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Kunal Dhawan, Feature selection freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Feature selection developer in Gurgaon, India

Python Programmer, Data Scientist and Unity programming Expert with 4+ years of experience in 2D and 3D Games.

I am a determined guy who believes in practical knowledge by learning new things and applying them. I work on improving myself daily. I have a great interest in sharing my knowledge in my field of expertise.I have conducted Game Development workshops at various Institutions where I delivered as a lead speaker. Contact me if you need any help in Python, Data Science, Machine Learning and Unity3D Game Development, GAme Architecture, Game Physics, Game Maths.
Max Epstein, Feature selection freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Feature selection developer in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Data Scientist and Python/R Developer

I enjoy working with interesting data sets. I mainly work in Python, but also with r. I do everything from web scraping to data wrangling, visualization, and predictive modeling. My background is mainly with electricity data but I don't discriminate.
Ali Kishk, freelance Feature selection programmerHire Now
Freelance Feature selection developer in Cairo, Egypt

Free-Lancer in Systems Biology, ML

I am Data Scientist in Bioinformatics, Systems Pharmacology & recently in Computational Chemistry through self-learning, academia & Industry Hackathon. My main focus lies in the field of Systems Pharmacology where I can find new pathways or new side-effects of a FDA-approved drugs without the 1.2-Billion-dollar system on clinical trials on a new drug. I had trained in IBM hackathon in Malarial resistance. My recent work concerning Malaria resistance involved network analysis for pre-feature selection for Machine learning. Also I participated as researcher assistant in "Introduction to Bioinformatics course" that taught me how to teach Bioinformatics I joined recently the postgraduate studies in Drug Design & Discovery in Faculty of Pharmacy-Cairo University. Recently I am learning D...
Fab Mackojc, Feature selection freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Feature selection developer in Alexandria, Australia

Full stack web developer and product focused entrepreneur

I am an experienced full-stack developer with over 5 years spent working in the tech industry. As well as working for Groupon in the Bay Area for a number of years I've also started a number of my own companies (both software and services based).
Esteve Gallego Jutgla, Feature selection coder and developerHire Now
Freelance Feature selection developer in Gurb, Spain

Data Scientist

Data Scientist (PhD - specialized in Big Data / Data Science) with specialized knowledge in operational research, customer segmentation and scorecard, predictive modelling, network social analysis, etc... Currently I am based in Barcelona investing my time working as Data Scientist and Starting a Startup I am a dynamic, team-oriented and creative person, with a desire to take new challenges. Enthusiastic about understanding and solving real problems while helping other people.

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