Evan Cofsky, F# freelance programmerView Profile
Evan Cofsky5.0
Freelance F# developer in Chicago, United States

I Took the Long Way Round

I've both written and mentored in F#, including a PCI-compliant setup for SQL Server that would only allow the card owner to decrypt the card information. One of my students has even written a book on it, and regularly goes to F# meet-ups and speaks on the fundamentals of type theory and how F# uses it, despite the complaints of the people who are boring.
Jacqueline Homan, F# dev and freelancerView Profile
Jacqueline Homan5.0
Freelance F# developer in Erie, United States


I started teaching myself F# after being introduced to it by a sr. developer who walked me through writing a parser to handle a clobbered YAML file that Ruby's Nokogiri gem choked on. I took off teaching myself F# from there, and am using F# in a major data-mining and report-generating project I am bootstrapping and trying to get fully funded so I can work on it full-time.
Tamizhvendan S, senior F# developerView Profile
Tamizhvendan S5.0
Freelance F# developer in Chennai, India

Pragmatic, Passionate and Polyglot Programmer

* Author of the F# Applied book - http://bit.ly/fsapplied * Have strong hands on experience in building applications using functional programming principles in F#
Govind Sahai, F# freelance coderView Profile
Govind Sahai5.0
Freelance F# developer in Jodhpur, India


Carsten König, top F# developerView Profile
Carsten König
Freelance F# developer in Nuremberg, Germany

teaching functional programming

I am an early adopter of F# and was using even before 1.0 in production. F# is helping me writing my domain models, business logic and async code much more quicker than C# could.
Abdulsattar Mohammed, F# programmer and consultantView Profile
Abdulsattar Mohammed5.0
Freelance F# developer in Hyderabad, India

Full stack developer with experience in various technologies

I have built a compiler for a language that I designed in F#. I targets the CLR. http://github.com/abdulsattar/Fool.
Nikolaj Hass, F# freelance coderView Profile
Nikolaj Hass
Freelance F# developer in Stockholm, Sweden

Committed software developer and algorithm geek

Build minor calculation and validation tools in F#. Also build a distributed system utilizing F#.
Ovidiu Deac, F# freelance programmerView Profile
Ovidiu Deac
Freelance F# developer in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Software Consultant/Contractor

I'm heavily involved in FP and I've done a few projects with F#, I often do trainings and team ramp-ups for F# and functional programming in general. I am the guy promoting "functional programming for humans" so I'm working hard to find the simple solutions to real-world complex problems.
Jon Wood, freelance F# developerView Profile
Jon Wood
Freelance F# developer in Fuquay-Varina, United States

Learner of new things with .NET background who wants to help you on your programming adventures.

Done some rudimentary F#, but helped launch the F# track in Exercism.io.
Tim Robinson, F# freelance coderView Profile
Tim Robinson
Freelance F# developer in Greenwich, United Kingdom

Senior software developer

I've spent most of my career developing applications in C# and F#.
Brendan Mulcahy, F# software engineerView Profile
Brendan Mulcahy5.0
Freelance F# developer in Westlake, United States

Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

I'm a software engineer with extensive experience in the .NET ecosystem. I have worked across the entire development stack including ASP .NET MVC, WebAPI, and SQL Server. Whether you are looking for help with your web application or even if you are just getting started with C#, I am the right mentor for you!
Rudraksh MK, F# freelance programmerView Profile
Rudraksh MK
Freelance F# developer in Faridabad, India

Technology & Data Science

Used F# for a lot of mathematical and scientific computing tasks.
Stachu Korick, top F# developerView Profile
Stachu Korick
Freelance F# developer in Malvern, United States

.NET Hipster

Stachu Korick is a growing .NET developer at AcademyOne, focusing heavily on the web. He enjoys .NET additionally in his spare time, and can often be found writing software revolving around Rubik’s Cubes.
Alex Wei, freelance F# developerView Profile
Alex Wei
Freelance F# developer in Taipei, Taiwan
Have great passion on web technologies, best practice and the latest industry trend. Willing to share knowledge and experiences. Easy to talk with and dedicated on problem solving.
Matthew Davis, top F# developerView Profile
Matthew Davis
Freelance F# developer in Dallas, United States

Senior Software Architect, Cloud Engineer & Open Source Contributor at appsoa

Senior Software Architect, Cloud Engineer & DevOps Advocate When problems surface, I methodically turn them into opportunities. My stewardship keeps me intensely rooted from ideation to code with the intensity for focusing on methodologies that maximize outputs and minimizes inputs. By setting into motion, a "mentoring is implied" culture in a self-governing environment influenced by the strict practice of agile principles, a center of gravity begins to form around the requirements. The anatomy of my approach, the composition of strategic units that delivers consistent results with discipline & maturity is the foundation for attracting exceptionally smart people, that you can remarkably trust. What this will achieve will blow you away! Today's proliferation of technology necessitates a ...

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