Shubham Desale, senior Facebook graph developerView Profile
Shubham Desale5.0
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Pune, India

Former Full-Stack, Google Summer of Code Participant

-Created an application to read about me info of friends at one place -Refactored the entire flow for facebook logins and data retrieval for updated facebook API
Moazam, Facebook graph programmer for hireView Profile
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Expert Full Stack Developer

I am a founder and lead developer at ISolution Technologies. I have developed high performance and user friendly websites by using various popular technologies including but not limited to PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, WordPress, jQuery, Sphinx Search, Laravel and more.
GEORGE ONWUASOANYA, Facebook graph software engineer and devView Profile
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Web Application Developer at INITS Limited

Can use the graph api with ease. I work with php for this.
Balint Gyori, Facebook graph freelance coderView Profile
Balint Gyori
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Budapest, Hungary

Java Developer

It was a small pilot project to create Facebook login integration with a Spring boot application. (Without Spring Social to be as light as possible.)
Dave Nattriss, top Facebook graph developerView Profile
Dave Nattriss4.8
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Bethnal Green, United Kingdom

Freelance web developer and digital consultant

Have built over 100 Facebook applications - lots of them are available via
Shant Kevonian Perez, Facebook graph programmer and consultantView Profile
Shant Kevonian Perez5.0
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Barcelona, Spain

CTO - Startup Expert

I've been around the block and seen plenty of startups start and fail and start and succeed. I've been the developer and I've lead plenty of teams varying in size, I've touched languages from backend to frontend to mobile and systems. I can give you the secrets to make your business succeed from a technological perspective or help you solve your technical debt / issues in an agile and flexible way. If you're looking to quickly solve a problem I can help you, if you're looking for a long term mentor I can also help you.
Justin Watts, Facebook graph freelance coderView Profile
Justin Watts5.0
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Leawood, United States

Consultant at epay, a Euronet Worldwide Company

.NET Developer with over ten years of experience and a strong background in ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MVC, WCF, WebAPI, SaaS, SOA, jQuery, Knockout, SQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Experience using SQL Server 2005-2012 to develop and design tables, views, stored procedures, constraints, indexing tables and .net classes. Utilize SOA so applications can be developed as needed using a unified set of standards. Experience working in both Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Contracting experience with PHP, MySql, CodeIgniter from for over three years. Comfortable working with a team or as an individual contributor.
Milos Blasko, Facebook graph freelance coderView Profile
Milos Blasko4.9
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Bratislava, Slovakia

Ruby on Rails freelancer with 4+ years of experience. Programming & startup enthusiast

Worked and working on middle sized web apps and startups (YC alumni Prizeo). Mentor at local Ruby on Rails course and Rails girls events. Ready to help :) Sorry but I won't fix your css or server issues (I could but I wouldn't enjoy it).
Roman Gordeev, top Facebook graph developerView Profile
Roman Gordeev
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Tver, Russia

Researcher, IT entrepreneur & software engineer

Professional software engineer and computer scientist with over 9 years of hands-on experience developing enterprise applications using JVM based languages such as Java and Scala and a variety of databases, both relational and NoSQL. Experienced in working in agile environments, both Scrum or Kanban. Love using Ruby for quick prototyping and Python for scientific work. Supported local IT community. Ph.D. in mathematics.
Pulkit Pahwa, Facebook graph freelance coderView Profile
Pulkit Pahwa5.0
Freelance Facebook graph developer in New Delhi, India

Web Developer with expertise in python and django

I am a freelance consultant. I help companies to scale up their infrastructures and in development of their products .
Premesh Purayil, Facebook graph software engineerView Profile
Premesh Purayil5.0
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Los Angeles, United States

Veteran Full Stack Developer | Architect | Ad Ops | Growth Hacker

Built and scaled a publisher platform from 100k visits a month to over 25M. Been through the trenches of the world of scaling out servers and planning forward to anticipate bottlenecks before they arrive. Successfully lead development across local and remote international teams , Architected a big data import framework to ingest data from Freebase / Factual / Amazon into an internal graph DB and exposed it for consumer consumption. Have done development in server side languages such as Java, PHP , JavaScript (NodeJS) as well a fair amount of front end with HTML 5 / CSS 3 and JavaScript . Have used many frame works including Spring , JQuery , Laravel and Meteor
Hugh Wormington, Facebook graph software engineerView Profile
Hugh Wormington5.0
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Burnham-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Drupal developer with 6+ years experience

I'm a Drupal developer with an emphasis on custom functionality and highly interactive websites. I've previously run a busy software house but these days work on projects of my choice. I love helping people out, sharing experience and solving problems.
Matthieu Bagory, Facebook graph software engineerView Profile
Matthieu Bagory
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Saint-Denis, Reunion

Full-stack Developer - Native iOS & Android / React Native / React.js / Node.js

I'm a full-stack developer, leading web projects from scratch to production, both in front and back-end with Swift, Java, and javaScript stacks: native iOS and Android mobile apps, hybrid React Native apps, React.js web apps, Node/Express backend, Heroku/DigitalOcean/AWS hosting, mongoDb database, etc. My mains skills and experiences are in payment (Stripe), search engine (Algolia), real-time backends (Firebase & Parse Live), geo-based decisions algorithms, recommendation engines, affiliate programs, and Facebook API. I also take visual identity and UX simplicity very seriously Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to discuss your project with you :)
James Wallace, top Facebook graph developerView Profile
James Wallace5.0
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Toronto, Canada

LAMP Stack - Facebook Marketer - Interview Prep

Senior developer with a focus on online advertising, PHP development, devops, and open source database technologies. Available to assist with mentoring, freelance projects involving anything PHP related, or tied in to the Facebook Marketing API. I can also provide interview preparation services!
Roger Molas, Facebook graph freelance programmerView Profile
Roger Molas
Freelance Facebook graph developer in Baguio, Philippines

Sr. Software Engineer/Architect (iOS)

My name is Roger Molas. I’m an iOS Developer. I’m excited about, innovation and community. Started programming at high school with BASIC and C, from there i got engaged with programming and explore everything related to bit and bytes. I started iOS development with Objective-C in 2011, published 4 applications on the app store. My Blog:

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