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Prathamesh Kulkarni, Fitnesse consultant and programmerHire Now
Freelance Fitnesse developer in Mumbai, India

Full stack C# developer with expertise in Desktop based applications using Winforms and WPF

I take corporate trainings on Acceptance Testing using Fitnesse. I am comfortable writing tests in both FIT as well as SLIM.
Ryan, top Fitnesse developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Fitnesse developer in Johannesburg, South Africa

Professional developer in the financial services industry

I tend to get along well with most people. Professionally, I'm an experienced developer in the financial services industry (insurance and banking). But I taught myself programming as a young teenager, and quickly exploited it for profit (i.e. cheat at games), so don't worry that I'm too serious! I'm well read and I have a broad educational background (I majored in business, information systems and computer science at university), so I should be able to understand most problems developers are faced with and provide practical advice.
M.Jerger, freelance Fitnesse developerHire Now
Freelance Fitnesse developer in Ashburn, United States

Maintainer of clojure DevOps System

Michael Jerger is CEO meissa GmbH and maintainer of dda - pallet , an open source framework ConfigManagement similar to salt or ansible. Besides my passion for Java Clojer is the new one. In Clojure development is simply faster ...

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