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Will Froelich

Will Froelich

Freelance Designer & Engineer

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I'm a fullstack engineer who specializes in prototyping. I have over 10 years of professional engineering experience. I typically work with startups in early stages helping define engineering requirements and build their MVP but I'm always happy to help other work through problems or help them learn something new.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
I grew up with the web. I've been using, learning, re-learning and experimenting with JavaScript since it was first introduced. I always make sure to keep myself current on best practices.
Php expert help PHP - 15 years experience
PHP was my first server side language. I've developed applications from scratch such as a message board and payment gateway. I've also built atop frameworks like CodeIgnitor and FuelPHP to build a custom CMS and ECommerce platform.
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
I've developed a few App Store applications and prototyped a handful of others. I've developed applications for both iOS and OS X. I have working knowledge of objective-c but am currently focusing on Swift.
Node js expert help Node.js - 5 years experience
I use Node.js mostly for rapid prototyping. It's easy to setup and configure with a large supply of pre built, easy to include (NPM) components. I've also used Node to setup a few socket.io servers and build some livechat and other realtime user interactions.
Mysql expert help MySQL - 15 years experience
I've setup many MySQL servers and build many client apps with it. I have pretty extensive knowledge about writing efficient queries and designing a good schema.
No icon Design - 10 years experience
I focus more on UI design these days, but I work in illustration and dry media too. Catch me on Dribbble here https://dribbble.com/fform
No icon Prototyping - 10 years experience
I specialize in prototyping. I've build quick tests or fully functional "products" that help raise funding or sometimes are what is delivered to the client in the first version (MVP.) I also specialize in delivering a first steps plan and outlining the most cost effective way to achieve a client's goals.
sublimetext2-icons 9   2
Replacement Icons for Sublime Text 2
cordova-app-skeleton 7   0
A folder structure loaded with everything to make an iOS app using Cordova (phoneGap) / Backbone.js / jQuery / FuelPHP
PHP Shell JavaScript Objective-C
FUEL-CMS 2   0
A CodeIgniter Content Management System
ASP PHP JavaScript
callback-ios 1   0
C Ruby Shell JavaScript Objective-C CoffeeScript
fuel-ninjauth 1   0
A module to allow social logins using multiple driver-based providers.
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Marcela Jul 02, 2015

Will knows his grunt.
Alex Miller Jul 02, 2015