Top Senior Engineering manager Developers - Dec 2017

Cofounder, CTO at Diagnostic Driving

I'm a Startup CTO -- with solid experience as a builder and leader of builders. I love building teams. As a technology leader, I believe that job satisfaction is core to extraordinary performance and success. I excel at translating tech-speak to human for customers, stakeholders and prospects. I thrive in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments and love being a part of enthusiastic, driven teams. As a programmer, I am a front-end expert with a full-stack foundation and my career expertise in visual art and design gives me a keen eye for product design and usability.

Experienced CTO ready to grow your business

Hi, I've been a startup CTO for the past five years. I've grown multiple companies from idea to product to something that actually makes money. I can give lots of advice about SAAS products, microservices, building a tech team, and building a company. Plus, I'm super-fast at building web apps in Ruby and Angular.js.

Full-Stack Software Engineer & TPM

Software Engineer with product and founder experience. I'm contracting as a PM & full-stack software engineer for select clients, including Udacity. Previously I was a Sr. Product Manager (contractor) for Gigster where I managed 100+ projects with total value $2.4mm+ across iOS, Android and Web, and maintained a consistent top 1 percentile performance record. A bit about me: I was the youngest-ever President of Oxford Entrepreneurs when I attended the University of Oxford, where I matriculated at age 17 (attended for two years). I then co-founded StartupBus Africa (now called after having co-founded Founderbus UK in 2012. AMPION organizes a social venture incubator and impact-oriented hackathons across 15+ countries in Africa (to date with 400+ participants / 10+ hackathons). I am no longer involved. In 2013 I co-founded, which enabled teachers to send their students homework on their mobile phones using SMS, IVR, Android and Web technologies, which saves teachers time by automating the homework process from preparation, distribution and marking to administration. started on StartupBus Africa ('13), participated in Start-Up Chile (2014-15), and was selected as an "Education for All"​ World Summit Youth Award winner. For my work at, I was named a Fellow of the World Technology Network (2014) and a Nominee of the GSMA Global Mobile Awards "Young Mobile Innovator of the Year"​ (2015). is no longer operational. In my spare time I enjoy hiking and spending time in nature. In 2015 I hiked a 21-day, 190mi section of the Continental Divide Trail, around Big Hole Valley, Montana, USA.

Director of Engineering at Mavenlink

Katlyn Parvin is a full stack developer, entrepreneur and growth hacker. Over the course of Katlyn Parvin's career, she has developed a diverse and complementary skill set that has allowed her to understand the software engineering industry from a broad range of different scales and perspectives. From managing a team of talented engineers and overseeing the development of projects and strategic initiatives, to working on the finer details of programming with Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Objective-C, her greatest asset have been her versatility and thorough understanding of what it takes to work on innovative projects. As an entrepreneur, she is able to take a broader view of the situation and apply a well-honed passionate and entrepreneurial sensibility to drive projects forward.

Engineering Manager at Prezi

Now: A seasoned and business savvy engineer manager Always thinking about new ways of growing engineers, improving the business, the teams and the processes. Specialties: Team & peer coaching, management. Being an IT executive has completely reaved, ruined and shaken my life. I can never be thankful enough for that. The past: A full stack web engineer with 13+ years of experience. Keen on performance optimization of online services, scalability and architecure. Programming languages: python (django), scala, clojure (past-past: PHP, ruby, rails, erlang)

Full-stack software engineer

In my world anything is possible and my goal is always to create an awesome user experience. With 20 years of experience in software engineering I’ve acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and execute most types of software projects. My specialities are: - Full-stack software development, primary in Java and JS - UX and UI engineering - Lean and Agile (Scrum, XP) - Collaboration and communication - Lead engineers and build strong teams My career in software development started with me creating web pages and building small applications for the local businesses while studying. From there I moved into consultancy, implementing software solutions as well as advising clients on how to increase business value through software improvements. I've since then consulted at small companies as well as large Fortune 500 companies and everything in between. My experience ranges from people- and project-management to pure programming. Through the years I’ve found that I’m happiest when I can also feed my creative side. I excel in a position where I can both design and develop, from inception to execution. When I'm not at work I spend my time together with my Dutch wife and three little kids, if not, I'm probably out enjoying some long-distance running. I was born and raised in Sweden and I now live with my family in Naarden, The Netherlands. My Dutch skills are sufficient and I'm fluent in English and Swedish.

Seasoned software developer, DevOps engineer, and manager

Brand new to Codementor! I am an experienced full-stack developer and DevOps engineer. My specialties include code refactoring, adding automated tests to legacy code, optimizing developer productivity with great development environments, continuous integration, and performance optimization and caching with Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL/Percona. Also very experienced with large Sphinx search deployments.

Engineering & Product Leader, Software Consultant

I am a hands-on engineering and product leader. - I have built software and engineering teams from scratch for several years. My experience is in a variety of verticals including education, games, travel, health and developer platforms (SDKs). I have built mobile apps, APIs and backends using Objective-C, PHP, Python, Go, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and hosted infrastructure on AWS and Google Cloud Engine. I've used various caches, message queues and CDNs for applications. - I enjoy outlining and detailing technical architecture, defining the APIs and services and helping select the right technologies and infrastructure for products. Owing to a long career in mobile development, I design flexible and extensible client-side models and frameworks to minimize re-factor and re-writes of the code base. - My strengths are in building a product and engineering roadmap, setting up the right tools, creating and implementing a reliable engineering process. - I specialize in execution on a founder’s vision and have built scalable products with small and medium sized engineering teams (local and remote). - Hiring and developing outstanding talent is my passion, I have built the core of multiple engineering teams bringing in key early hires and have zero attrition on my teams. - I have experience in ad spends, customer acquisition, SEO, marketing campaign management and experience building and refining products based on data and KPIs.

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David Lasry
Creator of PlayZik

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Itamar Yunger
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Jodie Lee
Founder of PerfectSpot

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Guy Jack
Founder & CEO of FNDRZ