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Errietta Kostala

Errietta Kostala

Full Stack Developer with a passion

London (+00:00)
Greek, English
Hi! I'm Errietta and I'm a full-stack developer. I have experience in HTML, JavaScript,(including angular and node) Perl, and PHP. I've worked for multiple companies, in both front-end and back-end roles, and I have also done freelance development work for different projects, including mobile apps, websites, and back-ends. I have great reviews, and I have them for a reason!
Custom Bootstrap design

Custom Bootstrap design

$130 - Delivery in 2 Days

I will create a Bootstrap based site based on your custom PSD/image design and assets. I will re-create your design using LESS/SASS to compile a custom CSS file based on Bootstrap that matches it.

Custom Foundation Site

Custom Foundation Site

$130 - Delivery in 2 Days

I will create a Foundation framework based site based on your custom PSD/image design and assets. I will re-create your design using SASS to compile a custom CSS file based on Foundation that matches it.

Stuck with git? Merge conflicts? Can't figure out branching? Problems with rebase or merge? Need to undo a commit? Whatever your problem, I'll help you sort out your repo

7 JavaScript
4 AngularJS
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
Another of the first languages I learnt when I was a teenager. I'm proficient in vanilla JS, as well as node and angular. I have done open source work for Mozilla projects in javascript, and I used it for my internship.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 5 years experience
I've been doing HTML work since I was a teenager, and I have used it for freelance work, university projects, and for my internship.
Php expert help PHP - 5 years experience
This is one of the first languages I've worked with since I started programming at 14. I have worked on personal/freelance php projects, as well as done PHP work as part of University.
Node js expert help Node.js - 1 year experience
I have been working with Node.js for open source projects, and I have a good understanding of it.
Perl expert help Perl - 2 years experience
I have experience with Perl from Open Source projects, and I also worked with Perl during my internship.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
I have used git in my internship, as well as open source contributions, and I use it for all projects I am involved in.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
I have been doing angular.js as part of my open source work for mozilla, and I also worked on a major project that involved a good amount of angular.js during my internship
No icon CSS - 4 years experience
Layout design & converting from a template to css
emehta 3   0
Atheme IRC Services
C XS C++ PHP Perl Ruby Shell Prolog Python Makefile
gms 3   0
freenode group management system
C CSS Perl JavaScript
metamonger 1   0
store, restore, and compare file metadata
overlord-deployment 1   0
Deploys our robot overlords. (or: freenode's GMS)
Perl Shell
WebMeetUs 1   0
A web-based, web-rtc powered video conferencing app
CSS PHP JavaScript
Average Rating
(125 ratings)
Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Another excellent session with Errietta, she helped me with some tricky UI router logic for the sub Navigation that I was working on. One of my Sub Navigation menus were not working and she helped me resolve the issue and was kind enough to explain it to me. She is very knowledgeable and a very good code mentor. I will definitely seek her assistance again if I need help.
John Oct 07, 2016

I had a very helpful session with Errietta, she helped me with some UI router logic for displaying some Sub Navigation menus that I was working on. Errietta is always helpful and very knowledgeable.
John Oct 06, 2016

Another informative session with Errietta, she helped me debugg some AngularJS logic that I was unsure of and she also helped with custom styling of a popover. She is very informative and a very good, knowledgeable mentor.
John Aug 23, 2016

Another informative session with Errietta, I had two problems that I needed help with and she helped me with one of the problems and put me on the right path with the other problem. I will definitely seek her assistance again because she is very knowledgeable.
John Aug 09, 2016

Errietta is an excellent mentor!! I had a problem that I thought was rather difficult and confusing and Errietta helped me and also explained the solution to me, she is very, very knowledgeable and really enjoyed this session, she was a great help. I will definitely use her help again.
John Aug 03, 2016

Great help and good communicator
marcus meldon Jul 10, 2016

Errietta was great. Really knows what she's doing. I would definitely use her again.
John Greene Jun 28, 2016

This was my first session with Errietta, she was very knowledgeable in helping me with my questions on using ui router's StateParam as well as some styling issues I was having. I will definitely seek her help again.
John May 31, 2016

She knows her stuff!!
Oren Yonash May 16, 2016

Excellent work
Max Blue May 10, 2016

Excellent as always! Thank you!
Michel Apr 30, 2016

Errieta is patient and incredibly versatile with her HTML/CSS/JavaScript skills. As a mentor, it is important to be patient and to explain things slowly to people and in multiple ways. Errieta does this, and more. Super highly recommended!
Todd Squitieri Apr 16, 2016

Excellent, highly knowledgeable and patient.
Marcela Mar 31, 2016

Marcela Mar 22, 2016

Marcela Mar 21, 2016

Errietta was major, major help. I give her a 10. I hope to continue with her . She was incredibly fast, accurate, able to explain to me what steps she was taking. And, above all, helped me solve the entire problem.
Marcela Mar 20, 2016

Errietta helped me with HTML and css-styling and also helped me modify a jQuery plugin for a website that I was making for my friend. I LOVED how Errietta allowed me to do all of the work, as slow as I was. So many code mentors want to take control of the mouse and do all of the work for you. I think this makes it more difficult for a person to learn. Errietta clearly has been teaching for a long time and knows how important it is for students to do the work themselves. Definitely sign up for this mentor if you genuinely want to learn new skills!
Todd Squitieri Mar 20, 2016

