Gergely Kovács, senior Excel vba developerHire Now
Gergely Kovács
Freelance Excel vba developer in Budapest, Hungary

VBA & Python scripting enthusiast, automation nerd

At a previous company I worked at I built VBA scripts that automated daily department and management reporting. This included downloading data from the available Data Warehouse / ERP system, doing various calculations on the data and finally creating Diagrams and Pie charts for management.
Shahid Thaika, top Excel vba developerHire Now
Shahid Thaika5.0
Freelance Excel vba developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Business Analyst and Enterprise Level Software Implementer

I have written various macros for creating new user defined functions, or automate, or make complex calculations. Having programmed since VB6 (Before .Net), I have a strong conceptual understanding of VBA and can code most problem solutions, as long as they are possible. I have also written many algorithms to calculate values, process data, etc. in a particular manner. I also write VBA code keeping memory optimisation in mind, to avoid the slow I/O processing of code. I have been commended on my VBA training material, since I teach people with proper concepts using simple everyday examples and applying that to VBA.
Gabriel, Excel vba developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Excel vba developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Experienced Software Developer and Applied Mathematician

I am a senior software developer, applied mathematician and senior reservoir engineer. I lead the team that developed reservoir analysis and well performance modules in SEPAL, a product of CypherCrescent Limited. I solve a lot of network optimisation and computational fluid dymanics problems using MATLB, C#, and python
Humayun Shabbir, Excel vba software engineerHire Now
Humayun Shabbir5.0
Freelance Excel vba developer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Expert Visual Basic, C# and JavaScript Developer

I am an expert Visual Basic developer with over 15 years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem solving and understanding complex and large code base.
Rudie, senior Excel vba developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Excel vba developer in Johannesburg, South Africa
Created many functions and forms on the Excel platform using VBA. Develop complex modules to calculate a wide variety of solutions.
Tom Norton, Excel vba freelance developerHire Now
Tom Norton
Freelance Excel vba developer in Trowbridge, United Kingdom
Back office processing in finance was my first experience of VBA back in 1999. I provide continual support for complex spreadsheets (mainly supporting accounting or statistical analysis reporting).
Roz Beste, freelance Excel vba programmerHire Now
Roz Beste
Freelance Excel vba developer in Hazelbrook, Australia

Freelance Excel and Access Developer

Excel macro developer and trainer for 15 years working with large and small organisations and also an awesome teacher and mentor!
Erik Eidt, freelance Excel vba programmerHire Now
Erik Eidt5.0
Freelance Excel vba developer in Hayward, United States

Assembly Language, Introductory Programming, Compiler Techonology, Instruction Set Architecture , and much more!

My working style: I focus exclusively on 1:1 live mentoring, as my objective is to share the information, techniques, thought processes, and skills to get to the next level. I try to be available for mentoring here Mon-Thurs, usually between 8:30am and 4:00pm, California time. (Occasionally, I can be found online Fridays, weekends, or after hours.) I am new to codementor(.io), but not to programming & mentoring. My preferences are toward mentoring for general purpose programming, especially in the areas of algorithms and data structures, programming principles, programming paradigms, compiler, or instruction set architecture: course work, hobby, or professional! However, I'm not specifically into frameworks, desktop GUI, or browser UI. I can help you write a parser from scratc...
Dylan Brams, Excel vba freelance programmerHire Now
Dylan Brams5.0
Freelance Excel vba developer in Jerusalem, Israel

Experienced programmer who can clarify things quickly.

I can help you debug or redesign anything, from C# and stored procedures to C++ to C to Python to Verilog to assembly. I started programming seriously at the age of 14, and built a Mandelbrot calculation / display program that worked in parallel before I graduated high school. Since then, I have worked on various web-based projects across the entire stack from database design to front-end display tuning. I additionally studied electrical engineering, giving me an understanding of how the fundamental pieces of computers work. My specialty has recently been database-backed web programming; I have worked for a year or more with each of various versions of MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, PostGRESQL, Access, and FoxPro. My experience cross platform - with MS products, Oracle products, and Open Sourc...
Rahul Agarwal, top Excel vba developerHire Now
Rahul Agarwal5.0
Freelance Excel vba developer in Bangkok, Thailand

5+ years experienced Data Scientist with 2+ experience in Machine Learning

A data scientist with a passion for solving statistical, machine learning and data engineering challenges in the field of personalized/ customer data analytics, resouce optimization/ operations research, natural language processing and computer vision. I like to develop re-usable common frameworks, models and components that address repeatable machine learning tasks and problems/data sets. I ensure end-to-end deployment of the code succesfully into the operations. Coursera and Udacity are my best friends and keep me updated with the latest developments and skill enhancements. I have worked with large data sets for many different business sectors such as Retail, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Manufacturing. Strengths: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Product Recommendation, Sales Forecasting, Data...
Oshan Modi, Excel vba freelance developerHire Now
Oshan Modi5.0
Freelance Excel vba developer in Jaipur, India

Data Scientist

buzz me for anything data science. always learning and experimenting.
Ayobami Adewole, Excel vba software engineerHire Now
Ayobami Adewole4.9
Freelance Excel vba developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Engineer, Technical Consultant, Author

I am a passionate lover of technology, computing and software development. I have been programming since I was a teenager with experience building several High performance enterprise applications in different domains. I currently work as Technical Consultant and consult on wide range of technologies for financial institutions and telcos. I love open source technology and I try to give back to the community through blogging in my spare time. I am in the process of finishing my first book, I hold both Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Science and have few Microsoft and Teradata certifications attached to my portfolio :)
Jonathan Mist, top Excel vba developerHire Now
Jonathan Mist5.0
Freelance Excel vba developer in Farnborough, United Kingdom

Software Architect and Tutor - Multi stack

As a hands-on Software Architect I enjoy the challenge of solving new problems, whether in design, development, debug or test. I have many years of experience designing software, leading teams and producing working solutions. I am continually adding to my skills, learning about new technologies. Throughout my career I have mentored both junior and senior developers in a wide range of coding scenarios, from optimised embedded code to object-oriented and scripted languages.
James Collin, Excel vba freelance coderHire Now
James Collin5.0
Freelance Excel vba developer in Indore, India

Senior Full Stack Software Developer and R expert

I am 2010 graduate batch from Michigan State University having Bachelors degree in Mathematics. From then I have worked with a breadth of companies from software giant EBAY to a 1 year old startups. In EBAY, I have lead a team of 4 engineers. I have solid grasp of software engineering and worked with very interesting technologies.
Santiago Arreche, Excel vba dev and freelancerHire Now
Santiago Arreche5.0
Freelance Excel vba developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

Software engeneer with Master degree. Passonate about software engenieering, programming and technology. Professor at ORT Uruguay University since 2011.

Software engeneer with Master degree. Passonate about software engenieering, programming and technology. Professor at ORT Uruguay University since 2011.

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