How I learned Security+

Published Jul 26, 2017
How I learned Security+

I graduated with a BS in computer engineer, minor in computer science and math. I successfully completed CompTIA Security+ Certificate during 2017. I have been working as a system Engineer for a while and planning to return to school for MS in IT and MBA. I am here because coding is a passion of mine and money is not a primary concern. I will be happy to go through your projects with you and work things out.

I got Security+ certificate as it is becoming more obvious that even developers must be knowledgeable in this area

How I started?
I dove right into it.

Challenges I faced?
I had a very weak background in IT, specially the terminology used.

What is your advice for other devs who want to learn this technology?
Get the Darril Gibson book and online excersises, EAT THE BOOK and make sure you get 90% and above in his exams.

Resources I used?
Darril Gibson book, and online exercises
Whats Next?
Next I will go for CSSIP.

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