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Paul Ishak

Paul Ishak

Finding solutions is my expertise.

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Hello, welcome to my profile! I am a 4 time & current Microsoft MVP award recipient. I have also received the Microsoft Community Contributor award for 4 years. Finding the problem/solution can be tricky sometimes, but with a logical approach and good understanding of the current code, it is possible! To ensure you receive optimal results for your time. I am happy to do a brief review of your requirements/project before starting a paid session. In general I believe that explaining what you want your code to do will lead you to a solution faster. In short, I can help with: Application Development Bug Isolation Code Review Development Advice Exception Handling Research and Development
Php expert help PHP - 10 years experience
I have extensive experience with using php for its best feature! submitting webform data to MySQL tables! I am also well versed in file manipulation, string manipulation, the basic php language, and functions provided by php. Professionally, I use php more frequent than any other backend language. I use it daily, so you can be sure that I can help you with your coding question.
Csharp expert help C# - 5 years experience
Various projects over the years, spaced out, but I am well versed with .Net and the c# syntax.
No icon .NET - 10 years experience
Various projects over the years.
Mysql expert help MySQL - less than 1 year experience
I use MySQL on a daily basis, with PHP & Visual Basic.net
No icon CSS - less than 1 year experience
Daily, I am using CSS to style my designs at work.
No icon Visual basic - 30 years experience
Seen on MSDN forums as a MVP 3 times running. This is my language of choice, since childhood. Ask me anything!
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Paul was super helpful! Taught me a lot.
Robert Jewell Apr 16, 2016

Amazing job, he helped me with my issue in half the time I expected and was able to give me some pointers with the rest of the time we had. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Ryan Leonard Apr 13, 2016

Did a great job
nette holman Apr 13, 2016