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Adekunle Oyaniyi, Etl dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Atlanta, United States

Solution Developer, Consultant, Software Engineer, Tutor

I have done different data tranformation and manipulation using SQL Server Data Tools. Extracting, Transforming and Loading Data from one database to another. Designed a cutting edge SSIS used by Salesforce to consumed data on SQL Server.
Stefan Magnuson, PhD, Etl programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Chiswick, United Kingdom

Rails developer with extensive experience

Significant experience in building and running fault-tolerant ETL systems, built primarily on AWS using Ruby. Able to advise on both the design and operation of such pipelines.
Rahul Dwivedi, top Etl developerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Keller, United States

Lead developer

Have developed multiple informatica workflows involving various data warehousing concepts
Bob Clayton, Etl freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Eugene, United States

Microsoft SQL Database Designer, Developer and Administrator

My current job involves creating and managing a wide collection of processes that moves and integrates data across government systems. I have used SSIS but my philosophy has been to design and code these in SQL Server stored procedures as much as possible, as that makes the ETL jobs easier to maintain, and more accessible to whomever follows me.
Paul Thompson, top Etl developerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Ascot, United Kingdom
I've been building ETL applications professionally using Ab Initio for about 13 years.
Ben van der Veen, Etl dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Groningen, Netherlands

Enterprise Architect Engineer with 30+ applications 100+ integration solutions 10+ apps

With every project there seems to be an ETL component.
Weston Platter, senior Etl developerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Denver, United States

Fullstack Rails/Javascript Engineer

I'm a full-time Ruby on Rails and Javascript engineer in the startup space. I enjoy explaining underlying concepts and solving problems via practical code examples. I've worked on a couple dozen Rails applications (for myself, freelance clients, and big companies - please see LinkedIn profile).
Jonathan Eunice, Etl software engineerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Ashburn, United States

full-stack Python & JavaScript ● IT architect & strategist ● DevOps ● smokejumper

• Expert full-stack Python & JavaScript developer • Full DevOps: project architecture to production deployment at scale • Outstanding trouble-shooter and "OMG! Everything is on fire! HALP!!" first responder • Strong web app, data structures, data science, and visualization skills • Enjoy complex integration and automation challenges • Love mentoring. Half-price rate ($60/hr) for all genuine students
Vasileios Tsakalos, Etl software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Ebertswil, Switzerland

Data Scientist

Experienced data enthusiast, with strong interest in applications of Deep learning and in particular in NLP.
Joe Kaire, freelance Etl programmerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Miami, United States

Data driven technologist | Web | IoT

Solving business problems with technology is what drives me. I believe it can make life easier for us if implemented correctly and for the right reasons. I help teams focus, design solutions and implement them. When new issues arise, go through the same cycle. I believe that while perfection is a goal, delivery is a need. To achieve that balance teams need to work together, and in my 15+ yrs in the IT world I've seen it in small and large organizations. I can provide guidance, training and work with different groups of stakeholders and business owners to translate requirements into a functional solutions. If you'd like to schedule a session, send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible.
Ivan Kljaić, Etl freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Munich, Germany

Software Development Contractor

I'm a passionate software developer always looking for new challenges. I have the guidelines in my life. 1. It's not a shame not to know something, but not wanting to learn. 2. Knowledge is useless if not shared 3. Always prioritize quality, but be reasonable
Rahul Agarwal, top Etl developerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Pune, India

5+ years experienced Data Scientist with 2+ experience in Machine Learning

A data scientist with a passion for solving statistical, machine learning and data engineering challenges in the field of personalized/ customer data analytics, resouce optimization/ operations research, natural language processing and computer vision. I like to develop re-usable common frameworks, models and components that address repeatable machine learning tasks and problems/data sets. I ensure end-to-end deployment of the code succesfully into the operations. Coursera and Udacity are my best friends and keep me updated with the latest developments and skill enhancements. I have worked with large data sets for many different business sectors such as Retail, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Manufacturing. Strengths: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Product Recommendation, Sales Forecasting, Data...
Jayson Minard, top Etl developerHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

25+ years experience, top expert in Elasticsearch (FullText and Analytics), Data Engineering, Cloud, and for the Kotlin Language.

I am a well rounded software developer that covers many development languages, frameworks, tools, infrastructure and cloud providers. Some of my top include Java / Kotlin for languages (but I touch many more including Java, Groovy, Scala, Typescript, Javascript, C#, Dart), any SQL database, most NoSQL engines, Solr / Elasticsearch (expert in both), and working in the Cloud with AWS as my highest and some services of Azure in the middle. My top skills are currently in: Data Engineering, Back-end development (REST, Server-side), Search and Analytics, Cloud, and the Kotlin Language.
Pranav Verma, Etl freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Bengaluru, India

Machine Learning & AI Scientist :: IIT Grad + 12 Yrs Exp + 75 Clients

Pranav is a decision intelligence veteran delivering wisdom to humanity. Fanatic to make the world decision intelligent by executing exactness of technology, business, and processes. A data person helping enterprise, small business, and startups solving their data problems at scale. Graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Guwhati, carries 12 years of significant experience working on data engineering and data science.
Govind Sahai, Etl freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Etl developer in Lucknow, India


I am an expert C++, Python developer with over eight years of experience. I am highly talented and skilled in problem-solving and understanding complex and large code base.

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