Errietta is amazing. She never backs down from a challenge and is always pleasant. She's always got a clever solution even if I have to impose some strict restrictions - vanilla JS only being one of them. I cannot express how grateful I am to have found her. Please do pair with her, you won't regret it!
Claudia Mar 10, 2016

helped quickly and I learned something new!
Jeff Macks Mar 09, 2016

Fixed two issues in 15min that wouldve taken me an hour+, thank you for your help.
Al Roche Feb 26, 2016

Very helpful AngularJS resource! Will call on again!
george rios Feb 25, 2016

Errietta helps us once again, she really knows what she is doing. Thanks, Errietta!!
Barry Krusch Feb 25, 2016

Errietta is awesome, will use again!
Barry Krusch Feb 24, 2016

Errietta is up for all sorts of challenges. I haven't yet had a session with her where she shrinked away or had to get back to me later. She is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend hiring her!
Claudia Feb 08, 2016

Excellent job helping me figure out how to customize a Bootstrap nav bar. I really appreciate it!
Chiara McPhee Feb 08, 2016

She answered my questions effectively and showed me variations and different methods to accomplish the same task. I'm happy I selected her to assist me with my web page. :)
Joshua Galan Feb 07, 2016

Errietta is a fantastic mentor. No matter how far in the weeds I get with multiple lines of code, she can quickly understand the situation, and then troubleshoot successfully. She finds each bit of code that may need some improvement. She is also very easy to talk to and will answer and re-explain concepts or solutions. I highly recommend Errietta, she is fantastic!
Claudia Jan 11, 2016

Errieta is very patient and tries to answer all my questions without any hesitation. I recommend her if you want to expand your knowledge or you want to solve a problem of yours.
miltiadis bouchalakis Jan 07, 2016

Michel Dec 29, 2015

She understood my code very quickly and solved my problem within a few minutes.
Marina Dec 27, 2015

Awesome mentor, not my first time with her and not the last one either. Recommend to everyone
Saeed Dec 20, 2015

She did a great job.
sachin Dec 17, 2015

Very knowledgeable and resolves problems quickly
Matt Manion Dec 15, 2015

I had a couple of Javascript tasks. Errietta presented solutions quickly. I will be scheduling a follow-up session to complete the work.
Jim Maybee Dec 14, 2015

very fast and got the issue resolved
Peter Egedi Dec 11, 2015

She is really Knowledgeable
vaid Dec 07, 2015

Problem was solved as quickly as usual. Thank You Errietta!!!
Saeed Dec 05, 2015

She is excellent mentor and solved my Problem.I would like to work with her again.
satya prasanna Dec 03, 2015

Errietta was extremely helpful, couldn't recommend more
André Alçada Padez Dec 03, 2015

fast delivery! clear communication.
newbie Nov 29, 2015

First off, this was a monster of a problem and it wasn't easy and it wasn't an easy fix. Errietta was patient and took some time understanding how the app is set up and how files were related to each other. At the end she solved the issue and was able to explain the issue and solution in the simplest of terms to me. I highly recommend her and will definitely be calling on her again.
James Nov 24, 2015

Errietta is fantastic and very knowledgable. She's helped me write code and explained what it's doing and why. But in this latest section she helped me debug, and answered any and all questions I had for her. She's also quick since she's so sharp. I highly recommend Errietta, fantastic demeanor and very smart.
Claudia Nov 24, 2015

Errietta was fantastic! She did not shrink away from the task at hand and was incredibly helpful and patient as this seemingly straightforward task unraveled into a nasty mess. I high recommend Errietta, VERY knowledgable, incredible helpful and she implemented some clever fixes for me.
Claudia Nov 21, 2015

Very direct and straight to the point. I didn't have to give much detail about the app. Very professional, quick and took the time to answer my questions at the end.
James Nov 18, 2015

Errietta fix my issue in almost no time at all! She was quick and too the point and adapted very quickly to my project to provide the best answers. Thanks!!!
logan Nov 14, 2015

She resolved all my issues. She was very knowledgeable in what she does. Also she has not used Parse.com before but she was able to find a solution to one of my problems. Will definitely come back!!
gladys maniago Nov 03, 2015

She is great!! She helped me a lot!! Thank you so much!!
vaid Nov 01, 2015

Great mentor and very knowledgable!
Nikhil Oct 29, 2015

Absolutely amazing mentor. She worked through all of my problems and more! Definitely went above and beyond. Knowledgable with AngularJS + Express.
Derek Oct 22, 2015

She is quick in finding solutions.
Pavan Oct 18, 2015

Awesome help!
Jaser Oct 12, 2015

great mentor, solve the problem quick.
Hing Tang Oct 11, 2015

Easily the best deal in mentorship. Can't wait to keep working with her!
Chris Lewis Oct 09, 2015

Great Tutor. Good at explaining things.
Alex Taghavi Oct 09, 2015

Every single time! Great Mentor!
Jaser Oct 06, 2015

Amazing mentor, knows how to help and work together.
Jaser Oct 06, 2015

Very quick reply. A very nice mentor
James P. Oct 04, 2015

fantastic!!!! knew exactly what the problem was all about.
john asenso Sep 29, 2015

Did great very helpful although the issue wasn't resolved. I'm sure I'm a step closer.
Allen Sep 28, 2015