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Ethar Alali, Enterprise architecture freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in Manchester, United Kingdom

Engineer with 20+ years web, desktop,devices. Mixing TDD, BDD & MDD, EA, Stats, Math & Code into a fizz of a biz.

Worked with and for large blue chip organisations in heavy and agile environments to evolve high performing, value focused architectures that deliver on the promises of their business case. Incremental delivery of end-to-end business features into production through DevOps and LS teams within corporate contexts. One of the few Worldwide specialist Lean-EA
Jamie Michelle  Gammel, Enterprise architecture coder and engineerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in Mesa, United States

Continuous Improvement. Leadership. Empowerment.

Installation/Configuration of Jenkins Server, Splunk, HP Fortify and Software Security Center. Building and Scripting CI in Jenkins for all production teams. installation/configuration of Enterprise Servers/Red Hat linux management. Architecture of Content Delivery Projects - VM setup of Private Bower Server, Apache Server, CDN servers and end-user components(UI and Command Line Tools).
Eduardo Casillas Marca, Enterprise architecture coder and engineerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in Mexico City, Mexico
I've helped large international enterprises to leverage their technology by successfully implementing Enterprise Architecture and IT Management frameworks like TOGAF and ITIL, in which I'm certified.
Douglas Puchalski, Enterprise architecture freelancer and developerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in San Diego, United States

Software and Business Systems Architect

Business-minded developer with a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan. Has extensive experience in web application and software engineering, with a focus on business processes, workflows, information processing, logistics, with an affinity for FinTech. More than 10 years experience with small and large companies from startup to enterprise, technology companies to brick-and-mortar. Strong integrated system architecture and development, hands-on with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React.js, Node.js, Ember.js, Javascript, SQL, and NoSQL. Builds highly functional, high-performance, maintainable products with feature sets and foresight that extends beyond business requirements. Wide breadth and depth of experience including tech and non-tech, startup and Fortune 500; software deve...
Pablo Gastón Arreche Raggiotto, top Enterprise architecture developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in Montevideo, Uruguay

Software Engineer with passion for new challenges

Software Engineer with passion for problem analysis and solving problems. I really like to get involved on projects that I'm part of. The technical skills that I've learned across years of working in different technologies gives me a wider vision help.
Dragan Gajic, Enterprise architecture freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in Thessaloniki, Greece

Software Architect (Java)

I have more than 15 years of experience in a field. Earned first money with Delphi 3/5, then moved to C/C++ for couple of years and settled with Java somewhere in 2005. End of 2006 I've started with Spring framework, and I've continued with it till these days, especially Spring Cloud as their view of Cloud Ready paradigm. In 2006 I've started working in IT service company, and I was involved in many projects in first as a senior dev/TL and as of 2010 as a Software Architect. As an architect I've continued to code, doing code reviews and architectural assessments for various clients. Since the company grow I was asked to develop and execute first Java/Spring on boarding programs (still publicly available here: I've hired an...
Tomasz Murglin, senior Enterprise architecture developerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in Gdynia, Poland

Experienced Software Engineer / Architect | Currently in financial sector. I code on daily basis so I could understand your problems and for sure I dont bite you :)

Im software engineer specialized in Java technologies. During my career I designed, implemented, tested and successfully delivered number of projects in different business sectors including: automotive, clothing, financial, ETL etc. for blue chip companies. I could provide high quality and testable code or architecture design for enterprise robust, scalable, safe, modular, layered, abstract and decoupled systems in full stack from back to frontend. Im also programmer by passion and strongly focused on self - development. Im of course interested in technologies but also in soft skills e.g. methodologies etc. Im strongly interested in software architecture, design patterns and also cybersecurity. Im open to new technologies and ideas. I always try to analyze problems from higher perspective ...
Nima Niazmand, top Enterprise architecture developerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Book worm, Early adapter of new technologies, Problem solver, Agile developer and Software craftsman.

I learned programming at the age of seventeen and fell in love with software development! Now I am an experienced full stack developer with more than 20 years experience in programming, primarily in back-end and architecture for web applications also experienced in technical leading and coaching. I'm a big fan of clean, readable and changeable code so can't stand even one extra space in code!
David Keene, Enterprise architecture freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in San Diego, United States

Founder/CTO at EveryStory • Capture Stories Easily, Share them Privately, Save them Permanently

I have had the privilege of being a veteran of the video game industry for several years, specializing in commerce and content delivery. Before founding everyStory in 2013, I served as the Sr. Architect of the PlayStation Network and built microtransaction platforms for Trion Worlds and Rockstar Games. Dave's Specialties: Software architecture, Software design, Software mentoring, Founder, CTO, AWS, Java, Java (Hibernate / Spring / etc), Database design, Web 2.0, Agile development, Distributed systems, scalability, RESTful services, rational databases, Team development and leadership.
Salomon Valverde, Enterprise architecture dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Enterprise architecture developer in Denver, United States

Software Craftsman

I'm a software developer (generalist / polyglot) who is devoted on learning and educating cutting edge technologies. I have over 12+ years of industry experience with design, development and system architecture. I have a strong background in web application development, yet recently proficient in crafting iOS apps. Majority of my experience has been in business applications, from large complex enterprise systems to smaller sophisticated tools for small businesses. Available to assist with any sized project or issue you have!? Reach out anytime day or night!

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