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Edward Curren, top Enterprise development developerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Medina, United States
Have developed architectures for enterprise level government agencies and private sector business. These architectures have typically been oriented towards distributed architectures.
Martin, Enterprise development programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Ashburn, United States

Technical debt reducer, enterprise PHP developer, all-around very highly skilled, good decision maker

14+ years experience developing enterprise-class PHP web applications for aviation, adult and gambling sites. Experienced with scaling, high traffic, load balancing, replication, redundancy, backups. Huge proponent of coding standards (PSR FIG), proper work flow (ticketing systems, git branching model), continuous integration (GitLab CI, Jenkins). Skilled in code smell, QA, DRY/SOLID/KISS, OOP, RESTful API development (JSON(P)), project and people management.
Reza Zeinali, Enterprise development freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in North Vancouver, Canada

Startup CTO, Enterprise Software Developer, Architect, Consultant and Programming Instructor

I have 15 years of experience in developing software applications for Windows, Web and the Cloud. From enterprise architecture, to database design, to back-end code, to front-end development. Very strong knowledge in C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, and JavaScript. I have also taught programming courses including C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, ... for 9 years.
Prabhu Ramanathan Babu, Enterprise development coder and engineerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in San Jose, United States

Senior Software Engineer @ Elementum

I'm a senior java backend engineer with strong background in developing backend web services and android applications
Pablo Gastón Arreche Raggiotto, top Enterprise development developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

Software Engineer with passion for new challenges

Software Engineer with passion for problem analysis and solving problems. I really like to get involved on projects that I'm part of. The technical skills that I've learned across years of working in different technologies gives me a wider vision help.
George Delaportas (ViR4X), Enterprise development developer and engineerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Athens, Greece

Hacker / Enterprise Architect :: Solve what others don't.

The "impossible" is a word that does not exist in my vocabulary. I have the gift of the multi-dimensional thinking. I am capable of finding solutions from different angles when others give up and I always succeed. I am an Enterprise Architect/Engineer with a solid background and experience. I am also a certified White Hat Hacker. In the past I have worked in large projects and I built the infrastructures, the frameworks and the foundations on which I then optimized or made additions and enhancements. I am the guy who will provide you with the solutions in the most demanding problems.
Matthew Angelini, Enterprise development dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Yorktown Heights, United States

Senior Consultant at Levvel

I am a very experienced front-end developer who has built enterprise level products in most of the front-end technologies and have over a decade of experience in development. Currently a Senior Consultant at a software consulting firm in Charlotte, NC. Previously studied Computer Science at Clemson University.
Benjamin Zuill-Smith, Enterprise development programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Escondido, United States

Lead Developer at GDS Storefront Estimating

I am a full stack developer and most enjoy coding as opposed to front-end visual design. I love using JavaScript. I'm also enjoying building Windows Desktop applications. I dive deep in code and tools to understand them completely. I think it's better when people do that together with kindness and humility toward one another. My goal is to help people turn up the good in software development by helping them learn, jump over some of the learning curves and hurtles that I've experienced, and pass on practices that can help us all enjoy coding a even more. I've been developing software professionally for 5 years. I have extensive experience with Node.js and related web technologies. I also enjoy discussing software methodologies like Test Driven Development, Pair Progamming, Mob Programming...
Tanner Moushey, senior Enterprise development developerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Granite Falls, United States

Owner, Lead web developer at iWitness Design. WordPress core contributor and plugin builder.

To make the web a safer and more enjoyable place to be.
chibujax, freelance Enterprise development developerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full stack Developer in Javascript, VB, PHP etc

I am a developer with Over eight years experience as programmer, database manager, web designer and system analyst. Good with PHP,, Javascript (React), Java, etc
Nima Niazmand, top Enterprise development developerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Book worm, Early adapter of new technologies, Problem solver, Agile developer and Software craftsman.

I learned programming at the age of seventeen and fell in love with software development! Now I am an experienced full stack developer with more than 20 years experience in programming, primarily in back-end and architecture for web applications also experienced in technical leading and coaching. I'm a big fan of clean, readable and changeable code so can't stand even one extra space in code!
Ami Solomon, Enterprise development freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Portland, United States

Software Architect at American Express

Software architecture, visio, ERD, distributed systems, high availability, messaging, workflows, best practices
Hesham Desouky, senior Enterprise development developerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Ashburn, United States

Software Architect and Development Manager

Leverage technical expertise on software architecture and design to provide exceptional mission critical enterprise software solutions. Experience including leading teams, healthcare solutions and cloud computing. Known for creating and implementing large scale applications that scale up with industry requirements and lead the team to do so through organization process. Experienced on medical software standards to enable healthcare industry with connected solutions. Has wide experience on entrepreneurship through co-founding 2 healthcare software solutions startups
Dylan Buckley, top Enterprise development developerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise development developer in Dublin, Ireland

Full Stack Cloud Software Engineer

I'm a Full Stack Software Engineer with strong experience designing, implementing and deploying JavaEE REST applications / services, as well as corresponding UX, primarily using single page applications (Angular). Comfortable converting customer requirements to low level software design using Entity Relationship Diagrams and Software best practices / methodologies (fan of Gang Of Four). Very quick to get up to speed in a new environment and usually a 'go to' person to help with debugging or finding solutions to difficult issues. .

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