Top Senior Firmware Developers - Dec 2017

Software engineer with 20+ years experience

Developed real-time software in multiple companies from design phases till maintenance of commercial versions. Likes helping people, debugging and solving coding problems. Specialties: - Debugging - Fluent in C - Very good knowledge of C++ - Fast learner - Code Integration - Real Time Embedded Programming - Software & Hardware Interfaces - Protocol Stacks - Modems - Wireless/Cellular Protocols

Hardware designer and firmware developer, in love with the creative process used to bring products to life

I am a hardware designer, used to design for manufacturing, who also loves tinkering and bring strange devices to life. I can help you with many electronics related topics.

Multi-skilled polyglot software engineer / architect

I've been developing software professionally for 20 years (and recreationally for many years before that) across a number of diverse business domains. I pride myself on clean, maintainable, production-ready code based on sound, thoughtful designs.

I like to build stuff

I build firmware, circuits, Android apps and web apps for physical products

IoT Maker

I am an experienced Maker that loves helping other people with their prototyping projects. My specialties include rapid prototyping using off the shelf hardware platforms and components. I am comfortable writing firmware in C++ as well as higher level languages like Python and Node on platforms such as the Raspberry Pi. I love digging through datasheets to get 3rd party sensors and components up and running with example code and schematics.

A tiny mouse, a hacker.

Besides my day-job, I participate in open source and free software projects, and aim to expand towards mentoring and freelancing, to keep a nice balance between work, and hobbies (where mentoring and freelancing are the hobbies, on topics as different from my day job as possible, to have a little variety).

Back End Application Designer/Developer

I am an experienced developer with a passion for Computer Programming. I have been learning/working in the Computer Programming field for over 9 years now. My language expertise lies in C/C++, Python, and Java, and I have a very deep understanding of networking communication protocols. I also am extremely familiar with software/hardware interaction principles, automation scripting, and database interfacing.

Electrical Engineer

I am an Embedded Systems Engineer, graduated in Electrical Engineering and with 3 years of experience in product development and production. I am experienced in hardware (circuit and PCB design) and firmware development (Embedded C in various architectures). I love challenges and new things; as an Engineer my main goal is problem solving.

Freelance Firmware Engineer

I am an expert firmware engineer and run a small firmware engineering consultancy business in England. My work experience is mainly in embedded systems for IT products with a strong networking bias. I have experience writing firmware for for ARM Cortex-M, PIC, AVR, TI MSP430 and Intel 805x . I have also had significant exposure to PC applications programming on Windows and Linux platforms, mostly in Python.

Software manager & Senior firmware engineer presso Geneva Lab

Key skills: - Expert in software and firmware development from Assembly to high level languages - Passion for optimization, reverse engineering and in-depth analysis of problems - Flexible, fast and able to catch up effectively with new technologies and challenges - Loves to get things done in a beautiful, reliable and effective way Senior firmware engineer with experience on: - ARM MCUs: ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M0/3, Cortex A8 - PIC MCUs: PIC32, PIC24, dPIC, PIC18F - Embedded systems development: bare metal, RTOS, Embedded Linux, low power, custom RF communication stacks, GSM modules - Linux: extensive experience as systems engineer and software developer, both on desktop and embedded platforms - Digital signal processing: data sampling, filtering, algorithms for image processing, PSTN digital processing - GUI: low level optimized graphical routines, including font rendering; high level GUI development with Qt - hard real time systems: class B products, thermal printing, motor control, boiler control Software manager: - Coordinates the software and firmware teams - Writes specifications together with the other technical managers and the product managers

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