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Sam H

Sam H

Life-long programmer with a focus on Meteor and React

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
Hi there! My name is Sam and I'm a web developer with nearly twenty years experience. My current specialty and focus is Meteor + React (please note that if you're using Blaze instead of React, I won't be of much help). I can help those interested in coding improve at what they do and learn how to approach and solve technical problems. Other related skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Redux, Git.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 18 years experience
Up to date with ES6.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 18 years experience
HTML5 and CSS3
Amazon expert help AWS - 1 year experience
My knowledge mostly lies with EC2 and S3.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
I follow typical best practices, including Git Flow.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 1 year experience
I'm not a MongoDB expert (no experience with sharding, for example), but know enough to get around and use it in the context of Meteor.
Meteor expert help Meteor - 1 year experience
Meteor is my main focal point framework-wise. I've been using it since 0.9.
No icon Html - 18 years experience
No icon CSS - 6 years experience
No icon Amazon web services - 1 year experience
My knowledge mostly lies with EC2 and S3.
No icon Sass - 3 years experience
Sass/SCSS experience. I use SCSS.
No icon Less - 3 years experience
I can get around fine in LESS, though I prefer SCSS.
No icon Bootstrap - 4 years experience
Bootstrap FTW!
Reactjs expert help React - 1 year experience
React is the future! It's my primary focus point (along with Meteor).
formous 356   5
Simple and elegant form-handling for React
ffx-meteor-react-boilerplate 130   24
Meteor 1.4 + React boilerplate and example app
HTML Shell JavaScript
meteor-react-prebind 6   0
Allows easy 'this' binding of all React methods (except lifecycle methods) a la classic React.createClass
meteor-react-smartform 5   1
Smart form elements for Meteor React
whats-nearby 5   1
CSS HTML JavaScript
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Sam, Helped me solve several issues I had been struggling with right away. I highly recommend.
Jake Litke Dec 07, 2016

Sam helped me through a difficult Meteor publish and subscribe problem. I recommend him to anyone learning JS, Meteor and React. He gets to the bottom of problems quickly, and talks out loud about the how and why of how to fix it while reinforcing best practices along the way. And recaps everything at the end. Great mentor. Thanks Sam!
Alan Millar Apr 09, 2016

Sam was very helpful and patient. Hope to work with him again very soon.
Bianca Gandolfo Apr 04, 2016

Sam has a gift for helping and explaining how he helped. I've got a little assignment to complete from this session. I'm feeling confident I can do it. We'll meet next week to review.
Alan Millar Apr 01, 2016

Sam knows Meteor inside and out. He helped me with a ton of Javascript issues as well. We're getting together again soon and I'm confident he'll be just as grand a mentor with my foray into React.
Alan Millar Mar 22, 2016

Fast, smart and will go the extra mile to help you.
Charles Voltron Feb 05, 2016

Sam shared his screen with me and created a small project to show me all the steps. Then he sent me the files and a video. He taught me a whole bunch of new things that will make my development with Meteor much easier.
David Ewers Feb 02, 2016

Once again, super quick, concise, surgical precision in getting my issue resolved as well as educating me on how it was solved. Sam is a great resource.
Charles Voltron Jan 18, 2016

super fast and helpful
The Farm SoHo Jan 14, 2016

Best mentor I've worked with so far
Kim Sarabia Jan 14, 2016

Needed direction for a project and got some great answers, thank you Sam
Al Roche Jan 12, 2016

Rock solid mentor!
Edward Babbage Jan 12, 2016

Sam was very professional and helpful. I would definitely work with him again!
Edward Babbage Jan 11, 2016

Sam thanks a ton for getting me on the right track with this project.
Charles Voltron Jan 10, 2016

Sam's a great help. Pointed me towards some great troubleshooting resources, and made some strong recommendations on best practices. Will definitely use Sam again!
Mike Oristian Jan 08, 2016

Sam helped me to identify and solve the problems quickly. Surely he is an expert in meteor js. Thanks Sam!
Ramzan Rozali Jan 07, 2016

Sam was very insightful and helped solve my issue in way less time that I expected. 100% reccomended.
YIBAS Support Jan 07, 2016

He provided useful resources and really took his time to explain things, which ultimately helped guide me on the best way to handle my problem. So cheers!
Jonathan Macbeth Jan 06, 2016