Jessy Diamond Exum, Firmware software engineer and devView Profile
Jessy Diamond Exum5.0
Freelance Firmware developer in San Francisco, United States
In my description of my embedded C experience I mentioned the firmware work I do, Most firmware is in embedded C. I also have experience reverse engineering firmware. I have not worked with any digital signal processor chips or written firmware that talks over pci express so I rate my skill as 9, but it is higher when limited to embedded firmware.
Caroline Peres da Silva, Firmware engineer and consultantView Profile
Caroline Peres da Silva
Freelance Firmware developer in Londrina, Brazil

Electrical Engineer

I am an Embedded Systems Engineer, graduated in Electrical Engineering and with 3 years of experience in product development and production. I am experienced in hardware (circuit and PCB design) and firmware development (Embedded C in various architectures). I love challenges and new things; as an Engineer my main goal is problem solving.
Andy Norris, Firmware freelance programmerView Profile
Andy Norris
Freelance Firmware developer in Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Firmware Engineer

I am a freelance senior firmware engineer. My experience covers collaboration with electronics engineers, firmware system architecture design, coding solutions, peer review and project management. I specialise in writing devices drivers for ICs and developing firmware for networked devices.
Ankit, senior Firmware developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Firmware developer in Bengaluru, India

I like to build stuff

I've developed firmware for various embedded platforms
Arturo Sapiña , senior Firmware developerView Profile
Arturo Sapiña 5.0
Freelance Firmware developer in Valencia, Spain

Hardware designer and firmware developer, in love with the creative process used to bring products to life

I am a hardware designer, used to design for manufacturing, who also loves tinkering and bring strange devices to life. I can help you with many electronics related topics.
Kevin Sidwar, Firmware freelance coderView Profile
Kevin Sidwar
Freelance Firmware developer in Eagle Mountain, United States

IoT Maker

I am an experienced Maker that loves helping other people with their prototyping projects. My specialties include rapid prototyping using off the shelf hardware platforms and components. I am comfortable writing firmware in C++ as well as higher level languages like Python and Node on platforms such as the Raspberry Pi. I love digging through datasheets to get 3rd party sensors and components up and running with example code and schematics.
Dan Ellis, freelance Firmware programmerView Profile
Dan Ellis5.0
Freelance Firmware developer in Lake View, United States

Multi-skilled polyglot software engineer / architect

I've been developing software professionally for 20 years (and recreationally for many years before that) across a number of diverse business domains. I pride myself on clean, maintainable, production-ready code based on sound, thoughtful designs.
Cyril Fougeray, senior Firmware developerView Profile
Cyril Fougeray
Freelance Firmware developer in Colombes, France

Firmware Engineer at Equisense.

I build consumer electronic devices.
Gergely Nagy, Firmware freelance coderView Profile
Gergely Nagy
Freelance Firmware developer in Budapest, Hungary

A tiny mouse, a hacker.

Besides my day-job, I participate in open source and free software projects, and aim to expand towards mentoring and freelancing, to keep a nice balance between work, and hobbies (where mentoring and freelancing are the hobbies, on topics as different from my day job as possible, to have a little variety).
Zack Bubb, freelance Firmware programmerView Profile
Zack Bubb
Freelance Firmware developer in Rockville, United States

Back End Application Designer/Developer

I am an experienced developer with a passion for Computer Programming. I have been learning/working in the Computer Programming field for over 9 years now. My language expertise lies in C/C++, Python, and Java, and I have a very deep understanding of networking communication protocols. I also am extremely familiar with software/hardware interaction principles, automation scripting, and database interfacing.
Marco Cenerelli, Firmware software engineerView Profile
Marco Cenerelli
Freelance Firmware developer in Saronno, Italy

Software manager & Senior firmware engineer presso Geneva Lab

Key skills: - Expert in software and firmware development from Assembly to high level languages - Passion for optimization, reverse engineering and in-depth analysis of problems - Flexible, fast and able to catch up effectively with new technologies and challenges - Loves to get things done in a beautiful, reliable and effective way Senior firmware engineer with experience on: - ARM MCUs: ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M0/3, Cortex A8 - PIC MCUs: PIC32, PIC24, dPIC, PIC18F - Embedded systems development: bare metal, RTOS, Embedded Linux, low power, custom RF communication stacks, GSM modules - Linux: extensive experience as systems engineer and software developer, both on desktop and embedded platforms - Digital signal processing: data sampling, filtering, algorithms for image processing, ...
Matt Wolfe, Firmware freelance developerView Profile
Matt Wolfe
Freelance Firmware developer in Rochester, United States

Senior Engineer, Firmware Engineering at Western Digital company

Professional experience in C++, TCL, and Python
James Woodall, top Firmware developerView Profile
James Woodall
Freelance Firmware developer in Harrogate, United Kingdom
CEO at Intoware Ltd. Creator of 3 wearable operating systems. .NET Developer for 12 years. Android (firmware and software) for 5 years. Great problem solving skills.
David Holman, Firmware freelance coderView Profile
David Holman
Freelance Firmware developer in Ashburn, United States

Experienced Low Level and Systems Engineer

I have spent my career writing software for embedded platforms, and various flavors of Linux and UNIX (including OS X) primarily in C and C++, with a smattering of other languages and tools. I love cooperative problem solving and helping others succeed with technical challenges. In addition to my programming experience, I have some graduate level training in compilers and computer architecture which brings a different perspective to my software development and understanding of computer systems.

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