Mostafa Soliman, Embedded systems software engineerHire Now
Mostafa Soliman5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Cairo, Egypt

Control engineer and Arduino freelancer who loves to make use of theories to implement interesting products and applications!

I enjoy binding different branches of engineering together, so that's why I chose to be Mechatronics and control engineer. In Mechatronics, you play with electronics, mechanics, programming, and control theory to make superb applications and products. The name of the game is successful integration between different domains, which is a missing skill searched by many engineers, and needed by many Start-ups.
Evan Cofsky, Embedded systems freelance programmerHire Now
Evan Cofsky5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Chicago, United States

I Took the Long Way Round

I've designed and implemented several devices, from the prototype phase to full production roll-out. I've also been involved in deep troubleshooting of layers of legacy and essentially unknown system components. I have a competent knowledge of hardware design, simulation, and fabrication, and am fully aware of how the choice of component and implementation can affect NRE and ongoing maintenance.
ABDULRAHMAN Abdulhakeem, Embedded systems engineer and consultantHire Now
ABDULRAHMAN Abdulhakeem5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Web and embedded systems developer whose process-driven approach to crafting rich experiences and insights into software and system realization help clients stay ahead of the game.

I have well-developed technical skills in Electronics and Programming, and I have successfully completed a number of akin projects. These range from bare-metal programming using assemly language to using platforms such as Arduino.
Adam Husár, Embedded systems freelance developerHire Now
Adam Husár
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic

C++ compiler developer, experience in teaching and leading teams

Used to design tools for embedded processor design, knowledge on busses and peripherals
Tim Long, freelance Embedded systems developerHire Now
Tim Long5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Chatham, United Kingdom

Experienced (12+ years) C# and .NET developer with a commitment to SOLID and Test Driven Development

I worked on embedded firmware for many years, for products such as telephones and networking equipment. I cut my professional teeth on 4-bit assembler and later embedded C, and I have used a wide variety of microcontroller systems. Latterly I have been using Netduino and .net Micro Framework with C#
Farrukh Yakubov, Embedded systems software engineerHire Now
Farrukh Yakubov5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Software Engineer

Designed and developed an application with realtime hardware control and monitoring needs. Experimented with various sensors, and tested their performance and suitability for the design requirements.
Ido Adler, freelance Embedded systems programmerHire Now
Ido Adler
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Tel Aviv, Israel

Game Developer (Unity)

My first paid project at 2002 was at a company called CByond (Olympus), where I got to program simple modules for medical cameras. Things like interpreting the input stream of a keyboard, and sending signals. Here I learned that programming is actually a lot like riddle solving and I fell in love in this profession. Since then I haven't been working so closely with hardware again, but I would love to do it again if the right opportunity will rise.
Canburak Tumer, senior Embedded systems developerHire Now
Canburak Tumer
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Istanbul, Turkey

Data & Software Engineer

I am an electronic hobbyist. I use arduino and raspberry pi for automate my home and tasks. I am able to build circuit with different sensors, soldering and coding required firmware for them to run.
Caroline Peres da Silva, Embedded systems engineer and consultantHire Now
Caroline Peres da Silva
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Londrina, Brazil

Electrical Engineer

2 years of designing hardware, firmware and system integration for automotive embedded systems. Professional masters in Embedded Systems.
Eugene Hauptmann, Embedded systems dev and freelancerHire Now
Eugene Hauptmann5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Santa Clara, United States

Tech Enterpreneur, Co founder

I strive to live by GTD philosophy combined with entrepreneurship principles. I did a dozen of startups over last decade. My best skill is to develop MVP out of idea and bring it to market. I build tech teams and business products.
Ravi Lingineni, senior Embedded systems developerHire Now
Ravi Lingineni5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Irving, United States

Program Manager at Microsoft by day and Developer by night

Native of Dallas,TX and graduate in CS. In my spare time I work on a lot of projects. They range from hardware projects with Arduino and Raspberry Pi to more software oriented applications with AWS and Angular. I'm also familiar with Xamarin development. If you don't know where to start or not sure if you're tackling it the right way, then I'm a great resource for you to reach out to. I also lead customer interviews to understand pain points of users and helping narrow your project focus. People always told me I had a sharp eye for details, so if you need help flushing out your thoughts, I will be of good help in that area too. Cheers.
Aaron Gerard Franco, Embedded systems consultant and programmerHire Now
Aaron Gerard Franco5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Forest Hills, United States

CTO/Founder at Nimblechat

Currently working on Nimblechat, food delivery chatbot! Sidepad, game controller: I geek out on distributed infrastructure for high-speed computing at scale and code optimization. Things I've done: Autoscaling streaming media relay systems to hundreds of thousands of listeners on AWS with EC2, Elasticache, RDS, Route53, VPC, IAM and ELB. Developed production applications using React with Redux and React Router. Fully tested and resilient with Mocha, Chai, Sinon, and hosted on S3, EC2. Set up continuous integration environments manually with EC2, Jenkins, and Github. Also, prepared continuous deployment environments using Jenkins, EC2, AWS CodeBuild, CodePipeline and CodeDeploy. Developed and deployed NodeJS backend system...
Martin Hopfeld, senior Embedded systems developerHire Now
Martin Hopfeld
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Emmendingen, Germany

Hands on! Get it done!

Deep Knowledge of embedded toolschains and various MCUs and DSPs. Application Developer For Safety Critical Projekts.
Doug Gale, freelance Embedded systems programmerHire Now
Doug Gale5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Toronto, Canada
Started programming at age 12 in 1988 on a Commodore VIC-20. Worked in multiple industries developing various types of software. Decades of experience.
Richard Leddy, top Embedded systems developerHire Now
Richard Leddy5.0
Freelance Embedded systems developer in Los Angeles, United States

Owner, Copious Systems: an Information Technology and Services Consultant

I offer tutoring for software and advanced computer science topics related to AI or Web, I work on retainer for projects. Currently, I am developing using node.js, C++, and more. I am looking into Etherium with selenium contracts.

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