Why you Need Mentor

Published Mar 05, 2018Last updated Apr 10, 2018
Why you Need Mentor

Yeah!!! I said it.

Now, why am I saying this? I can remember about 8 years ago when I had my first programming class. I was excited and happy I was going to be doing something geeky, you know building the cool stuffs, just like I see on TV & Newspapers. I very happy.

Now fast forward 3 months into starting my program I started getting tired & confused. Didn't feel excited about going to class or even studying.

<BUTWHY /> I asked myself... But back then could not really tell why 😦

That feeling stayed with me till I finished my program and I left that school feeling like programming was not my thing. I found interest in other stuff but always knew that programming was one thing I wanted to do. I wanted to build apps, intelligent system and solutions, These were my dreams but just could not understand how I could lose interest so fast in something I had always like and had a passion for.


Looking back now, feels sad to say but I lacked mentorship I needed at that point, Trust me as I say, that mentoring is essential not in programming only, but also in any other career line.I'm happy young folk of this generation have platforms like this to learn and also to be guided on how to get better in what they love.

Currently, I'm a programmer and I'm happy I found my way back.

So if you are a developer out there who might be a bit confused and not sure of what they want. Don't feel discouraged just look for a good mentor and let them guide you till you gain your confidence back.

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