Gokul Chittaranjan, Exploratory data analysis software engineer and devView Profile
Gokul Chittaranjan
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Mysore, India

Data-driven Products, Data Science and associated software engineering

Have contributed to 10+ startups that dealt with data-driven products as employee, founder, or consultant. Also have worked in the academia in the areas of machine learning, signal processing, social computing, and natural language processing; published around 14 papers in the aforementioned areas. Have experience building production quality data science (statistical and expert systems) pipelines, conducting exploratory analysis, defining/building data-driven products, and mentoring and building data science and associated engineering teams.
Akash Tandon, Exploratory data analysis freelance coderView Profile
Akash Tandon5.0
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Delhi, India

Data science practitioner | Machine Learning Engineer | Open Source developer

Availability: I am usually available between 5:00-9:00 UTC for a chat or live session on weekdays. I can make time more freely during weekends for the same. As for offline helps, I can do them on my own time once I get the details of the task. Data Scientist, Engineer and Machine Learning practitioner on a quest to build intelligent products and understand intelligence better while at it. I have worked on online courses and taken various workshops because of my inclination towards mentoring and helping others understand things better. My author profile with a publisher: https://www.packtpub.com/books/info/authors/akash-tandon Past: 2x GSoCer, Data Engineer @ RedCarpetUp (YC and Google Launchpad startup) Current: Data Engineer @ SocialCops, GSoC mentor, Technical Author @ Packt Publishing...
Pranav Verma, Exploratory data analysis freelance coderView Profile
Pranav Verma
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Bengaluru, India

Machine Learning & AI Scientist :: IIT Grad + 12 Yrs Exp + 75 Clients

Pranav is a decision intelligence veteran delivering wisdom to humanity. Fanatic to make the world decision intelligent by executing exactness of technology, business, and processes. A data person helping enterprise, small business, and startups solving their data problems at scale. Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Guwhati, carries 12 years of significant experience working on data engineering and data science.
Samarth Bhargav, Exploratory data analysis software engineerView Profile
Samarth Bhargav5.0
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Machine Learning Engineer

I have worked on Machine Learning and related disciplines (Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistics) for the past 3 years. I am proficient in python, Java and R - in that order.
Nemanja Radojkovic, Exploratory data analysis software engineer and devView Profile
Nemanja Radojkovic
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Brussels, Belgium

Data Scientist // Senior Consultant @ Deloitte Belgium

Data Scientist, currently working as a Senior Consultant within Deloitte Belgium's Advanced Analytics Team. Previously a Research and Teaching Assistant at KU Leuven, Belgium. My weapons of choice are Python, R and MATLAB/Simulink. My knowledge and skills span the complete data processing pipeline, from processing structured and unstructured data, over system modelling and machine learning, to statistical analyses and result visualization and interpretation.
Romain Tanzer, top Exploratory data analysis developerView Profile
Romain Tanzer5.0
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Solothurn, Switzerland

Data Scientist at Expedia, Inc.

Data scientist interested in statistical modelling, data mining , Text mining and data analysis
Ilyas Ustun, Exploratory data analysis freelance programmerView Profile
Ilyas Ustun
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Detroit, United States

Data Scientist, Consultant, Mentor

I am a results-driven and accomplished data scientist experienced in various data analytics methodologies, machine learning models, and coding environments, such as R and Python. I have more than 5 years of experience in data science in various fields and domains such as Transportation, Smartphones, and Agriculture. Data science is more than a job for me, it's my life, it's my passion, it's my love. My life philosophy: Better to light a candle than curse the darkness PS: I Love Swimming :)
Filippo Reviglio della Veneria, top Exploratory data analysis developer for hireView Profile
Filippo Reviglio della Veneria
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Almese, Italy

15 years experienced SAS Developer

I'm an experienced SAS developer. I've been employed for top notch consulting companies as SAS UK, Business& Decision and Dunnhumby UK working in main IT Business transformation projects in Barclays, RBS, HBOS, Capital One, Astra Zenica, O2, Victor Chandler, Sainsbury and Tesco. I'm reliable and keen to deliver quality service. Please check my profile in Linkedin for a more detailed description of my skills and experience.
Yurii Shevchuk, senior Exploratory data analysis developerView Profile
Yurii Shevchuk
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Munich, Germany

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer

Work experience summary: ● 5 years of experience in the IT industry ● 4 years of programming experience in python ● 2 years of experience in data science and machine learning
Joseph Abrahamson, Exploratory data analysis freelancer and developerView Profile
Joseph Abrahamson
Freelance Exploratory data analysis developer in Ashburn, United States

Functional programmer, data scientist, biomedical engineer, startup CTO in clinical research technology

Hi, I'm an engineer with programming experience in many languages and domains ranging from scientific programming, data science/machine learning/statistics, scientific computing, and web development. I have a special penchant for mathematical computing and functional programming. I really enjoy helping people solve their problems and teaching.

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