Swift 3 - Set Home Address for a New CNContact Instance

Published Apr 18, 2017
Swift 3 - Set Home Address for a New CNContact Instance

Here's how you would create a home address for a new contact in Swift 3.x:

let store = CNContactStore()
let contact = CNMutableContact()
contact.familyName = "Tester"
contact.givenName = "Bad"
// Address
let address = CNMutablePostalAddress()
address.street = "Your Street"
address.city = "Your City"
address.state = "Your State"
address.postalCode = "Your ZIP/Postal Code"
address.country = "Your Country"
let home = CNLabeledValue<CNPostalAddress>(label:CNLabelHome, value:address)
contact.postalAddresses = [home]
// Save
let saveRequest = CNSaveRequest()
saveRequest.add(contact, toContainerWithIdentifier: nil)
try? store.execute(saveRequest)

If you wanted to create a work address, then you'd create another CNMutablePostalAddress instance to hold the work address information, then create another CNLabeledValue<CNPostalAddress> with a label of CNLabelWork and add the new CNLabeledValue<CNPostalAddress> instance to the final postalAddresses array as well.

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