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Max Diachenko, top Es6 developerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Kiev, Ukraine

Full-Stack Developer | JavaScript | NodeJS | HTML5 | and 18 more...

Since all major browsers start support EcmaScript 2016 I just learned it in 1 day. Also I started new hobby project called "Stack Overflow App" built in Electron (streaming the development process on
Gary Law, freelance Es6 developerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Leeds, United Kingdom

A passionate and self motivated full stack web developer with a passion for providing elegant solutions.

After working with Javascript for many years it has been a delight to see the evolution in recent years of ECMA specification and to see more of a cohesive and speedy implementation of the specification across browsers. I have been using ES6 for all of my projects with incremented levels of babel presets for a number of years and have been excited to see features like Generators and Destructuring. The introduction of Arrow functions has been long awaited, lexical this and clean and elegant reading of more complex higher level functions such as currying is a must for all developers, and their use with callbacks is a given. I am not going to go through all of the new features of ES6 here because when you know what they are and when to use them the benefits are obvious and I am happy to teach...
Paul Shan, freelance Es6 programmerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Bengaluru, India

Full Stack | Love JavaScript & Node.js | Startup guy

Whatever programs I've written or projects I've developed with JavaScript, all of them are strictly following ES6 since late 2015. I emphasize more on ES6 whenever reviewing code or teaching beginners about JS.
Adrian Kalbarczyk, Es6 freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Ashburn, United States

Full-stack Javascript engineer with 12+ years of experience. Also #almosthuman :)

I am big fan of the new Javascript. It makes the language less hackish and more robust. Javascript reached Pythons' ease of use and capabilities without scarifying performance or tooling which is by far best in the world.
Chris Pearce, Es6 freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in London, United Kingdom

Front-end developer specialising in Javascript (es6) React, Flux & front-end ops

All the code I've written on a daily basis over the past 6 months has been using es6. I'm an avid follower of any ecmascript spec developments so make sure I do my best to thoroughly understand the language and how best to use it.
Kevin Decker, Es6 freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Chicago, United States

Senior Web Architect at Walmart

Utilizing ES6 for all of my new projects. Maintainer of SixSpeed ES6 performance monitoring tool.
Rob Scott, freelance Es6 programmerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Nottingham, United Kingdom

Web developer and all round programming enthusiast.

Experienced in writing high quality ES6/ES2015 code, using compilers and transpilers to generate working ES5 code.
while_true, Es6 freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Sunnyvale, United States

Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn

I am working in ES6 and am actively building projects in ES6 currently.
Matthew Angelini, Es6 dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Yorktown Heights, United States

Senior Consultant at Levvel

Been working with it since it came out using transpilers.
Michael Gutierrez, Es6 freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in San José, Costa Rica

Javascript Full-Stack | ReactJS Redux ES6 NodeJS

I help startups and larger companies build their modern applications and products. Experience working on Full-stack Javascript Applications, using some of the latest technologies, including: ReactJS, Redux, ES6, Webpack, Loaders, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Loopback, MongoDB, Mongoose, Ramda, Lodash, Karma, Mocha, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, CSS Modules, and more...
Matt Goldspink, senior Es6 developerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Warsaw, Poland

Lead engineer with 10+ years development experience & background in delivering training courses

I have been delivering technical training courses for over 7 years on a variety of subjects - I can help by giving full courses, pair programming to help you learn or if you have a specific problem you're trying to solve I'll work with you through it to help you resolve it and understand the solution. Outside of CodeMentor I am a Lead Engineer based in London & SF - I have experience working in large corporations & startups across Java, iOS, JavaScript & Web Technologies. ** If you belong to a group that is underrepresented in tech, and money is an issue, please ask me about reduced rates. **
Inanc Gumus, Es6 freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Istanbul, Turkey

Go & Node.js & React expert. CTO & God level patient mentor with 20+ years of experience.

From now on, I'm only accepting requests for Go language. If you're interested in learning Go Language, I can train you. But, I'm no longer available for solving your product/project problems. Please only message me if you're interested in the training. Thank you. --- Hey there! I've been creating applications for 25+ years, and I love teaching. Your skill level is not important to me. You're a beginner, intermediate or expert developer. No problem. We all are junior developers for a lifetime, always learning. I can teach you how to pick up a new skill, or upgrade your existing skills or update you on the latest technologies. I would be delighted to mentor you also on how to develop yourself and your career, or the books you should read, the courses you should take, etc. If you're tryi...
Ramon Recuero Moreno, Es6 programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Newark, United States

Founder & CEO at

Ramón is a serial entrepreneur, world traveler, and engineer with a focus on creating value through high-quality products and simple, clean and functional user interfaces. In 2010 Ramon founded Netgamix - a company to be admitted into Startup Bootcamp (TechStars network) and obtained more than 100K$ in 2 investment rounds. Currently, Ramón is the founder & CEO at, an early stage startup focused on solving information overflow. He also manages the tech newsletter TechFutura Ramón is also the founder of, a consultancy specialized in helping software companies embrace the latest principles and technologies. Specialties: Startups, Software Development, Product Management, BI Tech: Javascript (ES6, CoffeeScript), NodeJS, MongoDB,...
Matt Tanguay-Carel, Es6 software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Ashburn, United States

Senior Web Developer

I do consulting and web development. I've worn many hats but these days I tend to help startups and coach junior programmers.
Stedman Hood, Es6 freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Es6 developer in Omaha, United States

Full-stack Rails Developer

I worked on's React Native app.

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