realazthat, Ffmpeg freelance developerView Profile
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Pittsburgh, United States

Patient teaching ... (Program/System)Design help ... Implementation help.

Have some experience writing scripts automating series of ffmpeg filters, including filter-complex.
Andrew Wangsanata, Ffmpeg freelancer and developerView Profile
Andrew Wangsanata5.0
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Vancouver, Canada

Experienced Full Stack Engineer

Processing media using FFMpeg
Alex C, Ffmpeg programmer for hireView Profile
Alex C
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Nassau, Bahamas

CTO-Level Open Source Architect: High-Availability PHP, Audio/Video Specialist

I've used FFMPEG from my earliest days working in TV and broadcast environments, before it split schizophrenically into libavcodec. Tweaking it to get the results you want is the hardest part, as well as queueing encodes when integrating with PHP/python. The newer x265 stuff is very interesting.
Kirill Gorin, Ffmpeg freelance coderView Profile
Kirill Gorin
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Moscow, Russia

Full Stack Developer at Chloe + Isabel Inc.

I have detailed knowledge of Ffmpeg settings and specialties and developed the wrapper for it in Ruby.
Karlsen Svend, top Ffmpeg developerView Profile
Karlsen Svend4.0
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Sandefjord, Norway

Full stack Node.js/AngularJS/Ruby on Rails Developer 5+ years

I have worked for NVR product about 5+ years.
Slawa Pid, freelance Ffmpeg programmerView Profile
Slawa Pid5.0
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

PHP Expert

I'm a full-stack web-developer since 1995. My main focus is on PHP but I know JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, DOM, Frameworks, Composer, Hosting, IBM Bluemix, Amazon AWS, Ajax, CMS, OOP, Design Patterns, Databases, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Data Analysis, Python, Android Development and much more.
Ross Dreyer, Ffmpeg freelance programmerView Profile
Ross Dreyer
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Natick, United States

Results driven entrepreneur who provides economical software solutions to businesses.

I produce a number of different products services associated with: 1. Integrating information systems in the physical security market 2. Automating data entry and testing 3. Information collection and reporting A concept called "Team Speed" is very important to me. It relies upon the premise if your fast you are always in the game. Rapid prototyping is a valuable strategy along with keeping things very simple.
Federico Ratier, Ffmpeg software engineerView Profile
Federico Ratier
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Full Stack Developer & Video Streaming Expert

I've been working as a developer for over 17 years. Started with the long gone Flash / ActionScript and moved to PHP, Javascript, NodeJS and Python. Every development that I plan considers a multi tenant API and a separated front end. Allowing future mobile apps or even different front ends if the product can be branded. I've also several experience with Video streaming, and now adding computer vision and machine learning to it.
Amir Fox, freelance Ffmpeg developerView Profile
Amir Fox
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Jeju City, Republic of Korea

Software Engineer | .NET | Xamarin | Unity3D | And More ...

I am a seasoned C# developer with a strong development background in Xamarin mobile development. My latest projects have been more focused on audio visual apps and games development but my roots in more traditional .NET development. I can provide help in Code refactoring.
Eugene Gekhter, senior Ffmpeg developerView Profile
Eugene Gekhter5.0
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in San Francisco, United States

Think like a business man, solve problems like a coder

I enjoy solving problems quickly so that we can move on to solving even better problems.
Ray Hilton, Ffmpeg freelance developerView Profile
Ray Hilton
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Greensborough, Australia

Mobile, Node.js and Ruby Engineer, AWS & Mobile Architecture

I find simple ways to solve complex problems. I prefer to challenge and change process rather that to simply engineer solutions. I specialise in designing and developing mobile products and their services. I like to take a lean and agile approach to the product development process and with the emphasis on delivery and responding to the market. I take an idea through from early stages to a deployed product. I tackle the whole deal from prototyping, UX through to server and client-side development and deployment.
Scott Pio, freelance Ffmpeg programmerView Profile
Scott Pio
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Fairfax, United States

Software Engineer at QueTel Corporation

Performance-focused and growth-driven senior professional with 13+ years of global business and technology operations success. Known for ability to develop high growth companies, executing various strategic paths simultaneously by understanding intricacies of operations, developing talent, managing change and creating high performance teams. Mr. Pio is a creative thinker, energetic and engaged leader, strategically focused on alignment and execution. Mr. Pio offers a consistent record of reducing costs and improving revenues through effective resource allocation, strategic planning, and technology development. Mr. Pio has a broad portfolio of expertise in process improvement, performance and quality improvement, new product and technology launches, system development, infrastructure, netwo...
John Garland, Ffmpeg freelance coderView Profile
John Garland
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Helston, United Kingdom

Director of Software Development at PRESENT e-Learning Systems

Innovative and vision-driven professional with more than twelve years’ success in the design, development, and deployment of front-end features and back-end framework for websites and mobile applications featuring dynamically generated content and highly customized features. Solid communication and leadership acumen, directing team efforts and serving as a key resource and contributor within collaborative work environments. Forward-thinking and results-focused, strategically balancing time, resources, and priorities to meet shifting needs and achieve key milestones within established timeframes.
Zaka Kiani, Ffmpeg freelance developerView Profile
Zaka Kiani
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Islamabad, Pakistan

C, Node.js, Python, VoIP, Network, Media Developer

Experienced System Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in Layer 7 Dispatchers, Protocol Stack Development, Diameter, Radius, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Media Servers, C, Python, Node.js
Marika Wei, Ffmpeg freelance developerView Profile
Marika Wei
Freelance Ffmpeg developer in Miami, United States

Freelance Software Developer

Freelance software developer specializing in React/Redux, Elixir

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