How I learned C#.Net

Published Nov 10, 2017
How I learned C#.Net

About me

I am Felix Gift, a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and I'm very proficient in C#.Net.

Why I wanted to learn C#.Net

My motivation in learning C#.Net was driven by the market. I was a VB.Net developer before. I love C#.Net due to the simplicity. From my research, most of the industry programs with C#.Net and I needed to build my career in software development.

How I approached learning C#.Net

It was during my youth service period that I received a call from a friend of mine about a job offer. Fortunately, I was with my laptop and I started personal learning, but could not fulfill the job's demands.

Then, just after my service year, that same month I got a job offer using VB.Net. I applied and I was offered the job. We later migrated to C#.Net the following year and that was how I perfected it.

Though it was not easy, and the learning curve was not that smooth, thanks to His grace, I conquered it.

Challenges I faced

They say challenges make us grow stronger, so the more challenge the more success, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the success. For sure, I encountered difficulties and I considered the pathway to greater heights and achievement though my previous language (VB.Net) not quite different in term of UI but different in code syntax. In summary, I am glad I belong to the C#.Net family.

Key takeaways

The key here is the object orientated programming, OOP. I enjoy the simplicity of concepts in OOP and I was more exposed to those when using C#.Net.

Tips and advice

Never give up in the course of learning. Though the learning curve might be tough, the end is always full of testimonies.

Final thoughts and next steps

Learning is a continuous process. The day you stop learning is the day you start dying. Most people want the product without going through the process and they end up frustrated and unproductive.

Zeal is a driving force that can drive you to a length you set. I will always have a taste for more and my next learning goal will be Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

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