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Douglas Puchalski, FinTech freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance FinTech developer in San Diego, United States

Software and Business Systems Architect

Architecture and development of personal financial management and accounting applications, investment account management applications, vendor and legacy system integrations, financial data API development and integration
Antonio Marras, senior FinTech developerHire Now
Freelance FinTech developer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Ethereum solidity smart contracts developer and auditor

I currently work for a credi card provider.
Nikolaj Hass, FinTech freelance coderHire Now
Freelance FinTech developer in Stockholm, Sweden

Committed software developer and algorithm geek

I enjoy building great software and always care about the details to the extend where it makes sense in a given project scope. I want the product I am building to become a success, and believe a successful product is a useful product. For this reason, I care as much about the process of defining a product as I care about actually coding it.
Vaughn Dabney, top FinTech developerHire Now
Freelance FinTech developer in Los Angeles, United States

Full Stack Mobile App Developer

I am a freelance mobile developer with over 30 apps for both the iOS and Android platform. Usually full cycle from design to development. I also have experience with mysql and php backend systems to power the apps as most require that.
Conor H, FinTech developer for hireHire Now
Freelance FinTech developer in Balham, United Kingdom

FinTech / Payment Service Consultant

Hi, I am Conor, a London (UK) based Software Engineer and Design Consultant On CodeMentor my objective is to help users discover the true viability of a project, discuss requirements and build a specification that can then be delivered to developers to build. In my experience it is not always a good idea to assign architecture work to the develop. Another set of eyes is always useful. I am available for consultation, architecture design documents, and also Proof of Concept / MVP development. I am capable of delivery production grade software but do not currently have that bandwidth available. Having worked in all elements of the Payment Processing lifecycle, I am familiar with terminal / card technology and also the backend acquiring / authorisation platforms, along with everything in b...
Clayton McIlrath, FinTech dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance FinTech developer in Alma, United States

Founder of Unicorn.TV

I'm a classic hacker, and not in the "I dabble in tech stuff" way. I've been programming in low level languages for since 2000. My passion lies in teaching others. In the hacker world, there are often Master:Apprentice relationships, but this is a more rare concept in traditional CS/engineering; which is unfortunate. When it comes to work and life, I am very passion driven. I don't take on just any project, but when I do it is with a great amount of energy, loyalty and dedication to quality. My core beliefs can be summed up quite easily: First, do not harm. I am a firm believer that business and teams should operate with a mindset of never harming the brand, reputation, customer or peers. Operate transparently. For me this means that in both personal and professional life it is be...

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