Avinasha Shastry, Email parsing python dev and freelancerView Profile
Avinasha Shastry
Freelance Email parsing python developer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ruby on Rails developer for 6 years+

I was involved in writing an Email parsing library on top of Ruby's mail gem. (I did it in Ruby. I choose Python as Ruby isn't available) The parser could handle non-mail-spec complaint emails and encodings. I have experience in configuring Mailgun as a transactional email server.
Shubham Desale, senior Email parsing python developerView Profile
Shubham Desale5.0
Freelance Email parsing python developer in Pune, India

Former Full-Stack @Zomato.com, Google Summer of Code Participant

Schedule a session here - https://calendly.com/shubham-desale/15min I am an experienced full stack developer with passion for sharing my learnings and insights. I love to work on large scale projects from ground up and have good experience of dealing with modularity, predictability, concurrency, scalability of an app throughout the dev cycle.
Rakesh Reddy, Email parsing python freelance coderView Profile
Rakesh Reddy
Freelance Email parsing python developer in San Jose, United States

Python enthusiast

I have been in love with python since the day I got the hang of it. I use python everyday at work and in my personal life to make things easier. In a way python is making me lazy!!!

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