Freelance Extjs4 developer in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Software Developer at Finance Matters B.V.

Enthusiastic about the technical future, likes to work with people and facilitate their daily computer activities, easy to work with, adding value to group work, perfectionist, altruist
Freelance Extjs4 developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Software Engineer

About me, I've more than 8 years experience developing in C++. I have a strong background on designing and developing complex web based applications using JavaScript with several frameworks like Backbone.js, ExtJS and JQuery on front end and a combination of several technologies on sever side using Python, Java and MongoDB among others. I also have vast experience with PHP, C# and desktop applications. I've also developed iPhone and iPad applications, and have a good knowledge of Objective C and Mac OS. I'm always looking for new challenges and willing to learn new technologies and solve ...
Freelance Extjs4 developer in Milan, Italy

Software Engineer at Unicredit

Self-motivated, enthusiastic, ambitious, analytical and creative agile developer with over 10 years of software development experience. Had worked with most prominent technologies both on web side (php, js, postgresql) and on batch/stand-alone side for analytical computation (java, in finance environment), specializing in multi-thread distributed concurrent systems and optimization.
Freelance Extjs4 developer in Herndon, United States

Technology Leader || Software Architect

Arthur Kay has been working with the Web since the late 1990s, when GeoCities and scrolling marquees were all the rage. Since those early days, Arthur graduated from Loyola University Chicago (where he studied Music and Computer Science) and now works as a Senior Software Engineer with a core focus on JavaScript.
Freelance Extjs4 developer in Tilburg, Netherlands

Senior Software Engineer with all round experience

Senior Software Engineer with international experience in web and software engineering, DevOps and Digital Transformation.
Freelance Extjs4 developer in Budapest, Hungary

Full stack Javascript developer

I am experienced developer for web applications. I have worked on several project with several different teams so I can easily adapt for the requirements. Being a lone fighter but a team member as well, I always try to solve the toughest problems, but I gladly help my team to achieve the common goals.
Freelance Extjs4 developer in Broomfield, United States

Front-end Software Engineer

My expertise lies in the realm of front-end software engineering as that is my primary source of income. That being said, I often take on full stack problems, so I have experience all over the place. I really enjoy a good challenge, and I won't stop until I've prevailed. In my free time I've been working on a few different side projects. Some of these projects include: a clock radio (written in React with GraphQL and a node backend) running on a Raspberry Pi; a traditional music box that can take a series of notes via an Arduino; an automated grow system which uses a network of Arduinos hooke...
Freelance Extjs4 developer in Campinas, Brazil

System Analyst at Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Software Developer. Worked with several programming languages like php, java, javascript, visual basic, lisp and others... currently working with java and javascript (at work place), and python/javascript on hobby projects... Expect to learn more about Image Processing, Neural Network, Augmented Reality and other types of high level interface computer-machine... Current focusing in building android apps, android games and python web apps... raspberry pi and arduino is a constant on my hobby projects, but im not building anything in this direction, perhaps next year! Updating old projects as...

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