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Abhishek Sen, Embedded c freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Deptford, United Kingdom

Founder @ NumberEight

I worked at Apple, Palm and Blackberry for a combined total of 6 years - all in the same field of cellular protocol software engineer where we developed embedded software dealing with lots of interfaces. Any budding programmers I always refer them to read and understand K&R - the only book in C programming you'll ever need :)
Pankaj Bansal, top Embedded c developerHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Ashburn, United States

Senior Member of Technical Staff at Oracle India

Embedded Systems is one of the most difficult fields, I have worked on becuase of huge amount of time spent in debugging and optimizing the code, . I have worked on various projects which are targeted to low end, memory constraint devices with RAM usage capped as low as 5KB. I have handled project for Single board machines like arduino board etc.
Federico Pfaffendorf, Embedded c programmer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Software Developer. Maker. Amateur Astronomer. Private Pilot.

- Embedded Software Architecture and Development. - C, C++ and Assembly Language. - Bluetooth Low Energy - Bluetooth Mesh - Bluetooth SIG Member - Embedded platforms: CSR101x, CSR8051, CSR8811, NRF51822, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Qualcomm 4531 - OS Windows and OpenWRT
Ankit, senior Embedded c developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Bengaluru, India

I like to build stuff

I've built complete functioning products where I have interfaced processors with peripherals like displays, printers, sensors etc by writing or porting C libraries
Kostiantyn Chertov, Embedded c software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Kiev, Ukraine

Crypto & Smart card developer

Payment terminals (POS), PIN Entry Device, Smart Card contact reader, Token security code
Anubhav Chaturvedi, Embedded c software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Mumbai, India

Codementor for Languages like C,C++,Java,Android

Have worked in platform teach of Oracle
Luke Imhoff, Embedded c freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Liberty Hill, United States

Elixir/Ruby Backend Developer

I'm an experienced backend engineer that has contributed or started multiple open-source libraries in Elixir and Ruby. I have contributions (in both code and bug reports) to Elixir and Erlang. I'm the creator of the IntelliJ Elixir plugin for JetBrains IDEs, and so have experience with interfacing Erlang, Elixir, and Java all together. I enjoy refactoring code and bring it up to the language's community standards and putting in place processes and static analysis to maintain that code quality. I can raise your test coverage, keep your code consistent and help you spot how shrink your code by spotting how to refactor commonalities out.
Jessy Diamond Exum, Embedded c software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in San Francisco, United States
Though my years of direct embedded C are somewhat low, I have had years of C to back it up so all that changed was the lack of an MMU and needing direct hardware access to get what I want. One of my current projects involves taking various JTAG adapters with secret firmware that has to be loaded on them every time they are plugged in (meaning the secret code has to be distributed to end users in order for them to use the hardware with open source tools), reversing their firmware, and writing my own open source replacement. I have done this twice and am in the middle of doing it for several other adapters. More recent side projects include work on creating a smart pocket watch which requires a fair amount of embedded C.
Jia Pu, Embedded c programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Mountain View, United States

Seasoned C/C++ coder with diverse experience from working for Apple to various start-ups

I honed my coding skill and expertise in machine learning at Apple. If you are a Mac or iPhone, my work is in there. My have worked in both low level algorithm implementation in C/C++ and application development in Objective-C, Swift and Java. After almost 10 years of tenure at Apple, I series short projects at various places, including start-ups like Lytro and Navdy and big companies such as Netflix. I love to use what I know to help others to jump start or to overcome obstacles.
Clément Roblot, senior Embedded c developerHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Bangkok, Thailand

C++/QT developer

I started working with embedded C 8 years ago, and it has been my main professional activity for the last 3 years. I specifically enjoy working at the edge between electronic and computer science, interfacing electronic devices with computers.
Jonathan Roux, top Embedded c developerHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Bangkok, Thailand

Expert C, C++, C# developer - 10+ years experience

Expert developer with strong debugging capabilities. 10+ years experience in C, C++, C# programming. From embedded systems (low level drivers), to Mobile applications (Xamarin, iOS, Android). Skills : - C/C++/C# - Development, debugging, optimizations - Memory structures, pointers, arrays, chained lists... - Mobile apps: Xamarin, Mvvmcross, iOS/Android - Multi-core/Multi-thread - Real-time and memory constraints. - Web technologies: php, mysql, javascript, wordpress, jquery
Kevin Lanthier, senior Embedded c developerHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Gatineau, Canada
I am a professional web developer constantly working on with new technologies. With me Degree in computer sciences, I have an overall knowledge in most of the technologies, but am more proeficient in those that i have applied for. If you are looking to learn something or to get something fixed with your website, database or server, I can help, and be assured, i have went through ALOT of issues already. Thus, i know a lot of quick fixes for many situations.
Jakob Holderbaum, Embedded c dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Cologne, Germany

Problem Solver, Automation Enthusiast, Pragmatist

I mainly work as a Consultant and Developer to help companies on their way to a more agile and user focused way of developing software and/or hardware. I enjoy being a mentor to others and love to learn through intensive collaboration. Things you hear me saying very often: * Test Automation * Pair Programming * Test Early Approaches like TDD Every achievement in my life was supported and enabled by great mentors and teachers that supported me whenever it mattered most. I think it is every ones responsibility to give away the knowledge that was shared in order to enable others on their own way.
Alexey Vyskubov, Embedded c software engineerHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Vahakyro, Finland

Director of Software Development at Verto Analytics

I like to deal with complex systems with complex relationships, whatever they may be. Given that, the exact nature of the problems to work with is not that important, even though I prefer things related to mathematics, computer science or programming. At work I supervise a team of developers, guiding and mentoring them, as well as doing technical work myself. I spend my free time doing different hobby projects, mostly cross-over between mathematics and programming. I am especially fond of problems involving dynamical systems, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning and simulations.
Charles Larson, senior Embedded c developerHire Now
Freelance Embedded c developer in Yorba Linda, United States

Experienced & Versatile Software Engineer and Manager

I have over 30 years of software development experience and a gift for rapidly understanding complex systems. My development experience ranges from embedded systems to Windows and Linux, both for the desktop and the web.. I have used and coached my teams on a variety of high level languages including C & C++, Python, Perl, PHP, and Javascript; front ends using HTML and CSS with jQuery and Bootstrap; MySQL databases and assembly languages (when required) for embedded systems. I have an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and hold a California Professional Engineering license (Electrical). I am also a licensed and practicing attorney in California. My passion is in software development and technology companies. I am offering a very low introductory rate on cod...

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