress & pour over techniques, playing ultimate frisbee, and hanging out with his family.

Front End Connoisseur

With over 37 years of software engineering experience, I can help you be successful in your UI projects. From UX design to minifying your application, I cover everything in between. My job is to come along-side you to work towards a solution in a peaceful, learning environment. If I can't solve it, it can't be solved.

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