Sunday Akinsete, Firebase database software engineerHire Now
Sunday Akinsete4.9
Freelance Firebase database developer in Calgary, Canada

Android App (Java|Kotlin) , iOS App (Swift), Web Development, Firebase Advocate, Angular, Javascript, JavaEE Applications, Database Design & Mobile UI Prototype Design

Have vast knowledge in firebase database architecture. Used firebase for complete backend for 3 apps. I believe with the knowledge i have gathered i can be of great help.
Sarmad Bokhari, senior Firebase database developerHire Now
Sarmad Bokhari5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in San Francisco, United States

Lead Front End Engineer at BrightFunnel

I've built several production level projects with Firebase and have helped others learn to use Firebase. Firebase is an excellent BE and DB as a service and can significantly help you speed up your application development.
Victor Nwaiwu, top Firebase database developerHire Now
Victor Nwaiwu5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full Stack Web Developer, (PHP, Ruby, Javascript frameworks)

using firebase to query and manage data. Writing efficient query methods in firebase and also using it as a middleware in express applications
John Ryan, freelance Firebase database programmerHire Now
John Ryan5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in Minot, United States

Full-Stack Web Developer & Hybrid Mobile Developer (Ionic 1 / 2 / 3 + Angular 1 / 2 / 4) | Previously: Senior Software Engineer @ SmartThings / Samsung

Web (JavaScript, Python, Django, Angular) & Mobile Developer (Swift iOS, Hybrid Ionic, etc) passion for building awesome apps that wow. Also have experience teaching command-line tools, Git + GitHub, JavaScript to over 200 engineers at large corporation. Really enjoy teaching programming & application development to anyone looking to become a developer. More Projects can be found on my GitHub: Languages & frameworks I have experience with: Python Django Javascript jQuery NodeJS AngularJS MeteorJS UnderscoreJS PostgreSQL MySQL Front-end Design: HTML5 Twitter Bootstrap Foundation CSS3 Responsive/Adaptive Design Media Queries Mobile UI Design Mobile Development (Native) iOS 9 + Swift 2.1 Mobile Development (Hybrid)...
AKINDE-PETERS Joseph, Firebase database programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Firebase database developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Android developer with 6+ apps!

I am comfortable with working with the tree-like realtime Firebase database structure
Rowland Ekemezie, Firebase database dev and freelancerHire Now
Rowland Ekemezie5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Javascript, Nodejs, and React/Redux Expert

Full-stack Javascript Developer, automated system enthusiast, addictive learner, human capital development advocate, writer, and a software engineer. I love making it easy for people to learn.
Preet Minhas, Firebase database freelance coderHire Now
Preet Minhas5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in Delhi, India

Software Architect with experience in building cutting-edge AR, VR, mobile & web solutions

* 6+ years of experience in developing native iOS apps using Objective-C and Swift * 2+ years of experience in developing hybrid apps using Ionic framework * Expert in rapid API development using Node.js * Very passionate about game development using the Unity engine * Successfully delivered multiple Microsoft HoloLens apps, developed using the Unity engine * Hands-on experience with Google Tango * Unity Asset Store publisher * Multiple apps & games released on the App Store and Play Store
Bohdan Protsyk, senior Firebase database developerHire Now
Bohdan Protsyk5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in Kiev, Ukraine

Mobile Dude

Bonjour! I am Bohdan, mobile apps developer. Need help or advice? Urgent homework or deadline got too close? I am the guy you was looking for.
Akshay Agarwal, senior Firebase database developerHire Now
Akshay Agarwal5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in Thane, India

CTO at Urbanity | Enterprise Web & Mobile Application Consultant | Ex-Wikipedia, Google | Amongst NY Observer's Top 20 Technologists Globally

I create strategic solutions for complex technology products and challenging business problems. I am an innovative technologist with 10+ years of experience in delivering outstanding results for an illustrious clientele. I was recently honoured to be featured amongst the Top 20 Technologists Globally by The New York Observer. Specialties: E-Commerce, CMS, API Integration, Technology Strategy, Mobile markets, Agile Development
Rugved Ambekar, senior Firebase database developerHire Now
Rugved Ambekar
Freelance Firebase database developer in Toronto, Canada

An Android Expert with a range of experience at Development Studios, Banks and Start-ups.

I am a end-to-end Android specialist with over 6 years of experience building Android apps. I can dive into development with a distributed team, absorb and refactor an existing code base, and even build a medium - large scale production app from the ground up. My development expertise includes networking, secure payments, analytics, security (bot protection), dynamic notifications, custom interfaces and material design presentation.
artur grzesiak, senior Firebase database developerHire Now
artur grzesiak
Freelance Firebase database developer in Warsaw, Poland

RxJS expert

Deeply in love with Rx(JS). Wants to spread knowledge about this wonderful technology.
Johnny B. (Ionică Bizău), Firebase database engineer and developerHire Now
Johnny B. (Ionică Bizău)5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in Beiuș, Romania

Full Stack, *nix user, Pianist, College Dropout, Vegetarian, Jesus follower

Hi! My name is Ionică Bizău. If you're having problems pronouncing it, you can simply call me Johnny (that's how "Ionică" is translated in English). I work as full stack developer since 2012, with Node.js & JavaScript. Before that, I was creating WordPress sites and HTML/CSS apps. Currently I'm doing the best in Node.js (including command line tools), JavaScript, SVG (d3, svg.js). If I can help, I'll definitely do it, as long your app is not promoting things which tend to be potentially immoral. For example, I'm happy to help you build an e-shop, but I won't build an e-shop designed specifically for selling wine, since I'm against the use of alcohol for drinking. ♦ Node.js: 4 years of experience, ~600 packages published on NPM ♦ JavaScript: 4 years of experience, lots of libraries yo...
Ziad Saab, freelance Firebase database programmerHire Now
Ziad Saab5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in Montreal, Canada

Co Founder at DecodeMTL

I am a full-stack web developer and educator from Montreal, Canada with over ten years of experience. I have worked for startups, agencies, and large companies. I co-founded and am currently teaching at DecodeMTL, a full-stack JavaScript Web Development bootcamp in Montreal, Canada. I am also an instructor and mentor at the local Ladies Learning Code chapter. I love teaching more than anything and I am motivated by seeing my students succeed :)
Mukund, Firebase database programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Firebase database developer in Bengaluru, India

Full stack web application developer, passionate programmer

Passionate devloper who loves programming. I am an experienced professional in Java,J2EE stack and latest Javascript technologies. I am a fullstack developer with strong capability in front end (HTML,CSS,Javascript) and backend(java,j2ee,hibernate,spring etc.). I don't want to enlist the tech stack here, see it in expertise section. I have 5 years of professional exprience, now working with Oracle corporation as Senior application engineer. About my achievements, I was rewarded the 'best debutant award', I got first prize in the category 'Best Hack'.
Abhishek Bansal, Firebase database software engineerHire Now
Abhishek Bansal5.0
Freelance Firebase database developer in Bengaluru, India

Android & Design Lead at MoldedBits Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Android Ninja, Overall 5 years of product developement experience. Polyglot, have written production code in C++, Python, Kotlin and Java. All 5 star ratings till now, not even a single unsatisfied client. I give a FULL REFUND guarantee if I am not able to solve your problem. My personal products website Developer Story

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