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Daniel Weinmann, Expo software engineerHire Now
Freelance Expo developer in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Seasoned software engineer, CTO and founder of several successful startups

Coder and entrepreneur with 19 years of experience. Founder of Catarse, the biggest crowdfunding platform of Latin America. I started coding when I was fifteen: first with Basic and later moved on to Delphi. In 2005 inspired by a talk of DHH, the creator of Rails, I started one of the first Ruby on Rails agencies in Brazil with friends. A few years later I became very passionate about crowdfunding, giving people the possibility of funding their endeavours. So I founded Catarse, which went on to become the biggest crowdfunding platform of Latin America. I also open sourced Unlock, a distributed & recurring crowdfunding platform. Now I'm a senior software engineer at Vnda, an ecommerce platform in Brazil, and the founder and CEO of Seasoned, a crew of seasoned software engineers and our r...
Dominic DiCicco, Expo software engineerHire Now
Freelance Expo developer in Chicago, United States

Experienced JavaScript Engineer

I've been writing JavaScript professionally for 10 years. For every framework that has come along that I've loved, I've seen it disappear into history. That's kept me on edge, making sure I stay up to date, while remembering to apply the tried and true fundamentals to every project I take on. I'm also loving the recent opportunity that React Native has brought along to JS devs!
Sarasate, freelance Expo developerHire Now
Freelance Expo developer in Berlin, Germany

JS Web and App developer

Former CTO for several Startups, development agency co-founder, applying the lean startup principles to software development for clients.
Ross Waycaster, senior Expo developerHire Now
Freelance Expo developer in Santa Rosa Beach, United States
I have always been inspired by the ubiquitous and worldwide reach of the internet. I love to use new technologies to build applications that solve problems and make people's lives better. I have an eye for design and I pay attention to the visual details while crafting an application. I have recently built applications with React and have been exploring serverless backend architectures to efficiently build out modern full stack web applications.
Edax Filander Ucles Hernandez, senior Expo programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Expo developer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

An Enthusiastic Developer

Hi my name is Edax, I'm a web developer with over 7 years of experience developing software. My skills are in JS frameworks, I'm develop and Angular/AngularJS actually but I can work with other frameworks of Javascript, I've experience with mobile apps with WP8 for Android and IOS just with Hybrid apps with Ionic Framework. I've experience in several web technologies (.NET Platforms) web api 2, WCF Services, Silverlight Applications, also I've work with NODEJs as a backend, . SQL knowledge with NoSQL MongoDB, MSSQL, MYSQL, POSTGRESSQL. I'm enthusiastic web developer and I've the necessary for this job and knowledge I can give more every day! Currently, I work as Software developer in Intel, Costa Rica, developing software for inside administration, improving the technologies services ...

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