Andrew Lombard, senior Facebook sdk developerView Profile
Andrew Lombard5.0
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Renfrew, Canada

Lead Developer at Binary Works (IOS + Swift) with 9 Published Apps

Used the Facebook SDK for authorization and new user creation in many of my apps.
Moazam, Facebook sdk programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Expert Full Stack Developer

I am a founder and lead developer at ISolution Technologies. I have developed high performance and user friendly websites by using various popular technologies including but not limited to PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, WordPress, jQuery, Sphinx Search, Laravel and more.
Seyithan Teymur, Facebook sdk software engineerView Profile
Seyithan Teymur5.0
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Istanbul, Turkey

Designer, Developer, Prostetnic Captain at Brokoli Labs

Developed iOS for 8 years, developed Swift since the inception. Has 3 of the top 10 free news apps in Turkey on App Store and Google Play Store.
Obioma Ofoamalu, Facebook sdk software engineerView Profile
Obioma Ofoamalu
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Aspiring Software Architect, Problem solver, Android developer who loves taking on challenging tasks.

I spend my time providing technical solutions and advice within my team whilst building innovative android apps. I write and organize content/materials to help tech newbies get started with app development explaining key concepts and terminologies. I also contribute to open source projects occasionally. If you'd like to schedule a time to chat on Codementor, you can book me here:
Andrei Mosso Mendoza, Facebook sdk programmer and consultantView Profile
Andrei Mosso Mendoza
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Aurora, United States

Full Stack Java/JavaScript/Mobile Developer

I am a senior full-stack software engineer with ten years of experience developing applications in multiple languages and platforms. Including Java, AngularJS, Node.js, iOS, Ionic.
Artem Lagzdin, top Facebook sdk developerView Profile
Artem Lagzdin
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Omsk, Russia

Expert iOS developer with server-side experience

Ph.D. in Operations Research. 6+ years of developing iOS applications. Experience with web development (JavaScript, nodejs, Perl, PHP, etc.) and developing desktop .NET and C/C++ applications.
Justin Watts, Facebook sdk freelance coderView Profile
Justin Watts5.0
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Leawood, United States

Consultant at epay, a Euronet Worldwide Company

.NET Developer with over ten years of experience and a strong background in ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MVC, WCF, WebAPI, SaaS, SOA, jQuery, Knockout, SQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Experience using SQL Server 2005-2012 to develop and design tables, views, stored procedures, constraints, indexing tables and .net classes. Utilize SOA so applications can be developed as needed using a unified set of standards. Experience working in both Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Contracting experience with PHP, MySql, CodeIgniter from for over three years. Comfortable working with a team or as an individual contributor.
Roman Gordeev, top Facebook sdk developerView Profile
Roman Gordeev
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Tver, Russia

Researcher, IT entrepreneur & software engineer

Professional software engineer and computer scientist with over 9 years of hands-on experience developing enterprise applications using JVM based languages such as Java and Scala and a variety of databases, both relational and NoSQL. Experienced in working in agile environments, both Scrum or Kanban. Love using Ruby for quick prototyping and Python for scientific work. Supported local IT community. Ph.D. in mathematics.
Joseph Easter, top Facebook sdk developerView Profile
Joseph Easter5.0
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Ashland, United States

Independent Internet Professional

I'm a solutions-oriented full-stack web developer with several years experience in PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML/XML/XSLT, CSS, Linux/Windows, Bash and many frameworks/plugins/products thereof including: Laravel, CodeIgnitor, Zend, Ratchet, Composer, MySQL, MSSQL, jQuery, YUI, Bootstrap, Angular, Grunt, Sass, Compass, AWS, Apache, Nginx, IIS, Magento, Expression Engine, WordPress, Movable Type, and Cascade Server to name a few. Whether I'm hired to work as part of a multi-dev team, team lead, or the sole developer on a project I make a deliberate effort to adapt, relate, and interact with my peers on their level so we're all on the same page and as cohesive as possible; and as John "Hannibal" Smith says "I love it when a plan comes together". Every teacher can learn from their students and e...
Pulkit Pahwa, Facebook sdk freelance coderView Profile
Pulkit Pahwa5.0
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in New Delhi, India

Web Developer with expertise in python and django

I am a freelance consultant. I help companies to scale up their infrastructures and in development of their products .
Alexandru Rosianu, Facebook sdk freelancer and developerView Profile
Alexandru Rosianu5.0
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Southampton, United Kingdom

Full-Stack Developer, fell in love with programming at the age of 12.

Young and experienced developer, passionate about coding, startups, science and design. I love to work with technology, be it a programming language, a cool gadget or a robot. I like to learn, discover and make stuff. In my free time I read, swim, sleep and play computer games.
Howard Ungar, Facebook sdk freelance coderView Profile
Howard Ungar5.0
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Columbia, United States

Senior Software Architect and programmer with over thirty years industry experience

I have a unique ability to combine extensive technical and innovative problem solving skills with business savvy and effective personal communication skills. I love working with technology and people to solve real world problems. I bring a wealth of experience across a wide array of technologies and project domains. I'm very easy to work with and known as the go-to person for help with the latest technologies and difficult technical challenges.
Lim Hengyu, Facebook sdk freelance developerView Profile
Lim Hengyu5.0
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Los Angeles, United States

Founder at SwiftBack

A problem solver thru analytical observation and a creator. Frontend and Backend software architect for a ride sharing app, which scaled bandwidth towards 40,000 users. Knowledgable from basics of implementing and configuring APIs and SDKs, Frontend development plan on web,mobile and backend from basic functions to machine learning and algorithm implementation. An individual who is driven by innovation leveraging on technology and design . Hyu believes in executing projects beyond conservative means and devoted to problem solving with a different perspective.
Sean X. Luo, Facebook sdk freelance programmerView Profile
Sean X. Luo5.0
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Findlay, United States
Sean X. Luo is a highly proficient web developer with over 7 years in the field. He has experience developing from micro-sites and landing pages all the way to high volume web applications. He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in 2006 with a concentration in music and writing. Some of the companies he's worked for include Oscar winning VFX studio Rhythm & Hues, high-end retail tech startup AHALife, international tech consulting firm FTC in Beijing, digital ad agency Something Massive, and most recently Weber Shandwick in Los Angeles. Clients he's worked with include GM, Electrolux, Home Depot, Genentech, Unilever, Regal Cinemas, Plum Organics, and film studios Sony, Paramount, and Fox. He specializes in PHP 4/5, MySQL, Wordpress, xHTML/HTML5, CSS 2.0/3.0...
Sveta, senior Facebook sdk developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Facebook sdk developer in Bryan, United States

Experienced and creative iOS developer

I'm an iOS developer with 4 years experience in development of commercial projects of different scales. I have strong knowledge of iOS fundamentals, number of powerful widely used libraries, social network integration, testing frameworks, version control systems.

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