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Federico Ulfo

Federico Ulfo

Software engineer

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (-05:00)
Italian, Spanish, English
I'm a software engineer with experience in planning and implementing high scale web applications, RESTful APIs and UIs. I work for some of the fastest growing startups in New York City. I can mentor you for your next tech interview. I can help you doing white boarding problem solving, asymptotic complexity (O), data structures, design patterns, best practices, language specific questions and how to impress at an interview. I can also help you to solve your coding problems and software architecture design problems. My expertise includes: - RESTful APIs, microservices, AWS - UI/UX, responsive design, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, HTML, CSS - PHP, Java, Python, C++ - Linux, Shell, Bash scripting, Git, servers https://linkedin.com/in/federicoulfo
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
I can help you to build UI/UX for control panels, to configure gulp, debug and troubleshoot errors on a live page and configure a react application
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 10 years experience
I've over 10 years of experience writing HTML/CSS the hard way with Vim. I'm familiar with HTML and CSS best practices, able to create cross-browser web pages, with responsive design.
Php expert help PHP - 15 years experience
I've experience creating PHP website and high scale web applications and RESTful API with microservices. I can help you to setup your application with Composer, troubleshoot your application, optimize your code and queries, as well as solve scalability problem for you.
Java expert help Java - 4 years experience
I work on high scale project in Java
Sql expert help SQL - 10 years experience
I've both academic and professional experience writing Database and Queries following best practices, such as normalization, and denormalization, I've experience optimizing query, creating index when necessary, creating complex query with JOIN, GROUP, and other sentences.
Git expert help Git - 8 years experience
I've an extensive experience using Git, SVN and git tools, such as GitHub, GitLab, also experienced with git methodology and best practices, such as Git Flow. I can help you to understand Github, create a repository, to create pull requests, to understand best practices, and I can help you to rollback errors.
No icon Apache - 10 years experience
I'm experienced in installing and configuring Apache. I can help you to troubleshoot your apache errors, to create rewrite rules with .htaccess and to set your domain names with vhosts.
No icon Api - 5 years experience
I've experience creating API for high scale applications that support millions of concurrent user, with both synchronous and asynchronous strategy. I can help you to integrate a third party API as well as create and improve your own API.
No icon Photoshop - 15 years experience
I've 15 years experience using Photoshop, experimenting many of its tool. I can help you with website design and logo design.
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
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As per usual, recommended, nice to work with!
Gabriel Bull Sep 02, 2016

Feels great to work with Federico and team.
Vijay Thirugnanam Sep 02, 2016

Very nice client, learns quickly and communicates very well.
Gabriel Bull Aug 31, 2016

It is a pleasure to work with Federico. Hope to work more in the next few weeks.
Vijay Thirugnanam Aug 29, 2016

Terrific mentee to work with!
Bhargav Aug 24, 2016

Federico is patient and is easy to work with! Had a great time .
Bhargav Aug 10, 2016

Federico was quickly able to find the problem and find perfect solution. Thanks for your help and I'll be sure to come back to you when I need help again!
Markus Mar 04, 2016

Great mentor answering hiring process quesitons
Lin Yuan Mar 02, 2016

Another rewarding codementor session with Federico. Federico is one of the best mentors I have come across because he is not only a seasoned expert in programming, but also an excellent and dedicated teacher who understands quickly, communicates clearly and is willing to share his knowledge in an open and practical way. Glad to also have a chance to learn about his open source projects which are awesome!
Vivienne Mar 02, 2016

Excellent codementor session with Federico who are very helpful, patient and professional! Am arranging another session with him for more code review and learning.
Vivienne Feb 25, 2016

Helped me out in an easy and quick way, he's got my recommendation!
Chris Moen Feb 24, 2016

Frederico was great. He took the time to show me not only the root of the issue but also explained how to diagnose it independently in a very clear way. I'll be coming back for more help!
Ben Ricker Feb 24, 2016