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I'm a seasoned technologist with background experience in diferent activities and industries. Specialties: software development, mobile solutions, software architecture, commercial presentations, training, system administration, networking, oil & gas production management
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 3 years experience
I built web single-page-apps using raw jQuery and also ExtJS. I do some node.js for scripting purposes.
Android expert help Android - 2 years experience
I built several applications for tablets and phones (from low end Devices to top-notch)
Java expert help Java - 2 years experience
I learnt Java 15 years ago but never used it. Then got back to it in order to use for Android development.
Sql expert help SQL - 14 years experience
I love SQL. Need I say much more? But let's say I'm proficient with it.
Devops expert help DevOps - 7 years experience
Wherever I worked I always ended up setting up servers and integrating them with the software. Because I know shell scripting and I'm well versed with system administration stuff I also automate a lot of things.
No icon Sql server - 8 years experience
No icon Linux - 8 years experience
I use Linux since 1998, I use it mostly for server deployments. But also for everyday development in certain languages/stacks.
No icon Test driven development - 2 years experience
I received training in this particular skill
No icon Programming - 15 years experience
I started programming shell scripts in bash and ended being a polyglot developer for Android devices and Backend services
No icon Databases - 14 years experience
I used and managed RDBMS servers since the first days.
No icon Visual basic - 3 years experience
My first job as a paid programmer was in the development of a mid sized ERP system programmed in VB6. Thankfully the program was very well organized in libraries (DLL/OCX) and I learnt it the proper way.
No icon Software design - 7 years experience
No icon Smalltalk - 12 years experience
This is my main area of expertise. I developed complete systems using this technology.
No icon Shell scripting - 3 years experience
Before becoming a programmer I was a system administrator. I learnt how to program by writing shell scripts first in bash then in Perl
No icon Software development - 13 years experience
No icon Graphic design - 14 years experience
I'm an amateur graphic designer. I got into computers by using Photoshop 4 (circa 1996), and never stopped using it. I'm fluent with most of the common tools, and with a broad knowledge of design concepts and principles, color theory and, IMO, good taste.